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Vagrant Hearts


Drifting in space with little desire to move, Kira Yamato, the pacifist pilot of the Freedom sighed. He had done it, he had ended Creuset's psychotic attempts at genocide. His purpose was now fulfilled, and he was ready to embrace his fate. His only regret being the promise that he wouldn't be able to keep to a certain songstress. Instinctively, his hand reached for the ring she gave him as he reminisced the memory.


The end of the war was before them, and they were all that stood in the way of two races trying to annihilate each other. After their plan of attack was finalized, Kira began making his way to the hangar but before he was half out of the command bridge he was met with a shy looking pink-haired beauty. As the timid girl gazed at him with her light blue eyes, he couldn't help but admire the innocence he found within their depths. Unlike him, her hands were not stained with blood.

"Lacus?" He asked as he noticed her starting to fidget with her hands while a light blush began to spread across her cheeks.

His daydreams were cut short as he began coughing violently.

He was running out of oxygen.

Smiling once more as he recalled the time spent with his friends...Lacus, Cagalli, Athrun, Flay, Sai, Mir, and Tolle, he gently whispered. "For your futures..." Surprisingly as his body began contorting in pain from the lack of air, his expression became more content and the pain seemed to fade from his eyes as they slowly drifted shut.

From what seemed like an eternity away, familiar voices drifted to his ears from his helmet's communicator. Far too tired to respond at this point he resigned himself to just listening.

"Torii! Torii!"

"It's Kira!" shouted a feminine voice he recognized but couldn't quite identify..

"Kira!" yelled another familiar voice, this one sounding a bit more masculine.

The next thing he knew, he was being pulled into what he assumed was a Mobile Suit judging by the sound of the closing hatch, and his helmet was quickly pulled off allowing his lungs to fill with life sustaining air. Before he could react, he was pulled into a tight embrace and judging by the slender arms, he guessed that it must have been the female of the pair. Try as he might, Kira could feel his body succumbing to exhaustion but before he lost consciousness he was able to catch a glimpse of his saviors. Cagalli...Athrun...


"How is he!" Cagalli half-asked, mostly demanded. Her face was etched with worry and fear as she began shaking the flustered doctor.

Smiling tiredly, Athrun placed a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her.

"Doctor?" he asked gently.

Having grown used to this type of treatment long ago, the ship physician took several moments to fix his attire and having regained his composure he smiled and responded, "He'll be fine. Besides a few scratches and bruises, he only passed out due to exhaustion and the lack of oxygen. He was pretty lucky, he might not have made it if he had gone a few more minutes without air."

"C-Can I-we see him?" Cagalli asked hesitantly. Something in the tone of her voice made Athrun uncomfortable but he decided to shrug it off for the time being.

"Yes, but try not to disturb him. The more rest he gets, the sooner he'll get better." Nodding a farewell to the teenagers, he left to continue his duties with the other victims of the war.

Looking at her companion, Cagalli quietly said, "I'll check on him. Can you go get Lacus and tell her the news?"

Seeing a strange seriousness in her posture, Athrun gave her a questioning look before nodding and walking away. As he rounded a corner, he looked back to see her enter Kira's room with an unusual expression on her face. Is it me or has she been acting strange lately? Shrugging to himself, he directed his attention forward as he made his way to Lacus to deliver the news.

Having all suffered heavy damage from the final battle the Kusanagy, Eternal, and Archangel were currently docked at a nearby Orb colony in order to receive repairs and new supplies. Once the war had ended, the leaders of the Clyne Faction had regrouped aboard the Archangel to discuss their next actions. With no real obligation to either the Earth Alliance or ZAFT, it was decided that the Clyne Faction would lead the peace negotiations between the two.

Though Lacus was probably busy right now, if the looks he caught her giving Kira without his notice were any indication of her feelings, Kira's health probably reigned much higher on her priority list than playing babysitter to a bunch of politicians. Grinning at the thought, he turned left around the final corner that brought him to a halt before the briefing room.

As she entered Kira's room, Cagalli felt anxiety spread throughout her body. Why am I so nervous? He said Kira was okay... Shaking herself from any further thoughts on the matter, she made her way to Kira's bedside as a smile graced her delicate face when she spotted his sleeping form.

The hospital room was an ordinary one, Kira laid in a bed several feet off the ground with the back of his head facing the center of the wall opposite to the door. To his left rested a table with a vase and what looked like daffodils in it. The room itself was of fair size, with several chairs placed against a wall on Kira's right, a good five or so feet away. Besides that, the room lacked any decoration or luxuries.

A small part of Cagalli was dismayed that Kira got such mediocre treatment considering his role in the war, but she couldn't bring herself to get angry when relief of his health set in.

Choosing a spot on Kira's right, she pulled a chair forward as she seated herself so her waist was level with his body and glanced at her brother. Having been a witness to the many times that Kira broke down in privacy, she smiled sympathetically at the now content expression on his face.

Grinning to herself at how his unruly brown haired veiled his eyes, she surprised herself by reaching over and brushing it aside to reveal his closed eyes. Feeling heat rise to her cheeks, she quickly withdrew her hand and looked at it in confusion before placing it on her cheek. Why am I blushing?

Shaking off the blush, she directed her attention to Kira again. As she eyed him up and down for injuries, she was relieved to find him scarce of any serious wounds, with the only noticeable bandages being around his right forearm. If there were any other injuries the hospital gown he was adorned with was concealing them.

She prayed there weren't any other.

Gazing at his face, she smiled inwardly as he slept without signs of worry for once. More often than she'd like, Cagalli noticed that his slumber was usually restless on those occasions he chose to sleep in his Gundam. The horrors of war haunted him nightly, and each time she saw him shed tears in his sleep it broke her heart to know that she couldn't remove the blood from his hands.

This is what war did to people, it made them remember.

Maybe it's better this way, hopefully it'll be a while before we enter another useless conflict, she thought bitterly. Looking down at her brother however, the frown she wasn't aware she had, deepened. Why was it him that had to suffer? He didn't do anything wrong. All he tried to do was protect people and he has to pay for it...

Resting her hands on the bed's railing, she was too deep in thought to notice a certain hand reach over to grasp hers. Jumping in her seat she glanced over at Kira to see him smiling at her reaction. Glaring at him threateningly, she growled and said, "You shouldn't startle me like that!"

She didn't move her hands.

Already used to her personality, he just continued smiling. "I'm glad you're okay Cagalli." he spoke softly as his gentle violent eyes bore into her emerald orbs. Looking away so he wouldn't see the growing blush on her cheeks, she nodded shyly. Mentally grinning to himself, Kira couldn't help but be amused at how such a simple display of affection unsettled her so much.

Fortunately for Cagalli, he decided to save her from further embarrassment and brought up a new topic. Preparing himself for the worse, the smile slowly faded from Kira's face as he added, "Is everyone else okay?"

She was afraid he'd ask this. Looking at him again, she gazed at him compassionately as her hands squeezed his for comfort as she responded. "Mwu didn't make it..." Eyes starting to blur from tears, she continued, "He sacrificed himself to save the Archangel from the Dominion's attack."

Although Cagalli's first impression of Mwu wasn't anything exceptional, she grew to respect his courage, and good nature as time passed. Much like Andrew Waltfeld, he was strong when necessary, merciful when possible, and always admirable.

Removing a hand to brush away a few stray tears, she turned to Kira and smiled as she said, "Everyone else is okay though thanks to you, and Athrun." Without notice, she placed her hand back over his.

Rubbing away his own tears, Kira nodded before replying. "Mwu was a good person, probably one of the few that personally cared for me aboard the Archangel...before I met all of you." Smiling sadly at Cagalli, she nodded in understanding as they remained quiet after that, their hands intertwined for comfort as they enjoyed each other's company and the first moments of peace they'd had in a while. This lasted for several minutes before the door was abruptly opened.

"Kira!" shouted a voice they both recognized as Lacus'.

"Eh, shhh Lacus, he's sleeping." said Athrun, trailing a few steps behind her. Seeing the now awake Kira, Athrun shook his head as he said, "Never mind."

As the two entered the room, what they saw alarmed them. Kira and Cagalli were resting beside each other looking too comfortable for their liking. Not being people to jump to conclusions, they tried their best to ignore their suspicion though the rather intimate mood was not lost to them.

It's just cause they're siblings...Athrun and Lacus tried to reason to themselves.

Despite her lingering hesitation, Lacus was too relieved to see Kira again to dwell on it and quickly rushed to Kira's side. "Kira!" she shouted happily as she bent down and embraced him. Remembering that there were spectators in the room, Lacus' timid nature took over as she released him from the hug, and the two began blushing brightly.

Looking on at the "couple's" antics, Cagalli subconsciously gripped Kira's hand tighter.

Having recovered from Lacus' usually rare public display of affection, Kira glanced back at Cagalli when he felt her strengthen her hold on his hand. Seeing her hurt expression he felt a mixture of confusion, and guilt although the reason for the latter eluded him.

Not knowing what to do he simply squeezed her hand and smiled with as much warmth as he could muster in response. Although it didn't last long, their actions didn't go by unnoticed by the other occupants in the room. Coughing politely to get their attention, Athrun walked up to the others and asked, "How are you feeling Kira?" Did it just get uncomfortable in here?

Glancing at Athrun and Lacus, Kira grinned as he replied, "I'm good thanks to you and Cagalli. I didn't think anyone would reach me in time." As Athrun nodded and Lacus smiled, Kira couldn't help but notice Athrun's subtle frown and the sincerity absent in Lacus' smile. Scratching his head and looking around nervously, he thought What's going on around here?

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