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Wandering Hearts


Caught between reality and the dreamworld, Kira's thoughts were muddled as he tried to recollect what had happened in the last few hours. Unfortunately for our reluctant hero, this only served to further his confusion as brief flashbacks came back to him randomly. Cagalli's punch. Him, Cagalli, Lacus and Athrun having lunch. Lacus' kiss. The damaged Freedom. Cagalli's sorrow. Getting into bed with Cagalli. Cagalli's kiss. What! Recalling the last two flashbacks, Kira was instantly torn from the dreamworld and placed back to reality with all the gentleness of a jackhammer. His eyes snapped open to reveal twin pools of violet filled with complete and utter confusion, and beneath that, a little guilt. Breathing heavily from the aftermath of such shocking images, he brought his right hand from it's resting position around the bed's other occupant to rub his temples. Wait a couldn't have been real... Realizing where his hand had just been, he couldn't bring himself to remove it from his field of vision to identify the person sleeping beside, or rather on him as he finally acknowledged the light weight atop half his body.

He wouldn't need to. "Kira? Is there something wrong," a sleepy and slightly irritated voice asked. As if to finish off what remained of his denial, the owner of the voice snuggled further into him and despite the shock he felt he couldn't help but blush as she released a pleased moan. Receiving no response from her bedmate, Cagalli shook her head to brush off the last remnants of sleep and lifted her head from the crook of his neck to look up at him. "Kira?"

Realizing she was waiting for a reply, he suppressed what remained of his initial shock and tried to keep his voice normal as he spoke. "Y-Yeah I'm fine C-Cagalli." Okay, maybe he didn't try that hard. Maneuvering his head to face her, he was met with a grin and an expression that said something along the lines of 'Yeah as if'. Smiling nervously, he sighed as he diverted his gaze to the blank ceiling above them. In a more steady voice he continued, "I'll be okay. I guess I'm still a bit surprised when I think back on what happened."

"I...I know what you mean." There was a short pause, as if she was hesitant of what she was about to say next. "Kira...please look at me." Complying to her request, he found himself entranced by her emerald gaze as she smiled sadly at him. His strong, proud, and somewhat tomboyish (though he'd never have the guts to say so) sister was on the brink of tears as she quietly spoke. "I know people won't accept what we're doing, but...that kiss, those feelings we shared were real Kira, please don't regret them..."

Whether he did or didn't, he knew there was only one way he could reply either way as he stared into her loving eyes. Smiling with as much warmth as he could muster, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. "I'd never regret them. I don't know how yet...but I love you Cagalli. I can promise you that much."

Although doubt still occupied a corner of her mind, she was far too relieved to worry about it at that moment. Sniffling back the tears that were once threatening to burst, she called out his name again as she returned the intimate embrace with much more vigor.

He could have sworn he heard his back snap.

She's definitely too strong for my own good, he thought affectionately. Nevertheless, he'd endure any amount of pain to keep that beautiful smile on his sister.

"What're we going to do about Lacus and Athrun?" He received no response from the blonde laying atop him.

Outside Cagalli's room, Lacus stood motionless. She had been looking for Kira for the better part of 30 minutes, intent on 'keeping him company' for dinner. To her displeasure, just as she was about to knock on Cagalli's door and question her on Kira's whereabouts, she had heard two distinctively familiar voices talking inside. Lacus instantly recognized the owners of the voices but unfortunately the door blocked out too much sound for her to interpret the dialogue between the two.

Lacus' hands slowly clenched into fists and quivered as worry plagued her. For the last few minutes she had been contemplating between knocking on the door so that Kira and Cagalli would be forewarned of her entrance or dialing in Cagalli's lock code and barging in without warning to see what the two were doing. I have no right to invade their privacy...but what would they have to hide? As much as she tried to reassure herself, she couldn't suppress the mental images of Kira and Cagalli's intimate behavior in the last few days.

Before she realized what she had done, the door sealing Cagalli's room was opening and she was already in the process of walking in.

Lacus stood in stunned silence as she looked at her love interest and his sister in bed together, and they looked back with equal shock.

At that moment, she lost all rationale. Her teeth clenched and her fists shook violently at her sides. "What are you doing in bed with my Kira!" she yelled while glaring at the female of the pair.

Kira was the first of the two to recover from the shock. This is NOT good. It might've been okay if we had broke it to her gently but that idea just went to Hell... Wait, did she just call me 'her' Kira? Good Lord what am I thinking, this is no time to fret over minor details. Kira knew he had placate her before the situation turned violent, he could already feel Cagalli's hold on his waist tighten. "Wait Lacus, I can explain-" he was in the middle of getting up when Cagalli released her hold on his waist and instead wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him down into a seating position with her hugging him from behind. "Cagalli what're you-"

Although she was first overwhelmed with guilt when Lacus saw them, it was quickly replaced with anger upon Lacus' proclamation of ownership over Kira. Refusing to let Kira get up, Cagalli held him down with an embrace from behind as she rested her head on his right shoulder and glared back at the pink-haired beauty.

"Since when was he yours," she responded, her voice marred with anger.

Lacus' glare disappeared as she gaped at Cagalli in shock. "What're you saying! You know very well how I feel about him and here you were...doing-doing God know's what!" Stopping to catch her breath, her glare returned with twice as much viciousness as before. Pointing to Cagalli and then back to herself she continued, "What are you trying to pull! He's your brother and my boyfriend!"

Kira was frozen in fear as he watched his sister and love interest go at it over him, through him since he was literally stuck between the two. This is going to get REAL ugly, REAL fast if I don't do something. Struggling out of Cagalli's hold as it had lessened through the course of her and Lacus' argument, Kira rose and began to approach Lacus and raise his hands in an attempt to placate her. That wasn't one of his better ideas.

As soon as his hands were close, Lacus reached forward and literally yanked him to her side. Clutching his right arm, she softly snuggled into him before returning her glare to Cagalli.

Kira could only mentally shudder as he watched Cagalli's hands clenched into fists as she glared back at Lacus with equal intensity.

This was not going to end well.

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