"Short, Sweet, and Pink"

Loving and caring describe this one,

He's faithful, and loyal, and full of good fun.

His diet consists not on carrots or reeds,

But on nacho's and corndogs, are his essential needs.

Without any hair, may have some in disgust,

But for one blonde boy, loving him is a must.

He's not just a pet, when it comes right down to it,

Their love is so clear, you could see right thru it

Forgiving, and thoughtful, and always is there,

When you feel like hugging a big teddy bear.

Understanding, pure, and oh so much more,

Although only bought at a few dollar store.

From the outside appearance, he's just a bald rat,

But as a good friend, he's much more than that.

When something bothers you, he stops just to listen,

To see if your life needs mending or fixing.

A little pink rat, some people might say,

But pay attention and don't treat him that way.

Team Possible wouldn't do well without,

A little bald rodent to help the team out.