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It Starts With A Kiss

Something soft and warm permeated his dreamscape, rousing him from the depths of slumber. He opened his eyes--only to find his vision obscured by a face immediately before him. And then he realized he was being kissed.

He gasped in alarm, making the mistake of opening his mouth, which his...attacker? took full advantage of. A hot tongue slithered inside his mouth, thoroughly defiling it before he recovered enough from his shock to shove the person away.

"Xellos!" He choked, and the trickster grinned down at him. "What...what..."

"Good morning, Zelgadis-san!" Xellos interrupted his sputtering cheerfully.

"It's not morning!" He paused, then blinked. That's not what he had intended to say.

"Why, of course it is. You see, dawn is just breaking." Xellos gestured to the horizon. Zelgadis sat up, shaking his head in disbelief. This had to be a dream. He glared at the Mazoku.

"What the hell did you think you were doing!" He demanded at last.

"Kissing you." Xellos replied easily, giving him a patient look. Zelgadis willed himself calm enough to grate out--


"Why what?"

"Why were you kissing me?" He snapped.

"Well, I should think that's fairly obvious, Zelgadis-san." Xellos waggled his finger at him.Zelgadis gripped the hilt of his sword and tightened a fist around it, closing his eyes and drawing a deep breath.

"Is it? I don't seem to be following, Xellos, why don't you explain." He opened his eyes and added quickly, "And if you say it's a secret I swear I will make you hurt in places you didn't know existed."

"Is that a promise?" Xellos' eyes glittered.


"Alright, alright. It's not a secret, anyhow, so don't get all worked up!" He floated cross-legged in the air beside him, one finger tapping his chin. "Everyone knows that when the Princess is cursed, the Prince undoes it by waking her with a kiss."

Zelgadis stared at him. He was definitely dreaming.

"You're not a Prince." He said slowly. "And I'm not a Princess!"

"Yes...that's why it didn't work." Xellos opened his eyes to roll them at the chimera. "Duh."

"Then why did you kiss me!"

"Really Zelgadis-san, weren't you listening?" Xellos shook his head, as though he were trying to explain something to a hopeless child. Zelgadis growled in irritation.

"Never mind! Just forget it!" He laid back down and closed his eyes, rolling onto his stomach so that the Mazoku couldn't try anything else.

He woke at dawn. Sitting up he glanced around--rubbed his eyes and then looked again, but it was still dawn. Again.

"What the hell."

"What's that, Zelgadis-san?" He shot a scathing glare at the trickster, who was grinning over at him and somehow still managing to appear curious.

"You stay away from me." He grumbled. Xellos raised an eyebrow.

"Is something wrong?"

"What do you..." Zelgadis paused, regarding the other for a moment. Yeah, it had definitely been a dream. He shook his head. "Nothing. Never mind. It was just a dream."

"What was a dream?" Xellos enquired, sprawled out on his side and grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Zelgadis glared at him.

"That you kissed me." He scowled. "And were being weirder than usual."

"I kissed you?" Xellos raised both his eyebrows.

"Shut up."

"Would you like me to?" He opened his eyes a little and winked.

"Shut up." Zelgadis rolled over and went back to sleep.