How to Tick Your Neighbor off in Three Minutes or Less

By Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Sango Akiyama has a rather normal life, at least until a certain guy moves in next door. When the most annoying neighbor in history just happens to move in next door, how long will she be able to stand it without killing the guy?

Genre- Romance, Humor, and slight Drama/Angst/Mystery

Pairings- Miroku/Sango

Disclaimer- I don't own Inuyasha, unless you count all the manga and anime I have accumulated.

A/N: Hello everybody, most of you are probably wondering why I'm posting this, and I'll answer your question: Me being the oh, so kind person I am, have decided to grace you with an epilogue, and also, to tell you that the prequel is up, so read it if you have the time! Any ways, enjoy the epilogue of 'How to Tick Your Neighbor off in Three Minutes or Less'! Also, just so you know, this takes place roughly just after they all graduate from college.


Stars Shine Bright

I gulped, trying my best to stay calm. Never, ever in a million years did I think this day would happen. Maybe this is why most brides run on their weddings. Yes, you heard me, I, Akiyama Sango, am getting married this fine day.

Already, the chorus of church bells ring loudly in my mind, and the thought of finally bonding with the annoying lecher is annoyingly fresh in my mind.

Yes. Once again, you hear right. I, Akiyama Sango, am being married to that perverted lecher- Akimura Miroku. Never thought that'd happen, did you? Of course you didn't.

At this very moment, it is time for the bride's maids and the flower girl to come out. Alright, I was bored to say the least, at Kagura and Sesshoumaru's wedding. Now, I understand how she feels, after all, nothing can compare to the joy and fear of the bride. Forget the groom, all he has to do is stand there and look presentable! He's not the one that has to wear stupid heels or a long flowy white gown; he just has to wear a tux and some stupid dress shoes!

Nothing can compare to the anxiety of being a bride, after all, just imagine having to clean up you're husbands dirty laundry! That's something that would deter anybody from the path of marriage; thankfully, most brides are brave enough to stand against the horrors of dirty underwear and smelly socks! Yes, you heard me, smelly socks, sweaty and full of the stench of feet that haven't been washed for a day! Horrible…just plain horrible!

Anyways, enough with my hysterical rambling…I think it's my cue now…to, oh, if you're wondering who is going to give the bride 'away', it's Kohaku, gulping, I held on to his arm, and walked regally along the carpet. Already I could see Inuyasha smirking at me, while Miroku looked like he was about to hyperventilate. That brought a smile to my lips.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, maybe even years, I was standing right in front of Miroku.

Gulping we got ready to day our vows. Unfortunately for those of you who are completely interested in the details of what we said, I, myself was paying very little attention, as for an extremely unexplainable reason, I was lost in Akimura's eyes…so whatever the priest said sounded like constant rambling to my ears. In fact, the only part that I truly paid attention to was when the priest said, "Do you, Akiyama Sango, take this man, to be your lawful husband, through, sickness…" I kind of spaced out a bit there only tuning in until he said, "…til death do you part?"

I smiled. "I do."

The same thing went for Miroku, and me, being the oh so cautious person I am, waited to hear what he was going to say, tears coming to my eyes when he replied, "I do."

With that, the priest smiled in benediction over us and said, "You may kiss the bride." Akimura-wait…that mean's my last name is Akimura now…Akimura Sango…Sounds kind of weird, but ah, what the hell; I don't care any more- Miroku, didn't waste any time, before I knew anything, his lips were on mine and we lost track of the world, only one word coming from our lips, in perfect harmony:


End Epilogue

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Dictionary (Wow! Twowhole words!)

-chan- Japanese suffix, used at the end of name, usually used among girls or young children, also used when displaying affection in a cute kind of way

Aishiteru- I love you

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