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Warnings: OOC, Ryoma and Sakuno, one-shots only, contains fluffy, little lime here and there, and oh so unedited glory.

Theme #001 - Savings Box

Touching the edges of the brown box, she smoothed out the edges ever so lightly and allowed the corners of her mouth to widen, opening for a smile. Her hazel eyes danced with laughter and glinted with that indescribable joy.

She could recall back to those old days where she was young as twelve, discovering her first love and how it felt. She could remember those butterflies swirling through her stomach and the ache to be near that tennis-obsess boy. She gave a giggle and soon, the giggle erupted into laughter.

She could remember how it felt putting all her memories into the box. She could look back at her first dance and then, to the glorified moment of winning the Nationals. Oh yes, she could recapture those moments, how it felt to be in his strong lean arms and to that moment where the whole tennis team jumped with joy for winning the Nationals. Indeed, it wasn't a day to forget.

And she could remember telling her best friend, Tomo-chan that 'The memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. I don't think I want to forget anything that has happened here.'

She gave a sigh and opened the box carefully. She noted that nothing had changed much. It was still unkempt just like in middle school (and how she promised to organize it later). Little notes and birthday cards scattered all over the wooden platform and photos stacked like a miniature Eiffel Tower.

Echizen Sakuno carefully took out the little notes and photos. She moved closer to her husband, feeling his strong arm encircling her shoulders and bringing her even closer towards his chest. He leaned forward, puckering his lips, kissing gently on her forehead before settling back, feeling the soft cushion of the armchair.

Then, something tugged her sleeve. She looked down, seeing those golden orbs blinked at her.

"Mommy, whawt is thwat?" Looking up at her father's eyes, and pointing at the unfamiliar shape. She crawled over her father's lap and into her mother's arms.

Sakuno wrapped an arm around her waist, and murmured gently to her, "This is what you call a memory box."

"Whawt ish a memory box?" She asked curiously. Sakuno took out the past photos and pointed at them.

"Well, a memory box is where Mommy and Daddy put all the little things of the past, so we could remember them. You see this?"

Sakuno pointed at the couple. The little girl nodded.

"It's Daddy and me over by the tennis courts."

"Thwat's you Mommy? And Daddy?" The little girl's golden eyes widened like huge spaceship saucers and taking the picture from her mother's hand. Her father's arm was thrown for a good measure, encircling her mother's waist and a tinge of pink was crept onto her mother's cheeks. There was a smirk placed upon his lips and one of his hands was trying to pull the cap down lower.

"And you see this, when you learn how to read, you could read these letters that I sent to Daddy."

"Ano, daddy?"

Ryoma couldn't help but smile. His daughter was just like Sakuno in many ways. The chestnut hair was tied into those familiar pigtails and the words 'ano' reminded him back in middle school, how Sakuno would stutter and blush around him. He could remember those annoying moments where he wanted to knock out the braided pigtail girl, and wanting to scream, 'Che, would you hurry up and spit it out already? I'm going to be late.' (And of course, he did not say that because he didn't want that braided pigtail girl to cry and if her Obaa-chan did see her cry, he could surely imagine her Obaa-chan growing angrier and make him run laps for the rest of his life).

He turned to his daughter, acknowledging her presence and gave a nod, allowing the two-year old to speak.

"Ano, why weren't you smiling daddy?" Sakura pointed at the picture as the proof of evidence.

"That's because one of her friends had decided to take a surprise picture on us." Ryoma glared at his wife and Sakuno couldn't surpass her giggles.

"Ano, how did you meet mommy?"

Ryoma gave a grunt, not wanting to get through the whole story. It was a story that everyone wanted to hear. Including from his father, Momo-senpai and many others alike. Echizen Sakura knew what that grunt meant, it meant that he didn't want to discuss it.

The little girl gave a small pout, and her golden eyes filled with tears.

And one word went through Echizen's head.


Not wanting to see his daughter crying, he gave a short explanation.

"Mommy met me first. We met over at the train station. These so-called-tennis players were trying to teach one another how to grip." He gave a snort, and instead of explaining how he met Sakuno. He had gone through the details of the western and eastern grip.

"Che, those guys didn't know anything. They can't even play tennis properly. Mada Mada Dane."

"Ano, Ryoma… You didn't exactly answer Sakura's question."

He gave a sigh, trying to explain. "Alright, she gave me the wrong directions and I had to default-" He was cut off by his daughter's yawn and noticed how her golden orbs were trying to stay awake. The two year old gave another yawn, stretching her arms before snuggling into her mother's warm embrace.

"I think it's time for your nap…" Sakuno coaxed gently. Ryoma bent over to his daughter, feeling relieved that he did not have to explain about their meetings and placed a kiss on her forehead before picking her up.

"Iie… Ano… I still wanna--" Again, she yawned, snuggling onto her dad's lean shoulder and putting her arms around his neck.

"I still want to know whawt happens next."

Sakuno turned to the memory box. She sighed before putting all the little notes and photos into the box, once again. Placing the box into the cabinets, she gave another soft kiss on her daughter's cheek.

They both moved upstairs, moving through the different hallways and into their daughter's room. Placing her over the soft bed, both parents smiled at each other and intertwined their hands.

Sakura rubbed her eyes, hoping to stay awake and gave a sleepy protest. "Mommy, I still wanna know whawt happens next."

Sakuno smiled, bent over and placing a kiss on her forehead.

"There is always a next time when we open that memory box, Sakura…"

Theme #002: Lip Cream

He had to stare.

It was inevitable if he didn't.

She had taken out her lip gloss, and now, puckering her lips, ready to put that glossy substance on. She slowly licked her lips, and then placing that sugary substance on.

She touched her lips, tracing the edges of her own lips before wiping the substance from her fingers.

"Ne Sa-ku-no, is that the new flavor?" Tomoko settled nearby, taking the lip glossy from her hands.

Sakuno gave a nod. She licked her lips, tasting the sweet, sugary flavor.


She was seducing him and she didn't even know it. He growled, wanting very much to bang his head on a nearby tree, hoping to get a concussion. There was no way, no way in hell that he was falling for this girl.

This girl with braided pigtails who sucked at tennis, and with coordination skills down to zero. His heart and mind was racing, thinking of many possibilities to kiss her.

He could pin her onto one of the walls, and kiss her right there and then.

Or he could take her hand, drag her over to the boy's locker room and kiss her over by the showers.

Or simply attack her now, and kiss her.

He had to leave, and he kept telling himself, 'In no other circumstances, do not go to Ryuuzaki Sakuno. Stay far away, away from that girl or else.'

God, he wanted to, he wanted to…

He wanted to press his lips onto her soft ones, expecting her lips to be sweet as he suspected.

He wanted to touch her lips to see how soft it was.

Seeing Tomoko already leaving, he made a move, brushing the dirt from his school uniform and heading over to the braided pigtail girl.

Noting his presence, Ryuuzaki Sakuno's eyes dropped onto her lap, a tinge of pink swept through the apples of her cheeks and she bit down her lower lip (a sign that she was nervous).

She looked up; revealing those hazel eyes, and gave one of her shy smiles.

"Ohayo, Ryoma-kun…" Again, hazel eyes dropped onto her lap.

Settling down next to her, an arm thrown over her shoulders, bringing her closer until he pressed his lips onto hers. He slowly tasted the strawberry flavor, noting how her lips tasted sweeter than he could imagine.

And that familiar blush crept upon her cheeks. He bit back a chuckle before tasting her lips again.

So much for staying away from Ryuuzaki…

Theme #003: Photograph

"Oi, you two!" Someone called out.

Both heads turned and suddenly, a flash of light clicked.

Echizen Ryoma wanted to kick his senpai's butt. How dare he take a picture without his permission? Ryoma lowered down his cap, trying to simmer down his anger. He felt himself relaxing, pulling the cap up and then, seeing non other than his senpai.

Golden eyes glared at those violet ones.

"Ne, ne, Senpai! Don't Echizen and Ryuuzaki look cute in this photograph? Oh, so young… so young." Ryoma was about to take the photograph out of his hands. But, Momoshiro held the picture higher, out of reach and tossed it over to the acrobatic player. Eiji bounced off and took the picture into his own hands.

In the photograph, two heads faced towards the camera. An open 'Ah' was formed onto Sakuno's mouth and her cheeks were still aflame. Her fingers fiddled around her bag. On the other hand, Ryoma had his Ponta in hand, an eye peeked open and ready to sip the cool beverage.

"Ne, I thought this was a picture of Ochibi and Ryuuzaki kissing." Eiji pouted, feeling disappointed that there was no picture of the two freshmen kissing.

Ryuuzaki Sakuno was shocked. A full blown blush was on Sakuno's cheeks again. She backed a little, hoping to get away from the uncomfortable situation. She turned towards the left where Echizen Ryoma had stand.

Bodies collided, and she was about to fall back.

Her arms outstretched and her russet eyes tightly closed, waiting for the hard impact.

And she waited…

And waited…

And realized she wasn't falling. Arms had encircled her waist preventing her fall until…

Momoshiro put out his foot, tripping the Prince and Tennis and…

They were sprawled on the ground, forehead to forehead and his lips were pressing down onto hers.

A flash of light clicked and both freshmen immediately got up, brushing off the dirt from their clothes.

Identical blushes were on their cheeks as they immediately turned away from each other.

Catcalls and giggles were soon in place, and a photograph that would forever blackmailed Ryuuzaki Sakuno and Echizen Ryoma.

Theme #004: Plaster (Band-Aid)

He had never done any cooking before.

Okay, so he lied.

He had done some cooking before.

But, that had turned disastrous.

He could recall correctly, eggs dripped over the counters, the rich cooker was fuming with smoke and white, powdery flour was all over the floor. And on that day, he made a note to never try cooking ever again.

He gave a snort. He thought it was going to be easy just like any tennis match.

But, he was just proven wrong.

Settling down onto his stool, he gave one of his famous glares to his teacher. He did not want to be here, he did not want to embarrass himself all over the whole class and most of all, he did not want to cook anything for anybody.

Che, they could do it by themselves.

So here he was, learning how to cook in a cooking class nonetheless. A big, white fluffy chef hat was placed upon his head and an apron tied neatly in the back. He gave a grunt and should have skipped the stupid class. He gave a small kick before looking at his partner.

And he knew, he wasn't going to be much help at all.

His cooking skills were pathetic and that was all to it.

Russet eyes were looking for the vegetables that were placed upon them. Carrots, onions, celery and potatoes stacked and she was deciding whether or not to cut the onion or the carrots.

Sakuno mused, onions were going to make her cry and Ryoma-kun could surely do that. She could remember the incident up in the mountains, trying to cut the onion but failed miserably. Deciding to cut the carrot, she held the sharp knife before dicing away.

If he could actually go outside and play tennis, he would. But NOOO, he had to dice some vegetables for a vegetable stew.

Deciding to cut the onion, he took the knife from the drawer.

And then he realized…

He never held a knife before and didn't know how to cut the onion properly.

This was highly embarrassing coming from the Prince of Tennis, himself. He could imagine himself, trying to cut the vegetables and instead of cutting the vegetables, he would have cut off his own finger and the whole counter would become a lovely, fine, and a bloody mess. Oi, this wasn't going to be much help at all.

"Ryoma-kun, is there anything wrong?" She had notice his lower eye giving a small twitch and his eyes darken.

Ryoma shook his head, trying to get rid of those bloody thoughts. Moving to grab the onion, he diced the white onion in half.

Okay, so it wasn't so bad…

And then, he cut a quarter of the onion…

And then, another…


He saw the red liquid flowing from his finger. He realized it was a small cut, and it didn't hurt too badly.

"Kya! Ryoma-kun! You're bleeding!" Russet eyes widen, waving her arms frantically.

Grabbing the First Aid Kit, she took his arm, dragging him towards the sink. Turning the faucet, he could hear the water rushing down fast as Ryuuzaki, dabbing away the evidence from his right hand.

She turned off the water, and then taking a sprayer filled with alcohol and spraying the liquid over the small cut.

Ryoma gave a cringe, closing his eyes and hoping the small sting would go away.

Then, a band aid was soon in place, wrapped gently around his finger. Her soft lips pressed over the band aid.

The faintest blush was on Ryoma's cheeks.

"Ne Ryoma-kun, does it hurt anymore?" Russet eyes looked those golden ones for that second time.

Echizen Ryoma pulled down his chef hat a little lower, before shaking his head.

And realized that cooking wasn't so disastrous after all.

Theme #005: Oil, Sex/One's Nature Magic

She ached. Oh, she ached very badly. In any part of her body, she could feel the throbbing pain shooting up and down as her attempt to move onto the couch. Dark circles hovered under her eyes from the lack of sleep and her neck felt like it should be chopped into a million of pieces.

She should have asked one of her friends to help her out when rearranging the furniture. But, she didn't want to burden them. Tomoko was way too busy taking care of her brothers and the regulars had the right to relax. They've been working too hard to get through the nationals and she couldn't exactly call her boyfriend, Ryoma-kun. She didn't want to bother the Prince because he had helped countless of times. Such as tutoring her in English, Math and most of all, tennis. It would be asking too much…

Ryuuzaki Sakuno tried to grab the remote but as her hands gripped onto the rectangular shape, she could feel how sore and tired her hand was. Her feet dragged across the room before turning on her DVD player.

Soft, subtle music filled the room. Violins cried and cellos thrust into the air. Fingers danced across the black and white keys filling the piece of music with peace and innocence.

She felt her shoulders relaxing onto the soft pillows until…

The door bell rang. She jolted right up. Sharp pain ran through her body and she cringed as she stood up. Walking towards the door, she turned the handle and revealing non-other than…

Her best friend, Tomoko.

Sakuno waved a hand, indicating she could come in.

"Sakuno, you look so tired. More than tired than me!" Tomoko waved a finger at her.

"What have you been doing Sakuno? You look like you haven't had any sleep for days!"

Tomoko noted the dark circles under her eyes. She dug into her a purse and taking out a coupon.

"Hmm… what is that?"

"Some coupon for the spa. It says that I could bring one friend with me to this new spa. I think it's called 'One Nature's Magic.' Or something like that. Why not go to it?"

Sakuno shook her head. All she wanted to do was lie on the couch, listen to soft music and taking a small nap.

"You know that we both deserve this. It's time to indulge ourselves with something!"

"But… Tomo-chan…"

"No buts!"

Putting her arms up in the air, Tomoko recognize this as a defeat before grinning. Dragging her friend out of the door, both girls walked slowly towards the different streets and areas.

For a brief moment, Sakuno's eyes looked on the ground as she walked. She couldn't exactly move her head that much. With a mere sudden movement, her headache would come marching back on. Not realizing where she was going, she bumped into someone, someone unexpected.

She looked up immediately and felt her neck throbbed with even more pain. The headache had come marching back on and all right now; she wanted to lay somewhere comfortable or to be more exact, her bed, her soft white bed where she could lay her head on the soft pillows.

Hazel eyes widen for a moment, recognizing the person she bumped into.



This couldn't get any worse. Ryoma pulled down his cap and then, looked up, hearing a soft voice.

"Gomen, Ryoma-kun…" She reached towards her temples, massaging them gently. She wanted this headache to go away.

Golden eyes swept through her.

He noted the dark circles under her eyes and her hands massaging her temples. Her neck was stiffened and shoulders seemed to sag down.

Most of all, he realized how tired she was. Ready to take her arm and wheeled her back home, her best friend's voice interrupted the action.

"Oi, Sakuno! We are going to be late for the spa!"

Sakuno gave a nod before saying her farewells to the Prince.

Something registered through his mind. She was going to the spa.

'She's going to the spa…'

'She's going to the spa…'

Spa equaled someone to be touching Sakuno's body.

Someone was going to be touching Sakuno's body.

Someone was going to be rubbing the scented oil over Sakuno.

And the mere fact, that it wasn't him made him boil with anger.

He growled at the mere fact that someone was going to touch his Sakuno.

There was no way in hell that the masseur would be touching any part of her body.

Not ever.

Unless they wanted to die in a very slow, painful and yet humiliating death.

He gave a glare before following them.


"It's so pretty!" Tomoko gave a grin, noting Sakuno's amazement of the building.

Long hallways swept through the floor, and elegant furniture was placed. Soft, subtle lights filled the room and the aroma was filled with mixed berries that allow the room to be relaxing and yet peaceful.

Handling over the money and coupon, both girls headed to their own rooms.

Wrapped in a fluffy towel, Sakuno headed to one of her rooms. Turning the handle, she couldn't help but felt amazed by the whole structure of the building.

She had picked out a room where a dark red wine color was plastered over the walls.

Mirrors placed on each of the side and she could very well pick up the soft music. She gave a sigh before turning onto the table and lying down.


Ryoma glared at the masseur. Before knocking him down, he grabbed the oil and running back towards his girlfriend's room.

Turning the door handle, he thought he would be ready for this but only to meet with someone oh so unexpected…

He saw…


A towel draped around his girlfriend's soft body. He could see her curves, and the creamy skin (that he oh so desires). Bending over to get the oil, he uncapped it before running his hands over her legs.

Cold liquid pooled over her legs and Sakuno gave a satisfied sigh. Ryoma massage her calves and moving up towards her thighs before pressing down his hands onto her soft skin. Pouring even more oil, he rubbed the liquid over her back, touching lightly over her soft, creamy skin.

Hazel eyes opened and then, closed again. She could very well smell the mixed berry scent. Giving another satisfied sigh, she allowed the masseur to bring the towel even little lower. She could very well feel his rough hands gently massaging her back, and spreading the scented oil again before rubbing.

He worked on her neck, smoothing down the tension and then down to her shoulders, rubbing them lightly. She allow her neck to turn, and found amazement that her neck didn't hurt anymore.

She wanted to thank the masseur for massaging her. She peek an eye open, and saw someone unexpected…

"Ryoma-kun!" Taking the towel, she frantically placed it above her body. Her hazel eyes widen in shocked and Ryoma's very lips gave a smirk.

A blush swept away on her cheeks and she looked frantically for something to clothe her than just a mere towel.

Ryoma was angry. Oh, so she was perfectly fine with a total stranger looking at her body and not him. He came closer to her, sweeping her off with a heated kiss before looking at her hazel eyes.

"Ariga-arigatou Ryoma-kun."

Theme #006: Traveling aboard

He was going somewhere and she wasn't.

It was plain and simple and yet she felt her heart break at any second.

The mere thought of just thinking about him was heart-broking enough.

He, the Prince was going somewhere, away, far, far away from Japan and probably never coming back.

She shrugged as if it wasn't affecting her.

But in reality, it was. He was going off to the US Open and wasn't going to the Nationals.

It was his decision and not hers.

He was going to travel aboard, somewhere beyond that world of hers.

She had heard the news from Horio and that mere piece of information, hurt her deeply.

So, here she was…

Looking at the tennis courts, watching other students play the game of tennis and of course, wallowing in self pity.

She leaned against the bark of the tree, watching as they continue to bounce off the ball towards the other side of the court and into the other.

Eyes closed for a brief moment before taking a deep breath.


He had just escaped. He swore if he was alone somewhere in a dark alley, some fanatic girl that he didn't know would come up and rape or molest him. He ran through the different hallways, hoping to find no signs of them.

'Che, stupid girls.'

He looked left and right, and then taking a run for it across the hallway. He opened the huge doors and moved across the lawn, and reached to his favorite secluded spot where no fanatic girl would come and tackle, glomp or use any of their measly ways to get to him.

However, Fate had decided against him. He realized that there was someone there.

So much for peace and quiet…


Hazel eyes were looking at the tennis courts sadly, and she was rubbing away her tears. Her lower lip trembled, wanting to break down for a sob.

He realized, this wasn't like Ryuuzaki Sakuno at all. Normally, her shy, radiating smiles would allow other students feel a little better, and her hazel eyes would lit up with a radiating joy and shyness. No, this wasn't like Ryuuzaki Sakuno.

The Ryuuzaki Sakuno he was looking at, was deep in sorrow, filled with some grief and he instantly felt sympathy for her. Reaching towards his bag, he grabbed the extra Ponta and could only hope that it would make her feel a little better or opening her problems to him.

"Here…" He handed the Ponta towards her and she took it with a mutter of 'thanks.'

Sipping on the cool beverage, she settled back down by the bark of the tree. Again, her hazel eyes wandered off towards the tennis courts, feeling a little bit down.

Taking another gulp from the soda, she gave a sigh before closing her eyes.

Echizen Ryoma settled down by her, wondering what was wrong. Echizen Ryoma realized, she was probably the only person he didn't mind to hang out with or to hear her problems because Ryuuzaki Sakuno had always helped people whenever they are needed. No matter what, through thick and thin, she would share lunches with others who forgot to bring their own, help with homework and even try to be there for other classmates.

He wondered why her eyes looked so sad.

"Ano… Ryoma-kun, is-is it true that you are going to the US Open?"

"It's true." Gave out the easy reply.


Now, this was abnormal. Normally Ryuuzaki Sakuno was excited, cheered him on and giving a two thumbs up approval. Oh, it wasn't the response he wanted to get out from her.

And so what if she wasn't so excited about him going to the US Open and becoming pro. It shouldn't affect him that much, should it?

But that was the thing, why the heck wasn't she excited like any of the other players out there? Eiji had tackled him, and gave him a bear hug which he swore that he could hear his bones cracking, Momo was crying with happy tears for him and the freshman trio was giving their full-fledge support.

But, Ryuuzaki Sakuno?

Ryuuzaki Sakuno had just only say 'Oh.'

And nothing else and nothing more…

Needless to say, it hurt.

Hurt more than ever because she wasn't filled with excitement to see him going pro.


She couldn't help but question him about the rumor spreading around. After his reply, her shoulders sagged down, feeling a little disappointed in him.

He wasn't going to the Nationals.

But rather, focusing to go over overseas, traveling aboard and in style. She was very sure that he, the freshman that many others had admired would forget what was left around here.

She felt the tears trickled down her face as she made a move to rub them. She gave another sigh, not wanting Echizen Ryoma to see her in her worse state.

Standing already, she bowed down her thanks, ready to move or to be exactly, running away to somewhere safe, and where she could go and cry a river.

"Well, I'm going to go now. Sayonara Ryoma-kun." She felt her voice betray her, and she made her move.


He, of course, notice her voice was soft and yet a little sadden. 'Sayonara meant goodbye' and goodbye meant be forever. It wasn't 'I'll see you later Ryoma-kun.' Oh, no it wasn't like that.

'It was Sayonara meaning goodbye forever.' He repeated those words in his mind.

Didn't she know that he was coming back?

Damn it, he was coming back even after he was going pro. There was no hell that he was going to leave Japan.

He shook his head and notice the pigtailed girl, standing up and moving away from him.

His hand outstretched, and clasped tightly on her arm.

"What-what is Ryoma-kun?" She couldn't face him, not like this, not when she wanted to throw her arms over his neck, snuggle into his chest and give a good cry.

It hurt that she was saying her farewells way too soon and not even expecting him to come back.

He pulled her closer, before kissing her. His arms encircled her waist, and pulled her closer, molding their bodies into one.

Hazel eyes glazed with shock before closing them. Both hands were on his chest, and she felt his lips part from hers.

"There is no good in goodbye. I'm coming back from the US Open, whether you like it or not."

Theme #007: A group of shooting stars/falling stars

She didn't know where she was going.

She couldn't see.

Everything was dark and even as she opened her very own russet eyes, everything was still pitch black. The whole atmosphere itself was filled with uncertainty.

But she could hear the engine roaring throughout the very streets of Tokyo. Her beau was maneuvering the car as quickly as can, reaching to the destination that was only known to him.

She wanted to know where she was going and she could hear the busy chatter, the busy streets and the wind blowing her long brown hair.

"Ryoma-kun, where are we going?" She asked curiously.

Silence only greeted her.

She gave a pout, wanting to take the blindfold off.

"Ryoma-kun, can I please take the blindfold off?"

"Iie." Came the short reply.

He stopped the car, parking it and moving towards his girlfriend.

Opening the door for her, hands clasped together.

She gripped hard as if he was her life.

"Ryuuzaki, why are you gripping my hand so hard?"

"Because if I trip, you are going down with me. And, it's not my fault that I can't see."

He dragged her over, and she could feel that she was being dragged somewhere steep.

Butterflies flew through her stomach and she felt nauseated.

Thousand of conclusions flew through her very mind.

It felt like she was going through a rocky, steep cliff, and nonetheless, she was blindfolded. He might have planned to kill her, push her off the cliff and say it was a complete accident.

Ryuuzaki Sakuno died at age eighteen. Cause of death? Tripped over the rocks and fell over the cliff. Oh yes, she could see the headline news.

Panic arose on her, and she pulled her hand out of the way.

Instead of getting away, she felt like she was going closer to him and his hand was gripping hard on hers, preventing her to get away.

'Ah, mou!'

Finally, reaching towards atop on the hill, he untied the blindfold and what made him smile was her surprise gasp.

A group of shooting stars flew throughout the skies. Bright ones, sprinkled throughout the very dark skies and Ryuuzaki Sakuno couldn't help but gasp.

It was unremarkably a beautiful sight.

It was something she had never dream of Echizen Ryoma to take her.

She gently squeeze his hand, tugging him towards her and kissing over his very lips.

He parted his mouth, as her tongue slid through his and the couple broke apart, looking at the very sky with the group of shooting stars that flew through the very skies.

She pressed her head towards his chest, resting an arm right there as his arm encircled her waist before settling down on the grass, watching the group of shooting stars flew throughout the very dark skies.

Theme #008: Ball Game

Bouncing the small ball, he lifted the ball into the air and jumped to reach the small, heavy, neon ball and swung at it. He looked at his opponent who was nothing more than a braided pigtailed girl who couldn't serve, forehand or backhand properly.

Okay, so what?

She couldn't swing properly but it wasn't his fault that he was forced to teach her.

He gritted his teeth.

It was all because of her grandmother who force him, and giving that look of hers, making him guilty.

At first, he had thought she wasn't going to be that bad. Oh, he was proven wrong.

She sucked.

Sucked to no end, there was no way she was going pro for this type of match.

Not ever, not even in his lifetime.

"Ryuuzaki, concentrate!"

Oh, he was being mean. Sakuno's lips curved into a small smile before hitting the neon ball at a speed that he could walk and hit.

'Ah, mou…' He hit with an easy return rate, and she ran towards it, hitting it with a sloppy forehand.

He gave a sigh, before catching the ball as she returned it.

"Run 10 laps Ryuuzaki."

"What? 10? Why? What did I do wrong?" She cried incredulously.

"You're too slow and these laps would make you go a little bit faster and hit with a higher rate. By the ways you're hitting, there is no chance that you could go through the Girls' Tennis Team or Pro for that matter. There are those who could hit over 100 KPH when they are serving or around at 85 KPH. At the rates you are hitting, it is about as 10 KPH where everyone could return it."

She gave a pout, putting her racket down and running around the courts. Legs hitched up high as she continued running.


Returning from her ten laps, she opened her mouth, taking a few gulps of air.

"Alright, we would be working on your net play. While I'm serving, you hit over by the baseline and then, run towards the net and hit back at me."

She gave a nod of understanding.

Again, Echizen Ryoma serve the ball and hitting the baseline perfectly. She hit it back, and ran towards the net like he said.

With the thought that her clumsiness had vanished, fate decided against her. She felt herself tripping over her own shoelaces and already, she was going for the net. She closed her eyes waiting for the concrete to slab her with hard, crack-bone pain.

She waited, and waited for the ever-so-hurtful pain and didn't realize that she was sprawled against Ryoma, himself.


He should have seen it coming. Her messy footwork need to be work on and he saw herself moving towards the net, and then, tripped over her shoelaces and already falling over.

She was very lucky that he could reacted so fast.


But not realizing that she was falling into the net, he, himself was sprawled underneath, tangled and her soft body pressed onto his.

Her body was pressing down on his and he hated to admit this, he enjoyed her body being pressed down to his.

He enjoyed the soft curves of her body, legs tangled with his and her soft hair was so easy to touch.

But the unexpected happen,

Lips accidentally met each other for the briefest second. A full blown blush was on her cheeks and she wiggled her body away from his.

"Gomen, Ryoma-kun…"

"Mada Mada Dane Ryuuzaki."

Theme #009: King

First, he was elected and he didn't even want that stupid nominee.

Second, he was forced to this dance, oh what these so-called-teenagers called "Prom."

And now, he was up in front of the stage, being crowned as King of Prom.

Thousand of girls screamed out his name and his so-called friends bit back the laughter, knowing well that he hated being on stage, up-top, and famed. Oh, they knew that they were dead meat for sure, but it was fun, seeing Echizen Ryoma crowned King for Prom.

'Che, stupid girls.' He wanted those girls to shut up, to shut up for a moment and all he asked, was a little peace.

Was it so much to ask?

Unfortunately, for him, it was.



"Dance with me!"

Girls waved frantically to get his attention. He looked around, seeing a girl with long braids who promised to come.

She had asked him to come and gave her reasons, stating that it was their last year to enjoy themselves and head off to college.

'Che.' He was about to respond a big no, but seeing her hazel eyes filled with tears, he had to say yes.

And so here he was, up stage, being crowned King and swarm of girls, begging for his attention.

He turned towards the left, and finally found Ryuuzaki Sakuno.

His breath hitched, and he felt himself couldn't breathe. Her hazel eyes dropped down as she walked, and that familiar blush crept upon her very cheeks. Her long, wavy hair was unbraided, and the little sparkle of gem was placed on the right side of her head.

The white silk dress clung to her every curve, and at mid length to her hips, the white dress flowed, just as short of her knees. Her lips were glossed with a tinge of pink, making her even more beautiful.

Ryuuzaki Sakuno gave one of her shy smiles, and a nod, congratulating him for winning Prom King. She turned to go, ready to head out from the crowded room.


She wasn't exactly thrill about him becoming King.

That meant more chaos to be ensued and even more girls wanting to him. She had to admit, she wasn't exactly one of the prettiest.

Oi, she shouldn't be wallowing in self-pity. She mentally slapped herself, turning away to leave the crowded room.

It was their last year and she still hadn't admit any feelings for him. Many times she tried, but failed completely.

Her voice couldn't be heard, to tell him how much she liked him and how much she wanted to be with him. But the only words she could said was 'Eto, Ano, or an Um.'

Yes, that was completely brilliant Sakuno. She mentally scolded herself.

Already, escaping from the room, she reached outside, seeing the scenery.

Night had fallen and little stars sprinkled the night skies. Subtle candle lights circled around the area, providing a warm, sensual romantic aura. She could very well smell the vanilla and lavender scents that was placed around the area.

She watched night flowers bloomed the very Earth. Sakuno gave a sigh, rubbing her arms, suddenly feeling a little chilly.

But, what caught her most surprising was, something warm drape her very shoulders. He had settled next by her, handling a Ponta.


Echizen Ryoma saw her leave. He took off the crown, and carrying it alongside him. He ran downstairs as girls trampled over to see him. He pushed his way through the crowd, wanting to be with that braided pigtail girl.

'Che, stupid girls.'

His heart quicken and he made to run, to catch up with her. Echizen searched through his pockets, trying to find any loose change. Of course, he was lucky to find a quarter in his pocket, and now, the next task, finding a soda machine.

Turning to the hallway, he found himself looking through the different beverages and finally, inserting the quarter into the machine, and selecting one of his very favorite drinks, a Ponta.

He pushed the grand doors, opening to see the shy girl, rubbing her arms as she watched the night flowers bloomed.

Draping her with his jacket, he handed a Ponta towards her.

"Ryo-ma-kun… Thanks… Kya, you must very cold Ryoma-kun…" She made a move to take off the jacket, but he stopped her.

He smirked, she was the same girl back at those junior high days. She was still the sweet, shy girl who apologize profusely and worried about others and never herself. He had watched her from afar, helping others with homework or daily problems. Ryuuzaki Sakuno always had that shy smile, welcoming just for anyone to come to speak to her.

She never minded when students continuously ask her for advice and she was the girl that everyone could turn to, to speak to, and to consulate with.

"Ano, Ryoma-kun, congratulations for winning Prom King." And still the one thankful for all the help, to greet and be excited for.


He probably didn't mind that she could be selfish for just once. The shy smile greet her very face, radiating her even more and those cheeks had a tinge of pink swept through her.

She was luring him, and she didn't even know it.


He turned to look at her, her hands fiddled around her purse.

She wanted to say something, something to break the silence and more than ever, she wanted to admit those feelings to him. Thinking hard, she had to find ways to place her very own words.

They could very well hear the classical music playing inside the hotel. Violins and cellos thrust and fingers dancing around the white and black keys, creating a slow dance piece.

She let herself smile, curtseying and asked, "Do you want to dance?"

He gave a nod, and their bodies moved around to the waltz. Hands clasped lightly, and they moved even closer, almost molding their bodies into one.

His rough hands were placed on her hips, bringing her a little closer and her hands were placed onto his chest.

Those hazel eyes were staring at his button-up shirt, and he couldn't help but allow himself to grin.

Taking his hand, he lifted her chin and hazel eyes stare at those golden orbs.

He took one of her hands, clasping them together, moving towards the waltz.

Her lips were enticing him and he couldn't help but…

Lean closer, forehead to forehead and his lips savor her own mouth. He tasted the sweet, sugary substance and opened to see those hazel eyes shyly smiling at him.

"I-I like you a lot, Ryoma-kun…"

It was much better than being up on that stage and being crowned King.

Oh, it was…

He gave a nod, savoring her mouth once again.

Theme #010: Burn

Encircling their hands together, he tugged her forward and bent down, savoring her sweet mouth.

Their mouths parted, and she took her hand, stroking his cheek gently.

He loved the way she touched, kiss and even feel him. It was the best feelings in the world and he couldn't help but have a burning desire to touch her even more.

He took the hand that she stroked his cheek and gave a gentle kiss in the middle of her palm.

It was nothing he ever felt before. For the past years (in his junior high days), he had never fallen in love or felt anything. Nothing bothered him and if it did bothered him, he would go buy a can of Ponta to soothe down his anger.

And it was never about love affections or those silly emotions like that.

It was normally about tennis or an opponent.

That was all, nothing to it.

But, something happened those past few years.

Something happened, and to put it more exactly…

A braided pigtail girl with soft amber eyes.

He couldn't explain it but his desire continued to multiply and he would have all this emotion boiled him when she was with another guy.

He also noted, they both had changed physically in many ways. He, of course, had grown a bit taller and became pro at the age of seventeen.

And she, Ryuuzaki Sakuno had transformed from a girl to a lady. She was a little curvier, and her braided hair was no longer braided but was cut short and wavy. Her soft amber eyes still radiated with that aura of shyness that he loved so much.

Echizen was glad that she hadn't change from the girl who listened to teeny-popper music and gossip.

Touching her soft brown hair, he allow himself to smile. Immediately, color swept through her very cheeks and she looked down.

He couldn't help but lift up her chin, and looked through those amber eyes.

His golden eyes told her everything, how much he desire to touch, kiss and even love her.

It was the best feeling in the world, to look into his golden eyes and to know how much he desire her. Touching his shoulder blades, she lifted to give him her mouth, kissing him softly and a blush that told him that she was thankful to have him, and to love him.

Author Notes: Mot Tram means one hundred in Vietnamese. I've edited some parts out, and I kept some parts. Thank you for those who reviewed the first chapter. 100 themes is created due to the popularity of 30 kisses. The rules for 100 themes is a kiss of some sort which is why, I had to use a lot of repeated kisses throughout these one-shots. I try not to make Echizen Ryoma OOC but that is always a huge major problem when writing fanfics. However, I will explain the themes, and the little notes. My explanation for OOC is because Echizen Ryoma is a character who says few words and Ryuuzaki Sakuno is the character who needs the attention (at some point), and a girl who criticizes about herself because she is a very shy character and who doesn't want to get into trouble. Though, I try not to write OOC, this fanfic can relate through many different time zones throughout Echizen and Ryuuzaki's life.

As you read through Theme #001, there are spelling errors of thwat, whawt and ish. I made these spelling errors because of their daughter's voice. Of course, at many times I've cringed to write that, I wanted to emphasize the little girl's voice and her main curiosity of it all. I also didn't put them, shyly or awkwardly at each other because it is very unexpected to get them to kiss. I put them either married, dating or wanting to admit their feelings.

Now, as you note from Theme #008, KPH or probably MPH. But, in tennis, there are speeds that you serve, play and even fault in. I have seen this through many tennis matches (example: Sharapova and Venus match, Venus had hit a 85 and Sharapova missed it completely. 85 is pretty low in playing tennis and usually, the speed would go around at 105 or higher.)

Hope you enjoy the one-shots, I will continue more with Themes #011 - Themes #020. So you can expect these themes, Trouble Maker 3, Vacuum Cleaner, Kiss 2, Muscular training, Young leaves mark, Hypnosis: A sticker for new car drivers, The Duty of siblings, Straight Perm, Rest one's head on a person's lap and lastly, Contract.

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