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Theme #081: Contact Lenses

Ryuzaki Sakuno felt horrible.

She was guilty beyond belief.

Ryoma-kun was over there in the corner and was being mobbed by fan girls.

He was definitely in a sour mood.

She had dragged him out of the house—and look at him now; he was annoyed.

It might be possible that his bad mood would last for a whole week.

Sakuno sighed. From the corner of her eye, she looked at him.

He glared at the mob.

His eyes glinted dangerously and his arms were crossed over his chest.

She flinched as golden orbs narrowed on her back.

She had to get out of this store fast or deal with Ryoma-kun's wrath for a whole week.

Tomo-chan would understand.

Sakuno knew it wasn't a life or death situation.

But… it sure felt like it.

Sakuno quickly purchased the contact lenses and made a quick dash to her boyfriend. She gave her boyfriend a quick peck on his cheek.

"Mou… don't be angry Ryoma-kun." Sakuno pouted.

Ryoma could only look away and gave a small sound, "Che…"

"I promise to make some grilled fish and rice tomorrow!"


The Next Day…

Sakuno headed to school. Brown eyes looked up at the skies and she gave a silent prayer to the heavens.

'Kami-sama… I know you're busy with plenty of problems and I am sure they are much dire than mines… but, if you have time… please don't have Tomo-chan be mad at me. Ryoma-kun was angry yesterday, and well… I don't want to endure Tomo-chan's wrath!'

She took the box of contact lenses from her bag.

And she gave a sigh.

She had gotten the wrong kind.

Theme #082: Why? (Or "What for?" and "Darou" is "I guess," or "probably" so… "I guess it's for…")

Sakuno's cheeks were flushed. She looked around and dropped her head down on the table. Oh, why, why, why did she do that? Why the hell did she do that?

Sakuno groaned in thought. She probably shouldn't have done that. She probably shouldn't have kissed him.

Oh why, oh why did you have to kiss him Sakuno? Were you just embarrassing yourself or something? Oh why! The agony! Sakuno's mind raced around the lip-lock that she had with Ryoma-kun earlier and than, of course running away.

Oh agony.

She kissed him. Her soft lips pressed against his chapped lips. And his golden eyes were wide with shocked. After departing from their kiss, she blushed at what had happened and muttered out a "Gomen" and ran out there as fast as possible.

Oh, how could she be so stupid? Sakuno was tempting to bang her head onto the table, ready to get a concussion or amnesia.

The last time she looked at him, he had stood there like a statue before running away.

Much to Sakuno's misfortunate, she never did saw Ryoma's hand wandering to his lips.

Or even that predatory smirk.

Theme #083: Black Tea

"This will help." Sakuno said softly before giving a soft kiss on her husband's forehead.

Ryoma groaned as he got upright from their four poster bed. He gave a cough and a sniffle before grasping the teacup in his hands.

"What is this?" Ryoma looked at the black liquid and his stomach churned. And he could just imagine the taste of the black liquid.


He gave a sniff of the black liquid, and his confirmations were correct.

"It's tea. Drink it. It'll help you feel better." Sakuno said. She grinned inwardly as he sniffed the black tea again.

"This isn't tea. Tea isn't supposed to be black." He muttered.

"It's Black Tea. It'll help you to boost up your body's defenses. Now, drink up."

As soon as he took a sip, he could taste the bitterness of the hot tea. He quickly placed it by the nightstand.


Sakuno sighed.

"Drink it." Sakuno ordered.

He shook his head. Golden eyes were standing firm on this decision.

"Then, I won't cook Japanese food for a whole month." Sakuno threatened and golden eyes widen in shock.

He let out a curse before grasping the teacup in his hands again.

Theme #084: World of Dreams

Always through the night, Ryuzaki Sakuno dreamed of him.

Him, her Tennis Prince.

She dreamed of him, maybe, one day, he would notice her out of all the other girls.

She dreamed that he would fall in love with her. She dreamed that he would pick her right up from all her worries and his embracement.

She dreamed of his warmth, his integrity, and his love.

Most nights, she could dream of him kissing her. He would take her lips and pressed her lips against his. They would be soft, at first; but then, they would tumble around the soft grass and their kiss would grow passionate, and infinite.

She dreamed that someday, someday, somewhere out from a distant star, that he would marry her.

She would be his loving wife, a big house with a dozen kids and someone he could call home to.

For now, it would be in the world of dreams until she has the courage, the courage to tell him how much she loves him.

Theme #085: Study of Orchids

Sakuno smile as she received the flowers. She leaned over to her husband and gave a quick peck on his lips. The flowers were extraordinary and unique. She had never seen these flowers before.

Sakuno glanced at him and leaned over to smell the flowers. They smelled wonderful, something with a hint of jasmine and lavender. The flowers were white, and a tinge of pink, two of her favorite colors.

"The flowers are orchids." Ryoma mumbled and a hue of pink blossomed on his cheeks.

"Orchids?" She questioned him. Sakuno never heard of these orchids before and winched as the baby kicked.

"How do you know that?"

"Florist. Orchids are the most diverse and there are about over 25,000 species."

Sakuno mumbled, "I wonder what they mean."

Ryoma gave a small smile before leaning over to her ear.

"It's a Chinese symbol for many, many children."

Sakuno blushed at his comment and later on, smacking him on the head.

Theme #086: Holiday

"Tomo-chan! I didn't agree to this!" Brown eyes stared at the full-length mirror.

"You told me you were buying me a princess or a fairy costume… Not a witch with a corset, leg stockings or anything of this stuff." Sakuno murmured to her, flushed with embarrassment in wearing something like this into an amusement park.

"But, Sakuno… This was so pretty! You should off your figure more often. Many boys will notice you-you know!" Tomoko waved a hand at her and tug the skirt a little higher to show off a little more thigh.

"Tomo-chan! How could I wear this?! There would be kids at the amusement park!"

"Oh, we aren't going to an amusement park. Horio-kun told us that we were going to some haunted house or some haunted place."

"Haunted house?" Her eyes widen at Tomoko's confirmation. Sakuno furiously shook her head.

"NO!" Sakuno yelled. She hated haunted houses, especially the ones that had monsters popping out of no where.

"Ryoma-sama is going to be there! Come on!" Tomoko took her arm and was ready to drag her out of the room.

"No way. I don't even care if Ryoma-kun even shows up there with a ring. There is no way I'm going." Sakuno stated. She stalked back to her closet to retrieve normal clothing.

"But, Sakuno…" Tomoko sniffled and became teary.

"Think this as a favor for me. You know… I don't ask for much." Tomoko sniffled a few times and wiped her eyes.

As soon as Tomoko saw her best friend's guilty face, Tomoko had scored.

"Alright… But, can I ditch the costume?"

Tomoko grinned and kissed her cheek.

"Sure! In one condition though, you have to promise to wear it at the Seigaku's Halloween Party."

"What? No!" Sakuno again furiously denied.

Tomoko gave a heart-wrenching cry.

"I worked so hard for a good costume. You were either a witch or a pumpkin. And I tried to look for so many hours and this is what you repay me with?" Tomoko hiccupped at the last sentence.

A guilty expression appeared on the shy girl's face again and she let out a sigh.

"Alright… Just because you spent so much time at the store."

Tomoko gave a whoop and dragged her to show her costume to her Obaa-chan.

The only thing could be heard was a shriek and a clatter of a pan.

"You're wearing THAT?"

Theme #087: Virtual Image

She reminded him of a butterfly.

Butterflies were shy, fluttering all over the place and difficult to ignore.

There wasn't a day he didn't think about her. She was on his mind constantly--with those two annoying braided pigtails.

When was she ever going to get rid of them?

When he was seven or eight--he wasn't sure, he had accidentally squished a butterfly with his bare hands. The soft winged creature lay between his hands as he ran to his Okaa-san in tears. His Okaa-san only kissed him on his forehead and tried to help the poor creature to the best of her ability.

His mother only confirmed him that the poor creature was dead. He had demanded outright a proper funeral for the butterfly in his backyard.

Like Ryuzaki Sakuno.

Sakuno easily got lost or bruised. On most Sundays, he had counted how many times she tripped, how many times she had gotten lost and how many times she had given her classmates a taste of her cooking skills.

When the butterfly wings touched his hand, it only reminded him of her lips.

When he tasted her lips, Sakuno had felt hesitant and responded slowly to his lips. When they released for air, he could only tuck the single stranded hair behind his ear.

"Mou, Ryoma-kun…"

Theme #088: Clock

It was 10:43 AM when her water broke.

Echizen Sakuno gasped in pain and took deep breaths as what the doctor had instructed her to do. The baby kicked furiously and Sakuno bit her bottom lip. Tears descended down her cheeks as she bit back to muffle her cries.

She was by the tennis courts, holding a can of Ponta for her husband and one of her hands gripped onto the steel fence. She let out a cry and gripped even harder. Her knees weaken and she slowly slid herself onto the floor.

Echizen Sakuno was in labor.

She was out here alone, and had managed to somehow get lost. Most of the spectators were either at the main courts watching her husband or other professional tennis player's play or watching the game on television out by the front.

Thank goodness, her bag was at her side. She flipped the cover of her purse and dumped the contents onto the cement floor. She quickly grabbed her cell phone and took a glance at the time.

Quickly dialing the number, she gasped in pain once more.

"Ryoma, I'm in--" She was cut off by a monotone voice.

"The number you're trying to reach is not available. Please try calling again"

Sakuno swore. She dialed her best friend, Tomo-chan's number. Hopefully, she would at least pick her up unlike her useless husband.

"Moshi Moshi Sakuno-chan! Where are you at? Ryoma-sama's third set is about to begin!" Her best friend's voice came.

"Ano… Tomo-chan… I think… I'm in… labor." Sakuno managed to say. She continued to breathe as the contractions came together.

"WHAT?" Tomoko's voice yelled out.


Echizen Ryoma watched the spectators and gulped down the cold liquid in his mouth. His golden eyes scanned the audience and narrowed. There was someone missing. He crushed the water bottle and looked at the clock. The seconds ticked by and still, she wasn't there.

She was there awhile ago. Probably she had to use the restroom or something. But, with her delicate condition, he had warned off his teammates to not make sure she didn't carry heavy things and even if she needed to go somewhere, at least escort her. Unfortunately, somehow, one way or another, his teammates and family had not listened.

"Players, we will be starting the third set." The referee called out.

Ryoma sighed and picked up his tennis racket. His mind, worried about his wife and where the heck she was. Knowing his wife, she had to manage somehow to get lost. Another sigh escaped his lips and he turned to his opponent. The balls were tossed at him by little kids, and he picked one up.

Bouncing the neon ball, he raised the ball up into the air and was ready to smack the ball to other side of the net.

However, a voice came out from the audience.

"WHAT? You're in labor?!" Tomoko's voice yelled out.

Ryoma dropped the ball.

"Where are you at?!" Tomoko's voice yelled at the cell phone and somehow, one way or another, Sakuno answered softly.

"Ano… I don't really know where I am at the moment. Somewhere by the tennis courts? Ano… I can't really hear you with all that noise Tomo-chan. And the signal out here is pretty bad."

"Hold on!" Tomoko slung her bag over her shoulder and yelled out right into the court.

Echizen Ryoma dropped the racket, not caring about his match. His mind racing with thoughts, his wife was in labor. His wife was in labor and ran out from the main court.


Sakuno would just have to think happy thoughts. Like the time when she had kissed Ryoma. Or when he won his first gram slam title.

She panted, she breathed, she cried, she screamed. My god, the pain wouldn't go away. She wished her husband was here.

"Sakuno! Sakuno!" Tomoko ran towards her and grasped onto her hand. Sakuno held her best friend's hand tighter.

"I can't breathe. I'm in pain." Dark brown eyes glistened with tears and she choked back a sob. Sakuno closed her eyes as another contraction came aboard.

Ryoma ran as his life depended on it. He took a glance of his teammates who trailed behind him and ran towards his wife.

She opened her eyes and right in front of her was her husband.

"Ryoma. You're supposed to be at the tennis courts. Playing your match." Sakuno gasped in pain and she reached over to her husband's hand. She gripped it. She gave another pant and closed her eyes again.


Location: Hospital

Family and friends sat by the waiting area. They glanced at the clock as seconds ticked by.

Minutes ticked by.

Hours ticked by.

Some of the males paced back and forth, and glanced up at the clock for only a few seconds. Again, they continued to pace.

The door opened and many of the family and friends, who sat, stood and faced to the doctor. The doctor grinned.

"All done, congratulations." The doctor shook hands with family and friends and moved along. Family and friends gathered into the room, right when Ryoma brushed a kiss over his wife's forehead.

"Congratulations!" Tomoko yelled out and looked at her best friend's son.

"What's his name?" Oishi and Takashi asked. Sakuno leaned to kiss her son's forehead and gave the baby to her husband.

She was exhausted. All she really wanted was to snuggle in bed.

"Ano… what do you want to name the baby Ryoma?"

Ryoma only shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me. As long it isn't Oyaji's name."

"Hey!" Nanjiroh retorted and the room filled with laughter.

Theme #089: Fallen Angel

When it comes to love, Ryuzaki Sakuno was a hopeless cause. No matter how much she tried to block the famed Echizen Ryoma from her dreams, he kept coming back; whether if it was by carriages, planes and horses. He came back to haunt her dreams. And she came to the conclusion, she was in love--and he didn't even know it.

If she gathered enough courage, she wouldn't be hiding underneath the shaded trees. If she was to approach him, she wouldn't be finding another escape route. As much as she tried to block from her growing love for him, Sakuno experienced the ups and downs of love.

When she was realized he was coming back, her heart beat fast and her cheeks grew warm. Her hazel eyes would shyly divert down when her classmates would ask her questions from different angles. But as soon as he stepped into the campus, she never thought her dreams with her prince would shatter so easily.

Hundreds--thousands of fan girls came to his aid whether it would have been touring him around the school or eating lunch with him. They would come towards his aid, hung onto his arm and snuggled deeper into his shoulder before leaning towards and giving him a kiss. His popularity grew in numbers, thus making Sakuno insecure. She found herself face with indecision. Should she welcome him back or wait till all the fan girls die out? She wasn't sure. As much as she waited, her insecurity grew. And with that insecurity, she found herself not matching with his skills, popularity and grades. And realized, he deserve better. She never thought her realizations of love could be so painful.


As much he tried to avoid them, the fan girls continued to come after him. They threw presents and eagerly waited for him to answer their questions. It was a price he had to pay for being the top tennis player.

No matter how many gifts he received, there was one person he did not see. Didn't she care? And despite her avoidance, he continued to look for the girl that cheered for him by the sidelines. No matter what was the outcome; whether if he lost or not, he could be assured by her soft smiles. Ryuzaki Sakuno was important. Like a rescuer or how corny it sounds, a fallen angel.

Sure, he spotted her at times, but every time he tried to reach her, hoards of girls continued to pile onto him and she would escape. Needless to say, it hurt. Didn't she like him anymore? Did she found someone new?

He would have to inquire the information and gossip from the trio or her best friend.

And soon.

Theme #090: Word

This word was difficult to explain. It was easy to say and easy to spell. But, it was difficult to explain.

How could she express about love?

How could she explain to anyone about love?

There are no words that could be said.

No words to describe how she felt.

When she was kissed like that.

Devoured like that.

Touched like that.

She might not be able to say those words properly…

She only hoped that her eyes could tell him, I love you Ryoma-kun

Author Notes: Theme #089: Fallen Angel was written a long time ago. It was written for a challenge over by Court_Ladies. But, the theme was dreams are fragile. So, I decided to add something into there and indirectly implies about a fallen angel.

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