Tales will be told over the years. Some will be enjoyed only temporarily, while others will be cast into the continuum of the human mind brought back to life by one small sparkā€¦

As we sit there, our eyes closed slightly, warming the laps of our humans, our minds can be seen floating on the winds. Some dreams are trifle and nonsensical, while others are deeper and serve as warnings and messages.

Here across the invisible border, a palce never found in the same place twice by the same mortal, I sit upon the small lap of my lady.

Below me the dreams of my kind drift silently waiting to be caught in the net of the next aura.

In the throne room of her majesty, a pale white hand gently strokes my velvet white ears as I contemplate my next sending.

Scattered through out the earth invisible servants faithfully stand by, gentle presences in other wise empty rooms.

Seldom are these courtiers seen in the rushing hustle and bustle of everyday human life.

But an off guard mind, perhaps just sitting in the middle of the night, in the hour of spirits, one can fathom them, small flitting shadows or quick bursts of light.

Occasionally in dreams, the shadowcats roam guarding and protecting those of the realm in which they wander.

Upon my high throne, past a translucent veil found only in dreams and beliefs, these shadowcats guide the wandering mind into our midst, perhaps to stay.

Where they are guided is a well known and mysterious place, a kingdom caught between the living and the dead.

A land of unusual creatures and magical beings. The place where dreams are born.

And who am I, you ask? I am the Dreamcat, the faint memory of a beautiful dream. A silvery cat which flees back into my world, sliding through the spread out fingers of your waking mind.

Only the young can see me, and those with open minds and believing hearts can hear or sense me as I roam the mortal realm.

So now like the cat I am, I shall leave you to the day. I must go hide among the shadows under the bed to sleep, and maybe tonight I will emerge again to guide you back to the enchanting realm of fairy. Perhaps there you will meet my lady, the Queen herself.

Happy Dreaming.