A/N: Not many people (outside of my friends, who I forced to read it) seemed to like the first "Scenes from a Romance" (although it resulted in one of the more confusing reviews I've ever received), but I loved it. It remains one of my favorite works. So…here's another! This one is going to be a long, chaptered story, but it will follow the same basic style as my other 'Scenes' story.

Scenes from a Different Romance


By Dylan S. Thompson

Some romances aren't approved of, aren't smiled upon, and implicitly aren't accepted. Some romances, unfortunately for the lucky souls who have to deal with this animosity as well as the hassles of a normal relationship, are downright hated. Oftentimes, the two parties involved don't realize it until they show up to dinner one day and are snubbed by those they once called friends. But sometimes, either because the lovers are especially intuitive or because the hatred of such a pairing is exceptionally assured, the two people in love realize what's going to come and decide to remove their affections from the public eye, hiding their love indefinitely.

The relationship of Lily Evans and Severus Snape was one such relationship. They were together for almost five years, on and off, starting out as two (relative) innocents and ending up a jaded, bitter man finding comfort in the familiar arms of a woman, bored and unfulfilled with her life apart from him. Through all of this, until her death, no one ever knew of their relationship.

It all started in fifth year…