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The naked woman stared back at me in shock from my mirror. It was me and then again not, gone was the healthy size 7 body of the nineteen year old I was to be replaced by a very slender size 5 at twenty-four… what the hell?

My dark wavy hair reached to about mid-back and OH MY GOD MY BOOBS ARE BIGGER! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?

Before another sound could be uttered, the door slammed open revealing a rather disheveled and older looking Charity, "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Quickly I wrapped my new body in the towel to face Charity.

Calmly regaining my bearings, I glared at her before pulling on clothes over the towel; no doubt her screaming would bring the whole fort and I am not about to face them all with only a towel. Before I am even half-dressed, Charity grips my arm roughly her nails dig painfully into my flesh bringing my angry stare to pierce her.

"What do you mean 'what did Ido?' I haven't done anything. How do you know it's not something you did?" I all but growled at her in English.

"BecauseI'm not the one having secretmeetings in the forest while everyone's back is turned." She retorted just as she was about to lunge at me claws raised, Tristan followed by Darren, Galahad, Lancelot, Arthur, Belvedere, Marion and Jerica ran in. This is not good.

"What's going on?" Arthur's commanding voice questioned looking between me and Charity.

"That's what I'd like to know." Charity pouted crossing her arms. The others waited with bated breath looking between Charity and me.

"As if I know? Hi, all I did was wake up this morning and bathe! Look at me!" I retorted while ignoring Lancelot's muttered 'I am.' "I look closer to my age than I have in nearly five years; something really freaky is going on and I want answers as much as you do."

"Quit lying! I know you had something to do with this! I'M OLD!" Charity shrieked in English lunging at me only to be stopped by Darren and Tristan who ripped the rough blanket from our bed to wrap around my half-naked body.

"Ladies, it would be best for all if we continue this in the Meeting Hall." Arthur stated in a tone bordering no arguments forcing the others out of Tristan and my room with a stern look.

"Ria?" My eyes met Tristan's and somehow I actually felt more my age then I ever have in the past five years in this time. "My love?"

"Tristan, I don't know what's happened to me…I-I'm scared." He wrapped his arms tightly around me before kissing me gently. Tristan wasn't one for words, but a definite man of action and the more I grew with him in my life I could read him better. Had it not been for the fact we were needed in the Meeting Hall like five minutes ago, Tristan would undoubtedly soothed my fears away with his body.

"I will let no harm come to you as long as I draw breath." Quickly helping me dress in my period clothes, Tristan kissed my neck before allowing me to pull up my hair.

"You know for a man who speaks very little, you sure know the right things to say."

"It comes from being around Lancelot too long." The hint of a smirk tugged his lips as we left the warmth of our quarters.

"Oh really? Well, if you prefer his company to mine—" He stopped me with a firm and demanding kiss.

"Wench." Tristan playfully growled against my lips and captured my yielding mouth with another kiss.

It was not long before we found ourselves in the Meeting Hall dressed and waiting for Arthur to talk. The dress that I wore now was a cast away of Vanora's as my clothes no longer fit my new body and it seemed that everything I had now seemed to fall apart; my clothes were naught but threads, the sketchbook was far too worn, my iPod dead beyond all repair, my sidekick merely bits of plastic barely holding on, it was as though my things aged five years as I did. And they didn't age well.

"Ria, can you think of any reason that this would suddenly happen? Has anything occurred that this sorcery would take place?" My mind drifted to the night before and a bit of a blush rose to my cheeks. Could what Tristan and I shared last night have had something to do with the whole aging thing?

"No, nothing out of the ordinary." If having sex had caused for this to happen to me, I needed to talk to Merlin as soon as possible. Who knows what would happen if Tristan wants to get intimate again? I can't risk it; I'm so in love with him I can't stand the idea of hurting him.

"Yeah right, Vicky, what about your secret trips to the forest?" Charity suddenly demanded, the pouting sneer clear on her face.

"What about them?"

"Trips to the forest? Ria, you know it is not safe for you to go alone in the forest," Arthur gently admonished.

"Oh she's never alone." That hateful bitch commented trying to look casually at her nails. My eyes narrowed and I felt Tristan fight the urge to tense and do something nasty to Charity.

"I can take care of myself, Arthur, besides I always have Loca with me." I retorted crossing my arms over my newly enlarged breasts then thinking better of it and slumped into an empty chair. Why did I change? I thought everything was going well; there were no problems and now all of a sudden this? "Lancelot! Stop staring!" Tristan threw an angry glare at his comrade and held my hand.

"Aye, Lancelot, you are not helping." Arthur rubbed his temples trying to alleviate the stress I knew was building. God above, if only I could tell them all, it would be so much easier if they knew…then again, they are enemies of the Woads. And if Tristan found out I was having meetings with whom he sees as an enemy, I don't know if I could even fathom how betrayed he'd feel. I'm far too much in love with him to imagine life without my Sarmatian, I think I would choose death over that option.

"Are you sure you cannot think of anything Ria? Anything at all?" Gawain implored, the desperate look in his kind eyes almost made me guilty; but guilty about what I was unsure.

"No. Nothing at all." I recalled the fact that today was still a workday and that Argon would seriously get on my case if I'm not on task. "If there's nothing else, I'm going to the forge because Argon isn't going to like me not working." Slowly disentangling myself from Tristan's embrace I left them to discuss the problem of Charity and my sudden change. Tristan accompanied me to the forge as we both noticed the leering looks I'd been receiving since I left our room this morning, his hand was warm in mine and was the only part of my body that felt warm against the rain that fell around us.

"Sir Tristan, have you seen that little chit that works my forge? She was supposed to be in early this morning and none have seen her." Argon demanded as we came closer. Typical, Argon ignores the female sex unless it's baring its goodies for him to take. "Madame! Oh forgive my behavior, I am missing one of my workers and sh—he is behind on his work. Can I interest you in any of our fine metalworks?"

"I hope you're referring to either Trent or David, because I'm right here and I've got all my projects done." I stated through clenched teeth. Argon did a double take and did a poor job of hiding his leer. "If you value having eyes in your head, I would suggest taking those looks elsewhere Argon." At Tristan's growl next to me, Argon immediately found something else to interest him.

"I will return later for lunch. Take care of yourself my love." Tristan whispered against my lips before kissing me deeply and making me long for more. Fucking shit, Merlin's got a lot to explain to me when I see him tonight, planned meeting or not I want my right body back!

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