Draco frowned to himself as he studied his favorite Professor, Severus Snape. His hands were… shaking slightly, his tone not nearly as fierce as usual. What was even more peculiar was the fact whenever his eyes came upon Harry, his gaze softened for a split second. It was quite a change from how things used to be, but Draco figured he had no reason to really be suspicious – really, what could Harry and Snape do? It wasn't as if they could actually have something going on. The mere thought of it made Draco chuckle to himself. No reason to worry, right? Right. Yet Draco couldn't help but have a dark thought lingering in the back of his mind.

Harry could feel sweat glistening on his forehead and nose, feeling anxious and nervous. It had become so hard to be in the same room as Draco and Severus together, because all he could think about was the passionate kisses from his professor, and the sweet I love you's from his boyfriend. Not only was Harry Potter afraid of Draco knowing the truth of his affair, but also he was also curious, and rather nervous, about whatever the reason was that caused Draco to freak out the previous night when he tried to question his home life. All Harry had done was ask about Draco's father, and then suddenly the blonde left. What had caused that?

After class, Draco snuck up behind Harry and wrapped his arms around the slender waist of his lover.

"Hello, Potter." Draco whispered seductively in Harry's ear, feeling aroused at once again being so close. Harry blushed a deep crimson at this public display of great affection – neither boy was usually this open with others around… how could they be? They were still shunned, or harassed, by the others.

"H-hi, Draco. Heh, what's gotten into you this morning?" Harry laughed nervously, and then let his face soften into a smile.

"Nothing, but I know what's going to get into you later." Draco whispered deviously, and lightly nipped Harry's earlobe, unaware of the fact random students gasped and blushed furiously at the scene. Harry, on the other hand, heard the remarks others were making: "Look at those faggots!" or "How disgusting!".

"Malfoy!" Harry twirled around, managing to stay in Draco's embrace still. His eyes searched the gray ones of his boyfriend, and he bit his lip, trying to hide a grin. "Well, I'm looking forward to tonight, then."

"Hah, I don't blame you – I must be a wonderful fuck," Draco chuckled, and kissed Harry's cheek. Harry laughed in return and nodded.

"Yes, I must admit, you are." Behind the two boys a man cleared his throat, and instantly caught their attention. Harry's face drained of all its color when he noticed professor Snape.

"Boys, I suggest you take this… this display of yours elsewhere." Draco was surprised to notice professor Snape couldn't look into Harry's face, and his voice lacked the usual malicious tone he was so prone to using.

"Yes, professor, I'm greatly sorry." Harry replied immediately, and his facial expression clearly showed his apology wasn't just words; he truly felt embarrassed and upset at Snape seeing them. Draco's features darkened into a scowl, but he said nothing.

Harry sighed heavily as he fell face forward onto his bed, not bothering to get undressed. It had been just an all around rough day of school, with tests and dealing with Snape, somehow repeatedly injuring himself, and countless other small things. He also rarely saw Draco, which wasn't much of a problem, because he suddenly heard a soft knocking upon his door. Without waiting for an answer the blonde Slytherin sauntered in, smirking slightly at his lover.

"Oh Harry, don't be so dramatic," Draco yawned and stretched, getting an angry glare from Harry.

"I am not! My day has been horrible!" Harry pouted as he swung his legs over the bed and stood up.

"What, did poor little Harry have a run in with a certain Potions master? Or maybe he just missed his boyfriend he adores oh-so-much?" Draco sneered. Harry glared even more, and when Draco leaned in for a quick kiss he found himself being pushed away.

"Don't be an arsehole, Draco."

"I am not," he growled back dangerously, feeling feisty and somewhat playful. Catching Harry completely off guard, Draco pressed his palms against his shoulders and rammed him backwards into the wall. They hit it with a thud, and Harry found himself barely able to breathe as the taller boy pressed their bodies together tightly and forcefully.

"Yes – you – are," Harry coughed out. With another growl Draco lowered his mouth to the brunettes tan neck, and bit it possessively. Harry gasped, which turned into a soft moan as his lover licked the skin, sucking lightly. Feeling more energetic, he roughly pushed Draco backwards onto the bed and he got a devilish smile in return.

"Harry," Draco started hesitantly, as they lay underneath sheets damp with sweat.

"Yes, love?" Harry murmured in reply, eyelids heavy with lust left over and exhaustion. He let his fingertips lightly trace lines on Draco's pale, flawless skin.

"Is there something you should tell me?" Harry's body tensed at this question, and his eyes instantly opened.

"Wh-what? Why do you ask?" Harry sat up, lightly pushing Draco off so he could look into the blonde's face.

"I just have a feeling something is… going on," Draco breathed out, pushing himself up on his bony elbows.

"As in, me cheating on you?"

"…Yes. Are you?"

"Who the hell could I cheat on you with?" Harry rolled his eyes, hoping to hide his fright.

"Snape, maybe?" Both bodies tensed at this, and instantly Draco knew it was true. "Harry… please… please don't tell me it is him. For fuck's sake, let it be Dumbledore before him!" Draco sounded desperate and distraught at the same time.

"Draco, let me expl-," Harry was cut off almost instantly.

"No! Snape! Why? Do you find him sexy? Do you like his sarcastic manner, or maybe is it the way he would love nothing more than to make fun of you in front of classes? Oh, I bet that really gets you. I bet you love to be humiliated. Let me guess… you're having a secret love affair with my father, as well?" Draco growled and got off the bed, backing away.

"Draco! Don't say those things! It just-,"

"Happened? It just happened? Yes, yes, because sex just happens. It doesn't take thinking, on either part, so you had no idea what was going on. Well you know what? This does take some thinking, this decision right here: We're through," Draco took deep, shaky breaths, and put up his hand as Harry made a small movement. "Stop! Don't come near me, I can't let you touch me after that greasy bastard has."

Harry laid on the bed, helpless to Draco's cruel words, and wanted to fight back, though knew he had no right to. What he did was wrong, and he did not blame the Slytherin for acting so harshly. He just wished there was some way to go back and fix what he had done…

Harry lay awake in their bed hours later, thinking about everything. That god damned Colin Creevey taking a photograph of Severus and him, Draco angry, his peers' reaction to his news. Why was his life going this way? It had never been normal, and it looked as if it never would. All Harry wanted was a life he could truly be happy in, a life with Draco, a life with caring, nonjudgmental friends… maybe a family, in a sweet little home. But how could all of that happen now?

Harry turned on his side and stared at the door, willing it to open and be Draco on the other side. Moments passed, though, and the door never opened, making Harry feel squeamish. What if another attack had been planned for his lover? What if Draco was in some dark corridor, bleeding and dying? Harry knew that wasn't the reason though, Draco wasn't in their room because he didn't want to be.

Draco wandered the halls aimlessly, glad no other students were roaming the school as well. It was nice to be alone when he had to sort things out in his mind… especially since the things he needed to sort out were the biggest issues in his life. 'How will this work out?' Draco thought sadly to himself, pushing his blonde strands away from his face. He stopped in the middle of a dim, quiet corridor, and sighed heavily.

"I love that boy too much…" Draco whispered to himself, shivering slightly. Why couldn't he just hold a grudge against Harry and move on to someone else? Draco couldn't take this… this love triangle; it was too much, on top of his social standing dropping drastically, and his home life.

"Fuck," Draco whispered once more to himself, his mind now on home. He remembered the conversation he had with Harry, and how he had gotten angry and left. It wasn't as if he could have told Harry all those deep, dark experiences he had had back at the manor. What would Harry think of Draco if he knew?

"Father, please, please!" Draco whimpered helplessly, flailing his arms, trying to fight off Lucius Malfoy. Lucius gave a sinister grin, and raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe if you continue to beg like a pathetic little coward." Draco looked into his father's blue eyes, and felt nothing but pure hatred. He refused to do as the older man asked, resulting in Lucius advancing once more. He wrapped his slender yet strong arms around Draco's form, in a way that managed to be graceful and forceful at the same time.

Draco almost gave in and let out a whimper, but he blinked back tears and cleared his throat. For a brief moment Lucius halted in his actions.

"Giving in?"

"No," Draco spat, glaring maliciously. Lucius gave a small shrug of the shoulders, and brought his face down inches away from his fourteen-year-old son's. Draco could feel Lucius's breath on his cheek, warming and caressing. He felt sickened by the fact this action seemed sickly strange and sweet at the same time, yet he cringed and finally gave in, crying out.