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She was the first one in the office the next morning. In fact, she got there two hours early. She

had kept waking up, thinking about that d…n letter and finally given up.

She used the extra time to finish it, telling Maria what had happened and then made sure it

was hidden deep inside her bag.

Gibbs was the next one to arrive, carrying his usual cup of Starbucks'.

"Good morning, Kate," he sounded normal. But Kate wasn't to be fooled easily. She would

observe him even closer than she normally did.

"Morning, Gibbs. I got a fax from the Fairfax police. They're sending us the DNA samples of

our three suspects."

"Good. Are the files from Norfolk already here?"

"Just got them. I just started to look if someone meets the profile."

"Very good, Kate," he smiled at her. "I'm seeing Abby. Call me if you got a hit."

Kate was alienated. Gibbs never had smiled at her just because she was doing her job. What

had she written in her letter about what his smiles meant to her?

"Kate, stop it!" she told herself off.

But that was easier said than done. During the whole morning she had the impression that

Gibbs looked at her more often than usual, he stood close to her more often than necessary

and he gave her more smiles than he usually would in a month.

When it was time for lunch-break, Kate was a nervous wreck. She was glad that Gibbs went

to lunch with Ducky and she had some time to calm down a little.

If Gibbs had really read the letter, he would have made some remark, she tried to convince

herself. He just had a good day. They made good progress in both cases and that was the only

reason for his strange behaviour. If she only could believe that. She thought about bringing up

the subject and ask him if he had read it.

"Not a good idea, Kate," she told herself. If he hadn't seen it he would want to know what this

letter was about, and then what?

When Gibbs came back things got even worse. When ever she looked in his direction she saw

him look at her. No, he didn't just look at her, he studied her. She had never needed that long

to type a report. She made one mistake after the other. He wanted to drive her insane. And she

knew he was enjoying it. She got up and went to the bathroom.

"This has got to end," she decided. "And if that means, I'll make the ultimate fool of myself-

who cares?"

She would wait until they were alone, and then she would ask him. Relieved to have a plan,

she went back to the bull-pen.

Gibbs was writing something. He wasn't typing in the computer, he was hand-writing.

But he didn't pay attention to her.

Kate relaxed a little and managed to finish her report. As soon as she had set the last point her

mind started to go crazy again. What on earth did he write? Sure, Gibbs still used paper and

pen to take notes when they were out investigating. But here at the office he would use the

computer. Kate had never thought about herself as being nosy, but now she more than

anything else whished for Gibbs to leave the office so that she could take a look.

"Don't even think of it, Kate," she ordered herself.

Five minutes later her chance had come. Gibbs got up and left the bureau and what ever he

had written was still there on his desk. Open for everyone to see. For someone who came to

his desk to leave some files, for example. Or a report.

Kate picked up the papers she had worked on. After she had taken another look around, she

got up and approached his desk.

It obviously was a letter that Gibbs had written.

Her heart stopped from beating when she started to read.

Hi Harm,

There is someone new in my life that I want to tell you about. He name is Caitlin, Kate, or

Katie as I call her when I dream about her. She works with me and she is the best female

agent I ever had in my team. And that not being enough, she's downright gorgeous. She's

beautiful, smart, warm-hearted and brave enough to stand up to me.

As far as I can tell by now, she has only one fault: she has a habit of leaving personal things

on her desk and reading other people's letters.

Kate gasped for air and looked up. Gibbs stood in the doorway and watched her, a

mischievous smile showing on his face.

Kate blushed.

"Beam me up, Scotty," she thought. She looked at the file in her hand but felt she needed to

say something.

"I….I'm sorry….I didn't want to…" she stammered.

"Kate," Gibbs interrupted her and started to walk towards her. "Stop it!"

He had reached the bull-pen now and was standing right in front of her. He took the files she

had almost crumpled and put them on the desk. Kate was in shock. This didn't happen! She

felt his look on her.

"Gibbs, I..."

"Would you please shut up, Katie?" Gibbs voice made her shiver.

"I don't want you to apologize, I want you to kiss me," he paused for a moment. "And I want

you write to many more letters to Maria," he bent his head and was just inches away from her mouth

when he continued. "Can you promise that?"

Kate never got the chance to answer.

The End...