Chapter 2: Where am I?

Swiping the keys from the table Jesse bolted for the door. I said nothing as she left and I herd the revving of a car engine. I fell to my knees burring my face into my hands. I tried to stand up, but it seemed that my body wasn't responding to anything I commanded. It seemed like I couldn't see the scene around me, but all I saw instead was Jesse's horrified face. I was brought back to reality when I felt a rough hand on the back of my collar.

"Get up freak!" I heard a voice that I didn't recognize. It was a deep and enraged sound. I tried to do what I was told but my muscles didn't respond. "I said get up," I tried to get up but I couldn't, "Are you deph, or are you just being a wise guy… Get Up!" I turned to look at the man yelling at me. He was a bald man with a brown goatee. He was wearing sunglasses and a black shirt with yellow letters on it that read 'SECURITY' in his hand was a nightstick. He had a tattoo of a panther on his forearm that seemed to move as he lifted the nightstick in both hands and hit me on the side of my face with it. I felt a very sharp pain on my right cheek as my eyes closed.

The next thing I knew I was in a hospital bed, or at least I thought I was. A very good-looking woman with red hair was sitting beside the bed in a strange looking chair. It was a silver color and on the back was a large X. The woman leaned over to me and held my hand. " Hello," It felt very good to hear a friendly voice, for I hadn't heard one since the last time I saw Jesse and I had no idea how long ago that was. "My name is Jean. I've been taking care of you for a few days. Many of us have noticed that you have a special gift."

"Us? Where am I?"

"You're at Professor Xavier's Scholl for Gifted Youngsters. And us as in the rest of the teachers and I."

"But I don't get it. I mean I must be to old to be a student here. And what do you mean gifted? I dropped out of High School in my junior year."

A door in the corner of the room opened and someone came out of the other side that I wouldn't have imagined in a million years. It was my cousin, John. "Pyro," the woman said standing up. "He's awake."

" John," there was fear in my voice, "what's going on here?"

"Look, everyone here has a different power. But you and I have almost the same power. Jean and I have been with you for the time that you were out. You were in a coma for a week. Not from the hit on your head, but from the mutant gene acting up from the shock of that night's events."

There was an odd silence as I was taking in all of the information I was just given. Jean spoke up after what seemed like hours. "You have been brought here to gain full control of you powers, and to learn ways to hide them. It's a mean world out there, people don't understand our gifts as we all do."

My face started to turn a deep red and anger rose inside me. I snapped my fingers and a flame appeared above my hand. "Gift? You call this a gift? This is defiantly a curse." I snapped my fingers again and the flame vanished.