Title: Superpowers United

Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21

Rating: Mature (possible Adult later on)

Couple: Buffy/Clark, strong Buffy/Lex and Chloe/Buffy friendship, and Chloe/Lex

Summary: Starts during 'Empty Places' when Buffy is being kicked out. Instead of just leaving the house she leaves the state and goes to Smallville. There she finds a whole new set of interesting characters, but what happens when her "friends" from Sunnydale show up saying they need her help?

Disclaimer: I own nothing, although it would be nice to own the Jonathan, Clark, and Lex for a while, but alas they aren't mine.

Notes: Angel and Cordy are there, Cordy is not, nor has been a higher being, she still gets visions however. Angel is with Cordy :yuck, Angelus thoughts will be in , and most (not all) of the Scoobies I will be bashed, along with Angel and Cordy.

Posting Schedule: This fic is going to be slow with the updates, sorry, but I have a lot of things going on in RL so I won't have time to write/post a lot maybe once or twice a month. So please be somewhat patient with me.

Also I haven't seen all of Smallville, I've seen Season 1, most of 2 and some of 4 but not season 3, so if I get something wrong let me know and I'll try to fix it when I post the next time.


April; 2003

Buffy cautiously walks to deserted streets of Sunnydale, the place she's considered her home for seven years, but then again she doesn't really have a home any longer does she? No, her "family" and "friends" kicked her out, she knows it was a mistake to go into the vineyard the first time, she'll admit that, they weren't prepared then. But everything was screaming inside her that there was something of hers that was being hidden there.

When she suggested she and the rest go back to the vineyard to get what she knew was there no one would stand behind her. Angel, the man she considered her soulmate for so long didn't believe anything was there except another opportunity to get killed, Cordy, vision girl and Angel's new squeeze, that hurt her a lot when she saw them together, agreed of course with Angel. Buffy knew the Potentials wouldn't be behind her, they didn't know a good plan even it bit them on the ass, at the very least she thought Giles would have supported her instincts, but again he let her down.

Giles stood there near the fireplace with his British nose stuck up in the air saying she was chasing windmills. Wasn't he the one that told her she had to be a General, she had to be a leader, then when she did he slapped her down, can he say backward logic. He wants her to be in charge but then he says she was being too hard on the girls, couldn't he make up his friggin' mind?

Buffy's footsteps become angry as she continues down the streets on her way to the Mansion, Angel still kept it furnished and heated in case he ever needed it again. Well, since he and Cordelia have been staying at her house, the house they kicked her out of, he hasn't needed the large structure.

She pulls her travel bag, the same bag she used the last time she was kicked out of her home, up higher on her shoulder. Buffy was lucky none of the girls slept in her room, that was the one thing she demanded, the damn Potentials shared her home, but she wouldn't let them share her room. There had to be something that was just her own, something she didn't have to share with anybody.

In one of her bags she has a couple pairs of clothes, a pair of tennis shoes, her toiletries, a carrying case full of CD's, her CD player, a book she hasn't read yet, her diaries, which she wasn't about to leave behind where anyone could read them and about $10,000. In the second bag, that she carried at her side, contained her prized weapons, a sword, Mr. Pointy, some daggers, and her crossbow, and over $50,000. As much as the others would like to think she was an idiot she wasn't, when she saw the town was clearing out she made a stop by the bank. The establishment was picked pretty clean, but she managed to scrounge up close to $70,000 in large bills that was in the safe, which was pretty good in her book.

Before she was thrown out she was going to tell the others about the money she, well stole, there really wasn't any other word for it, after they returned from the vineyard for the second time. However kicking her out tended to bring out the selfish side in her, screw em' they ate her food, used her electricity, her water, and didn't do a bit of the housecleaning. Have them find their own way to survive on no money.

Arriving at the Mansion she tosses her bags at the edge of the couch, the place surprisingly warm and inviting, she wouldn't even need to build a fire it was so toasty. Tired she falls to the large couch exhausted from the last few days, she wonders what will happen when Spike returns to find her gone, that's one person that wouldn't be happy with her treatment that's for sure. Tucking a pillow underneath her head she lies back and dozes off thinking of what's going to come next.