A/N: Hello, welcome to my new fanfic! This one is an AU fic based on The Big Superhero Wish. While many of the characters have the powers assigned to them in The Big Superhero Wish, some have been changed to better fit in with the story. Enjoy!

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The Dimmsdale Superhero Academy floated far above the city. While all the regular children went to a normal school, all the children that were gifted with superpowers went to this superhero school, starting at age 10, to receive training. It was the start of a new semester, and the Crimson Chin himself was paying a visit to the school.

CC was currently in the office of Super Principle, the head of the Academy. "Oooh, Crimson Chin, I'm so glad you agreed to teach a class here."

"Yes, but I agreed to it only because my young ward, Cleft, is in this class. I see great potential in him."

Super Principal arched her eyebrow. "You're wasting your time on that child," she said. "He doesn't even have powers. If you hadn't put in a good word for him, he would still be going to a regular school."

"Cleft may not have powers, but he's still super. He's even took on the Nega-Chin and lived. And let me remind you only a handful of heroes have done that."

Super Principal sighed. "I guess your right."

"Besides, you know what some hero experts are theorizing about him," Chin added.

"Yes, I do, but they're only theorized. All Cleft is and ever will be is a talented human with fancy gadgets. He may be a good hero, but I doubt he has any powers."

"Believe what you will, but I still say Cleft will go far."

Super Principle sighed. "Well, here're the profiles for your students," she said, handing him eight folders. "You're teaching the exclusive class, only those who scored highest on the entry level exams got in." The Chin took a look at the bios.

Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder
Civilian Name: Timothy Turner
Powers: None, he relies on his Utility Cleft's weapons and his martial arts training.
Weakness: Being attacked without his Utility Cleft
Bio: Though he is the son of the missing-in-action superhero pair Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, Cleft has no powers. After his parents were declared dead, the Crimson Chin took him in and gave him a whole supply of weapons and martial arts training. Cleft may not have powers, but he has used his weapons to help the Chin battle several of his foes, including the Nega-Chin himself. Some experts speculate he really has powers, but they lay dormant.

Matter Muncher Lad
Civilian Name: Chester McBadbat
Powers: Can eat through almost anything at a high rate
Weakness: Solid diamond. It's the only substance he can't eat through
Bio: Matter Muncher Lad is the son of Matter Muncher Man, statistically declared the worst superhero ever. Matter Muncher Lad hopes to redeem his family name, and he seems to be well on his way to doing so, judging from his entry exam scores. The machine-like devices on his teeth are permanently attached.

Professor AJ
Civilian Name: AJ Ibraham
Powers: Super evolved mind, levitation, force fields, telepathy
Weakness: Losing his chair
Bio: Coming from a family of genius superheroes, Professor AJ has an IQ of 250, as well as several psychic powers. His body is weak, so he must rely on his levitation powers to get around. The chair he rides was built to enhance his levitation powers, allowing him to get around easier. Without the chair, he must use a high amount of energy to move, and can only use his powers for thirty minutes.

Civilian Name: Elmer Bradley
Powers: Electricity, magnetism
Weakness: Contact with large amounts of water
Bio: Sparks can generate electricity out of his body. Harnessing this ability properly, he can also create magnetic fields, although he still has trouble doing so. Many officials believe that once Sparks learns to use his full potential, he will be one of the most powerful heroes in existence. If soaked in water, he will short out, and will be unable to use his powers for ten minutes.

The Sonic Youth
Civilian Name: Sanjay Baker
Powers: Sonic screams, flight
Weakness: Losing his voice
Bio: Sonic Youth is the son of The Sonic Siren and stepson of Sergeant Strength. His screams can reach levels of up to 250 decibels, enough to deafen most foes and shatter glass. If his voice ages as well as his mothers, his cry will be able to kill its victim. If he uses his power too much, he will lose his ability to speak and, therefore, his ability to scream for an hour.

Wonder Gal
Civilian Name: Trixie Tang
Powers: Super strength, super speed
Weakness: None
Bio: The daughter of the extremely successful superhero Wonder Man, Wonder Gal has all the powers of her father. Currently, her fastest speed is 50 miles an hour, and she can lift 2 tons. While growing up in a life of privilege has spoiled her, she can still hold her own in battle. The lasso she carries on her waist is unbreakable.

The Ice Princess
Civilian Name: Veronica Delise
Powers: Ice Generation
Weakness: Extreme heat
Bio: Ice Princess is the daughter of the Ice Queen. Currently, her ice powers can only reach negative fifty degrees Fahrenheit, a relatively weak temperature compared to her mothers. She can shoot icicles out of her hands, as well as cause small blizzards and snowstorms. If exposed to high temperatures for extended periods, she will die.

Femme Fatale
Civilian Name: Tootie Strong
Powers: Unbreakable claws
Weakness: None
Bio: Although she is the sister of the known villain The Baby Shredder, Fatale fights on the side of good. Just like her sister, her unbreakable claws can cut through almost anything. She has fought her sister before and has given her a good run for her money. Even though not as powerful as the Baby Shredder, she has still been known to give opponents a close shave.

The Chin looked over the profiles with interest. "Well...quite the talented group of youngsters, aren't they?" he said.

"Yes, they all scored quite high," Super Principle said. "I'm surprised Cleft managed to get into this school, much less get such a high score. Anyway, your class starts in an hour. I trust you're prepared?"

"Yes, I'll get to my classroom right away," the Chin said. He handed the profiles to Super Principle and left the office.