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Timmy rose from unconsciousness, every muscle aching as a painful reminder of the exhausting battle he had just endured. His vision was still black, only steadily getting clearer. His ears picked up some voices, sounding far off.

"I think he's waking up."

"Timmy? Timmy?"

His vision steadily returned as he first saw outlines, then blurred images. Finally he could see who was standing over him. Wonder Gal in the front, and his other classmates surrounding her. Almost immediately his girlfriend swept him into a hug, careful not to hurt him. "Thank goodness, you're finally awake."

The young boy groaned, every muscle in his body feeling like lead. "How long was I out?" he moaned, his voice sounding slightly broken from lack of use.

"Three days, you really took it hard in that fight," A.J. informed.

Timmy's eyes bulged. "Three days?" he said, finally taking in his surroundings. He was in the Academy's hospital wing.

"Yeah. After you passed out we brought you and Trixie here immediately," Muncher Lad cut in. "We tried helping you the best we could. Fortunately the teachers recovered and were able to handle it. Trixie woke up after a day, but you looked bad."

With his girlfriend finally letting him go, Timmy rested back on his pillow, trying not to move too much. "Well, at least it's over," he said weakly.

Before the conversation could go on, Music Master came in. "He's awake? Good. I need all of you out of here. I need to run some serious tests to make sure Cleft's alright."

"What? Can't we have a few more minutes?" Wonder Gal pleaded.

"Sorry, this can't be put off, it needs to be done immediately."

The class groaned, but obeyed. However, before leaving Wonder Gal placed a kiss on her boyfriend's cheek, much to his pleasure and Fatale's displeasure.

When the hospital doors closed behind them, the remaining students began talking. "Shouldn't we be concentrating on those 'others' the Nega-Chin mentioned?" A.J. questioned.

"It would be most wise," Sonic agreed.

"Yeah, but where do we begin?" Wonder Gal pointed out. "Maybe we should…" Her sentence was cut off by her running into someone. Looking up, she saw her father…and promptly remembered what had occurred before.

"We still need to have a talk," he said simply, earning a gulp from his daughter.

Meanwhile, nearly halfway across the country, in another city, there was a house. This house was unusual. For one thing, it was colored bright green with a purple roof. Its lawn was littered with plastic gnomes and what appeared to be pink blowfish on stands, along with a flag that read "I love Earth!" Most unusually, there seemed to be large tubes snaking from the house and attaching themselves to the apartment buildings that surrounded it.

Yet, despite all the irregularities, no one had questioned it in the six months since it appeared. That in itself was unbelievable, until you considered the fact that the town's education system was so bad that its educational facilities were called "skools."

But what was really unbelievable was what lurked inside this home, or more specifically, what was beneath it. The house covered a large technological lab, brimming with technology far outstripping the mightiest human efforts.

In this lab, sitting at a monitor, was a strange figure, almost completely cloaked by the lab's darkness, the red glow of the screen his only light. His gloved hand danced across a strange keyboard with ease. Finally the monitor blinked with a message. "Audio recording ready."

"To my Tallest," he spoke. "My mission is complete. I have studied this planet's miserable defense systems and have found their technology pitiful. However, the amount of powers they can possess is innumerable. Humans with powers are rare, but those that obtain them are powerful, and they are incredibly varied, so much so that any one strategy would fail on them. However, with the combined forces of our recent military alliances, we can completely decimate them. I am sending all the data I have collected now, and am awaiting orders. Signing out."

His message complete, he pressed a few more buttons and leaned back in his seat. Finally, his mission was over. Soon he could return to his home. The first thing he would do was bathe to get the stench of human worms off of him.

These humans were disgustingly weak, but soon they would be in their proper place: enslaved.

Music Master had just finished his physical and had allowed his patient back into bed when the Crimson Chin came to check on his charge.

"You're alright!" he exclaimed, quite relieved. "That was amazing! You should be proud of what you're doing!"

"I guess," he sighed bowing his head.

This confused his guardian. "What's wrong? You're not acting like someone who just took down the most infamous villain in the world."

"Well…did the others tell you completely what happened?" the boy asked.

"Sure. You've had powers hidden in you the whole time which some fairies apparently brought out, but you gave them up to save Wonder Gal."

"Yeah, well, I did it because I really wanted to save her, but…I gave up all that power. What if a lot of people I could have helped with them get killed because I can't save them? I mean, saving Trixie was good, but was it really worth it if people have to suffer because I can't help them?"

"Ah, the age old question," the Chin said, sitting at the side of the bed. "Is it right to save one at the cost of several? Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but there's really is no clear answer to that."

"Yeah, I know," Timmy mumbled, looking at his costume, currently draped on a chair next to his bed. "You and Catman told me that being involved in hero activity would involve a lot of sacrifice and emotional stress. I did everything to brace myself for it, but I guess nothing you do prepares you for it."

"Afraid not," his guardian nodded.

"I keep going over that moment trying to figure out if I did the right thing. I mean, my parents kept telling me you can't let personal feelings get in the way of work. If they were still alive…"

"Tim…if they were still alive, they'd be as proud of you as I am," the Chin assured him. "Think of it this way: if Wonder Gal died, all the people she could help in the future would suffer. Either way, the sacrifice you made would affect others. Besides, I think it was wise to chose love over power. When you've been doing this as long as I have, you come to realize that power is a curse. It automatically pulls you to power, and guarantees that you'll be fighting you whole life."

"You really think so?"

"Certainly. Power means trouble, and seeking power will almost certainly lead to death. Look at the Nega-Chin. He went looking for all that dark power, but getting all of it just made him all the more vulnerable to your magic. But your determination to save your friends and avenge your parents kept you going. This is going to sound corny, but those kinds of things can make all the difference sometimes."

Despite himself, Timmy smiled. "Thanks, I feel better," he said, laying down. "I just…"

Before the boy could say what was on his mind, the door to the room opened up and Wonder Man entered, casting a glare on the small. The Chin rolled his eyes. "Nigel, couldn't whatever you want wait?"

"I only have one thing to say," the imposing hero said, staring at the boy. "I was conscious on the battlefield, and I saw how you saved my daughter. And, since you did have powers…against my better judgement, I'll allow you to see her."

Timmy couldn't believe his ears, but before he could speak, Wonder Man spoke again. "But I'm warning you," he said, jabbing a finger at him. "Give me one reason to, give me one sign you're bad for her, I will pull her from this school and make sure you never see her again."

With that, the ferocious father left, leaving a very shaken boy in his presence.

"Man, I can't believe Dad let me stay here," Wonder Gal commented as the remaining members walked down the school hallways to the teleporters that would take them to the dorms.

"Yeah, wonderful," Fatale muttered, so softly that only Muncher Lad, who was right next to her, heard it.

"Well, let's get back to the dorm," A.J. commented as they rounded the corner.

However, they stopped when they saw something interesting. Super Principal and Catman were talking with two men, both dressed in white business suits with black gloves and boots. Both wore sunglasses and had no hair. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that one had darker skin, it would be hard to tell apart.

"I'm telling you, none of my students pose any danger to anyone who doesn't cause problems," the principal assured.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Victoria Strong and that engineered abomination Gary get educated here and then go rouge?" the darker man replied.

Catman stepped forward angrily. "Operative K, I assure you those were isolated incidents. We run a tight ship here."

K's partner snorted. "Right, and that's why three of your substitutes turned out to be double agents and spies."

In response, Super Principal actually smirked. "Wasn't Crocktopus doing some work for the government before he went rouge, O? Looks like you don't have very thorough background checks either."

Both men were silenced for a moment by the valid point, but quickly returned to their collected selves. "Look, our job is to keep track of any potentially dangerous aliens or metahumans, so pardon us if were just a little suspicious of these kids," O snapped.

The class decided to stay around the corner and listen in.

"I keep telling you, the eight of them are in no danger of going rouge!" Principle snapped. "What have you got to worry about?"

"How about the fact that eight children…children, I remind you…with only a year's worth of training took down a villain that managed to wipe out an army of you moments beforehand?" O replied. "Think about it. In the Negaverse, all of you were the villains, running roughshod over the government. We did simulations on the possibility of that happening here, and every one involved you decimating us. So imagine what happens when these kids get powerful enough. What if they decide they like the other side better?"

"It's moot," Catman said bluntly. "That's not going to happen. Those kids are some of the most outstanding examples of morality I've seen."

"Well, forgive us if we don't take your word for it. We'll be watching this school, and if you give us one good reason to, we'll close it down," K threatened.

With that, the two men marched down the hall in the opposite direction of the class, with the two teachers looking angry. "Idiot Guys in White," Catman muttered. "Ever since the government formed them we haven't had a moment's peace."

"It doesn't matter. We'll keep operating the school normally. Just don't let them get to you," his boss replied as she led him into the office.

"Wait," A.J. said indignity, "we saved the world and we're the bad guys?"

"That appears to be the case," Sonic replied with a sigh.

Sparky moaned. "Why can't we ever get a clear win?"

Wonder Gal shook her head. "Come on, let's get to the dorm. In case you've forgotten, tomorrow's the last day of the semester, then we go home for the summer."

Princess brightened up. "Wow, I forgot about that."

"We'll just have to worry about it in September," the girl said. "Come on, let's go pack."

"We were so close!" Vicky snarled, stabbing her claws into the table.

"Tell me about it," Bender whined, leaning over the conference table himself.

Shot Fuse said nothing intelligible, but he looked so mad that his companions thought he would explode. H2Olga, a woman made entirely of water, sat in another chair, looking angry.

"This is only a minor setback," Crocktopus assured, sitting in the chair previously belonging to the Nega-Chin, the Staff of Mega Negatude clutched in one arm. "Since the Nega-Chin named me his successor, I will be assuming his role. All of you will stay in your current roles, even those of you that barely qualify," he added, turning toward Bender.

"Hey, the Nega-Chin considered the ability to use more than fifteen percent of your brain a power," the doctor defended.

"At any rate, my new project is underway. When my next project is complete, we'll take our rightful place in the world. Now then, Bender, did you send the Body of Evil to complete the task I assigned?"

"Yeah, about that," he said, shifting in his seat, "Kneecap, Arches, Cranium, Toenail, and Knuckles freaked when they found out our philosophy. Remember, they don't have powers. They were causing problems, so we locked them away."

The magical technician growled angrily. "Drat! It's too late to do it now without getting caught! We're going to have to wait until September to set things forward! Oh well, what's three months! By the time we're done, those kids will be sorry they defied us!"

The next day the kids said their good-byes for the summer. Cleft, still in a wheelchair, got one final kiss from his girlfriend before she got into her dad's limo and drove off. With that, the Chin lifted him with one hand, his luggage in another, and flew back to Chincinatti.

As they flew towards home, Cosmo and Wanda watched from the roof of a nearby building.

"We did our job, why do we still have to watch him?" the green-haired fairy complained.

"Even with the Nega-Chin gone, a lot of his followers are going to carry on his work, and you know they're going to want revenge," his wife pointed out. "Besides, maybe staying on him will give us a lead on Doombringer. She's still at large."

"I guess so," the male fairy replied removing his hood. "Still, we can relax a little now, right?" he said slyly, putting his hands on her shoulder.

Smiling, Wanda removed her hood. "Well, I suppose…oh, what the heck!"

With that, she kissed her husband on the lips, allowing the couple to lose themselves for a few moments.

The Nega-Chin was gone. The kids were all right. For awhile, the world was at peace.

But only for a while.

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