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It was late evening. Around midnight. The sky was clear as a huge blue moon was making the counrty side look even more beautiful then usual. It's luminosity made the grass look as though it had a coat of gloss. Shining brightly and rippling slightly in the breeze.

The stars were out and fully lit. He was certain he had never seen so many stars in the sky before. And he was thankful for it. He had always found comfort in the calmness of the evening sky, and tonight he'd need it more than ever before.

Jupiter sighed to himself. He silently wished tonight would have never come, despite how beautiful it was. Tonight he'd have to let go of everything he loved and held dear...

He wished he didn't have to. Oh, how he wished. Jupiter would give everything to keep his baby. He wasn't sure how, but that little chick meant more to him than anything. As he watched the stars, he asked how this ever happened. How his world was turned upside down. How everything seemed to go wrong...Why him? But more improtantly, why his child?

Jupiter sat for a moment, looking slightly apprehensively to the starts. Hoping that somehow, he would find an answer up there, or that in some mistical way, the stars would tell him what to do...


Casting his eyes downward, he cursed himself for being a touch stupid. But at this point, he had nothing else to do. He would loom for a different answer to this situation anywhere. Anything but this...but thinking of nothing and recieving no answers, Jupiter just sat and gazed at the stars.

A small noise behind him tore him torn his eyes from the dimond-like sky. He walked over to were his child lay. The baby had woken up and was nowmoving around slightly, trying to get somewhere. Jupiter gave a small chuckle. The baby was only 3 days old and the child was already trying to move around on his own. But the baby couldn't of course, being so young.

The baby halted it's efforts when it saw it's fater standing over the small bed. It chirped happily at the sight of it's father. Jupiter took the child in his arms and smiled down fondly. he never could have imagined that he could love somthing so much. He also took into account how much the small chick resembled it's mother. The eyes, the smile...just about everything reminded him of her. But the child's face without quesiton was his face, almost exactly.

The chick snuggled deeper in his father's warm feathers. Jupiter gave a sad smile, for this would be the last time he held his child. So he took this opertunity to look carefully and remember everything he could. It's eyes, it's soft warm feathers, it's tiny little hands, even the baby's scent. And as he was taking all this in, he kept hearing a voice in his head over and over...

'stop doing this. You'll never be able to let go...'

But Jupiter ignored that voice and went on ahead just loving his child. Just for a moment, he took his gaze off the child and looked out into the countryside. It was still as it had been all night. Good, he thought to himself. This would give him a little more time to say goodbye. Yet, Jupiter didn't know exactly when the goodbyes had to end and he had to give up everythng...

The chick that sat in Jupiter's arms seemed to sense that somthing just wasn't quite right. The baby tugged slightly at it's father's feathers and gave a small, confused chirp. Jupiter snapped his head out of the clouds and quickly looked down at his child, thinking somthing might be wrong. But no, the child looked up into Jupiter's face, almost like the child was waiting for him to say somthing.

Jupiter brought the child up so that it was face level with him, so he could look into the child's eyes.

"Hey kiddo." Jupiter greeted the child. His deep, rich voice was soft and gentle as he spoke. He didn't say anything else. After all, there wasn't much you could say to a baby. No point in trying to cary on a conversation, really. So jupiter just smiled warmly at his chick and looked into those eyes. And what he saw amazed him. It seemed as though the chick too was searching in Jupiter's eyes for some kind of answer. As though he could tell that somthing was wrong. He then broke the gaze he had held with the child and put the baby back into his arms. He just didn't want him to know, although he was sure that a baby couldn't understand anything, he had the strangest feeling that the child was begining to understand somthing. It made him slightly uneasy. Jupiter didn't want the child to know.

Jupiter looked up into the inky night sky once again. It was late, yet he had no desire to sleep. Nor did the child it seemed. But Jupiter started coaxing the tiny child to sleep. He began rocking the child gently and talking in a low, sweet whisper. Soon, the child started to drift off into a comfy sleep. Jupiter watched as the baby's eyelids grew heavy and it gave a small yawn. This is the kind of thing he would miss the most. All the small things the child did, and moments like this. Just the two of them, in the comforting silence of the night. No one else, nothing else. Just Jupiter and his baby.

Just as he turned his back on the stary sky, Jupiter heard a twig snap behind him. His ruby eyes widened in fear as he brought his baby closer to his chest. He held the baby tight to him as he heard small, quick footsteps approuching him.

He closed his eyes and scrunched them in agony. No, please not now. Tomrrow maybe? Not now... another day...another hour...oh god please, just one more minute!

The child woke from it's father holding it just a little too tightly. It began to struggle and squrim in Jupiter's grip. But Jupiter didn't release his hold on the baby. truthfully, he was afraid. As the foot steps came to a halt just a few steps behind him he inwardly hope against everything that it wasn't how he thought it was...

But that hope was instantly dashed as he heard a young hen's voice,


He slowly turned to face the young, dark hen that was standing in front of him. There in her eyes, he could see a bit of saddness. Not because of the task at hand but for Jupiter. She knew that he had no intention of giving up his child, but right now, he had no other choice. It was clear to the hen that Jupiter loved the baby more than life itself. And it pained her to see him now, with a look of complete sorrow plaing across his eyes. She also thought very highly of him. Making such a decision was never easy, and acting apon it was even harder. She couldn't even imagine how hard this must be.

"You made it, I see." Jupiter said to the young hen, trying to control his voice so that she couldn't hear it shake.

"Mhm" she replied. She wasn't sure what to say. If she should try and comfort him or just take the child and leave.

She brushed her foot over the grass, " A little later then I'd hoped, but I made it." Saying anything to try and relieve the tension in the air.

Didn't work.

"Hard time getting here Jas?" Jupiter too was trying to bring down the tention level. And also just plain staling for time. A couple days ago, he never would have thought this would be so hard...

"Not really. A little trouble here and there, but nothing i can't handle." Jas said,a slight laugh escaped her throat in an attempt to ease that look of saddness that was in Jupiter's eyes.

He gave her a small, sad smile. He knew she was just trying to cheer him up a bit. But nothing could at this point. Jupiter turned his attention to the small bundle in his arms that had calmed down and was now wondering who this person was. But then the child changed to gaze to look upward at it's father. The child looked straight into Jupiter's eyes at that point, like it had before. And this time, Jupiter too stared deeply into the baby's eyes. They stood still for a moment and just stared at each other.

That moment was the longest that Jupiter had ever expericened, and he didn't want it to end.

If I held you like this forever and never have to face tomrrow- would everything be alright?

No, I know everything will be alright only if I let you go

I just never expected to feel like this...

I didn't know how beautiful and perfect you would be..

And as these final thoughts ran through Jupiter's head, the saddness and sorrow that he had been feeling for the past 3 days had all come up and took the form of the tears running down his face. Yet he didn't dare take his eyes off the baby.

The sight was bringing Jas to tears as well. She could feel them stinging her eyes. She wished that she wasn't the one who had to do this. But Jupiter had wanted her to. She was the only one he trusted enough to take his child.

"Maybe I should..."Jas began, not wanting to finish her sentence.

Jupiter closed his eyes for a moment and nodded. He knew. It was time to say good bye for the last time. Jupiter moved a few steps closer to Jas and slowly began to place the tiny baby in her arms. And as he did, he felt the most horrible pain. The pain of his heart being ripped out of his chest.

As he placed the child into Jas's arms, the child began to whimper. Almost as if he knew. Jupiter brought his face down close to his baby's and spoke in a hushed whisper.

"Shh, don't you worry. You'll be fine, you'll be alright." Jupiter choked out through his tears.

And then for the third and final time, their eyes locked for one more breif moment. Jupiter then lent over and gave his child a kiss on the cheeck and whispred,

"I love you."

He stodd back up. Jas glanced at the sky,

"I better be going"

Jupiter nodded. Taking one last look at the baby, Jas turned around and started walking away. As she did, the child noticed that it's father wasn't there. The small baby then started to cry.

He watched them walk away, through blurry vision because of his tears. And then Jupiter heard the sound of his baby crying off in the distance. Crying for him. The sound broke what little was left of his heart. He took a step, then realised that he couldn't. He had already let go. He stood under the moonlight, fist clenched eyes scrunched up as the tears kept flowing. Then no longer having any strenght left in him, he fell to the ground and let everything out.

In the moonlit evening, there was only the sound of a baby's cries off in the distance.

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