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It had been years since that tragic night, and yet every detail of it was fresh in Jupiter's head. It often plauged his sleep and dreams, which most of the time turned into nightmares. Since he had never known what had happened to his child, he more often than not thought of the worst. He knew he could bear never seeing his child again as long as he knew that the baby was fine. But he would never know. He had no way of finding out.

These thoughts ran through his head as he walked down a dirt road somewhere in the countryside. As Jupiter stopped to look at the surrounding area of rolling hills and fresh, beatuiful valleys, it reminded him of the countryside that it all took place in...

Jupiter quickly snapped his head forwards and contenuied his journey. He was trying his best to move on. Yet it never really happened. He knew he was just kidding himself, he would never be able to forget his baby. But even so, he wanted to try and put the whole situation that led up to that night behind him. That's somthing he really wanted to forget. Jupiter shuddered just at the thought.

So to turn his head from those dark thoughts, he focused on what lie ahead for him. For years, he had been running. Running from the past, running from...well, anything that reminded him of that night. But now, he was tired of it. He figured it was time to stop and face the truth. Time for him to start anew. But of course he could never erase memories, but he could try to make it easier for himself.

But often Jupiter wondered where his child might be now. The child would grown up by now, or...dead.

No, no no no no! stop doing this! Jupiter's mind screamed at him. How can you expect to start over if you have thoughts like this!

He let out a painful sigh as he stopped and sat down in the shade underneath a large tree. The unanswered questions that constantly flooded his head were starting to take a toll on him. Jupiter was certain that there was a weight on his shoulders wieghing down on him. He was sure that he felt it. He put his head back and rested it against the trunk of the tree, letting those flooding questions wash over him, getting it out of his system.

Jupiter stared into the blue sky above him. He just sat in the shade of the tree and watched the clouds linger in the sky, slowly moving across the never ending vast amounts of sky. Jupiter found somthing farmilar in those clouds. They reminded him of...well, himself. Slowly moving, not knowing where they were to go next. At times, just lingering...and wasn't that what he was doing now? Wasn't that what he had been doing every day for years?

Jupiter was beining to realise. He was standing still. Of course he had been moving, but only his physical self had actually been going somewhere. But his mind and emotional self had been staying where it was. He now saw that he had put himself in that night, and hadn't really left it. He thought he's faced those fears already, but he really hadn't.

Jupiter let out a bitter chuckle. He'd been fooling himself for years. He hadn't gotten over anything. He had been stuck in the same misrable mind set he had been the day after it all. He felt so disgusted with himself.

'Look at me." He wispered " Maybe it was for the better, I mean, how could I have ever raised that kid right?"

He often did this. He became mad at himself. This was only because he really had no idea why it had to be him, and why it had to be his child that he had to let go of. Why not somthing else? He would have given up everything he ever knew just for that child. And the only conclusion he could come up with was somthing he must have done. Or that he just wasn't meant to have somthing so wonderful. If that was the case, then he must be someone horrible.

Sighing, Jupiter let his head rest in his hands. He hated all of this. But he only wanted one thing. He didn't think it was so hard that he could never know.

But he figured he could only contenue what he had done before. Hopeing and praying that his child was doing alright, and that the baby had the wonderful life that Jupiter had gave it up for. If he could know that the child was happy, Jupiter knew he'd be happy. All he had to hear was the words 'your child is happy' and those simple words would send an instant thrilled and proud smile on his face. Because that's really all he ever wanted. He didn't care where the child ended up or what it did, as long as his child was happy, he would be as well.

Shaking his head to bring him out of his daydreams and back to reality, Jupiter noticed that the sun had began to set. He must have been sitting there for hours. He hadn't even noticed!

He quickly stood and began walking at a brisk pace. He'd lost quite a bit of time. He stopped for a brief moment. He felt somthing. Like somthing was telling him to get to where he was going quickly...but why?

Jupiter just shrugged off the feeling and kept going down the road to his destination where, hopefully, he could begen to put this all behind and his journey would be over.

But little did he know that this wasn't the end...his journey was only begining

And he also would have been glad to know that his child was happy, truely happy.

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