Hey baby can you bleed like me?
C'mon baby can you bleed like me

You should see my scars
You should see my scars

--Bleed Like Me (Garbage)

Logan Echolls sat on the beach with his arms around his knees, staring out into the ocean. He'd been clean and sober for about a month after spending two delving into just about anything he could get his hands on. Which, in Mexico, was quite a bit. He had been trying desperately to blot out the last year but every morning he'd still wake up with the same black thoughts swirling around his mind.

Your father was banging your girlfriend and then murdered her. Your father tried to murder Veronica. No, not just murder her, he tried to burn her alive.


With a deep growl he dropped his head.

"She's got to hate me."


Veronica Mars sat on the beach with her arms around her knees, staring out into the ocean. It had been nearly three months since Logan had disappeared. She knew that if she wanted to find him she could but she didn't know if he wanted to be found. By her at least.

You accused him of raping you. Then told him you trusted him and five minutes later bolted out of his pool house because you thought he was a video taping pervert. And that was even before you went to the police and had him arrested on suspicion of murder.


With a sigh she dropped her head.

"No wonder he hates me."


With his eyes closed all Logan could hear was the raging surf crashing on the shore. That, and all the questions that were never silent.

Why Lily? Had she come on to him? Possible. But didn't it matter to his dad that she was his son's girlfriend? Apparently not.

Would he have let me take the fall for the murder? If he was willing to murder a seventeen year old girl to keep his affair a secret would he have let his son fry to keep her murderer a secret?

Had his mom known? Suspected? Is that really why she killed herself?

How could Logan have not seen any of it?


"You're thinking about him again, aren't you?"

Veronica gave a start and looked up at Duncan who was standing above her, his hands in his pockets, frowning. She smiled at him.

"If you mean Ewan MacGregor you're right on the money. I think it's an injustice that he stopped taking parts that required him to get naked."

Duncan looked out at the ocean and kicked at the sand.

"You know I'm worried about him too."

All for a witty deflection.

"Weevil said he found him on the bridge that his mother jumped off of that night." She said, resting her head on her arms. "And that was before he knew what his father had done."

Duncan was silent for a moment and then he offered her his hand.

"Come on, we can rent Trainspotting. Obi Wan is naked in that one."

She smiled and took his hand. He pulled her to her feet and she slipped her arm in his. They walked up the beach in silence.


Logan had thought about going home. But what was there for him? His dad was out on parole until the trial started. (Where could a man as famous as Aaron Echolls hide, his lawyer had argued.) And Logan didn't think he could be in the same room with him for more then ten seconds before he bashed an ashtray into his head. There was Duncan, his best friend since kindergarten. Whose sister his dad murdered. That's a deal breaker if ever there was one. Trina? She was probably busy doing damage control so her acting career wouldn't be tarnished by daddy's unfortunate indiscretion.

He laid back in the sand and closed his eyes against the sun.

Then there was Veronica. She thought that he was capable of murder. And after the way he treated her before they got together who could blame her. He was so angry after Lily's death and so appalled that her dad almost bumbled the investigation that he took an enormous amount of pleasure in torturing her.

But the joke had been on him hadn't it? Keith Mars had been right all along and Logan was the blind idiot.

A shadow fell across Logan's eyes.

"Do you mind, Paco?" he growled. "Move, you stupid---"

He opened his eyes and found Keith Mars grinning down at him.

"What was that you were saying son?"