Chapter 1: A new challenger, a new league

"And now, it's the final match of the Rainbow League Championships, can the up and coming Rain Skylark do it?" An announcer says over the intercom of a stadium. A girl with light blue hair stands in the arena surrounded by ice, fire, and water.

"Yah ready ta face tha final test, Rain?" Her opponent, a shadowy figure asks in a southern accent.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Rain says.

"Good, Ah choose you, Gyarados!" Her opponent says, and the water serpent appears.

"Alright, fine," Rain replies. "I choose you…" she starts, then her alarm goes off, and she snaps awake, it was all a dream.

"Rain, are you awake?" Rain's mom says, coming in.

"Yeah, I'm awake, just having another dream," Rain says, getting out of bed.

"Maybe they can come true today," her mom says. "It's your tenth birthday; you can start your pokemon journey."

"Really? That's great!" Rain says, she had always wanted to be a pokemon trainer, and thought about her opponent in her dream. The opponent was a girl about 5 years older than her named Marie Huebner, the undisputed champion of the Rainbow League, Marie has always been Rain's role model since they where from the same town, and grew up together. Alright, now's my chance to catch up with Marie, Rain thinks, and pulls on her usual outfit, and hat.

Rain quickly reaches Professor Pine's lab, where the professor is waiting for her.

"Rain, it's so good that you could make it, what pokemon would you like?" He asks.

Rain thinks. Let's see, there are 8 choices, each one to represent one of the gyms, she thinks, looking over the pokeballs, she picks one up, and opens it, a lizard with a fire tail appears, and cocks her head, looking at Rain. "Hmm, Charmander, she's kinda cute."

"Would you like that one?" Professor Pine asks, and Rain nods. "Good choice, I think your old friend Marie chose a Charmander as well."

Rain nods, remembering back to when she and Marie had gone to the lab to pick up Marie's first pokemon.

"Look out Marie, I'm on my way," Rain says.

"Char?" the Charmander says, looking at her new trainer.

"Don't worry, of course you'll be able to help," Rain says, and pats the small fire lizard on the head.

"Professor Pine?" A girl's voice says from the door. Rain looks up to see her long time rival Danielle standing there. "Oh looks like the baby's finally grown up," Danielle says with a smirk, and then picks up a pokeball. "Perfect," she says, and nods to the professor, getting 5 pokeballs, and a pokedex, before leaving.

"I really don't like her," Professor Pine says.

"I agree," Rain says, and the professor hands her the pokeballs.

"Good luck Rain," the professor says, and Rain leaves, waving to the professor as she goes, her new Charmander resting on her shoulder.

"How about I call you Flare?" Rain asks.

"Char," Flare says, liking the name.

"Okay, time to go then," Rain says, patting the lizard on the head. She turns as two voices call her name.

"Rain, Rain!" Rain turns, and sees her two friends Devon and Leia running up.

"Did you think we'd let you go alone?" Leia asks, grinning a little and shows her own pokeball.

"Yeah, friends should stick together," Devon says.

"Your right, I'm glad your coming," Rain says, and the 3 friends walk out of town together, heading for the next town.