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A reviewer made some comments on it; just keep in mind this is my first time writing Pokemon fan fictions.

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My name's Rain Skylark, I've wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer for as long as I can remember. Ever since my friend Marie had left for her own journey.

Now I'm out with two of my best friends, ready to make a name for myself in this world. And hopefully catch up to Marie.

I've heard about the exploits of Team Rocket, but I never thought they would affect me.

How very wrong I was.

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Chapter 2 The Littlest Weedle
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By Dragon Queen Of The Skies

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Today our heroes are traveling along the harrowing route between New Winds Town, and the Emerald Jungle, not knowing that they are being watched.

"What do you think we'll encounter here?" Rain asks.

"Well, according to this guide book, this route is home to different species of low-leveled Pokemon," Devon says, looking through his guidebook. "So who knows what we'll see."

"Your right," Rain says.

They walk down the road some more, and pause as a group of Beedrill passes by, a straggling Weedle stops, out of breath in front of the trainers.

"Is something wrong?" Rain asks, bending down to look at the Pokemon

"Weed, Weedle," Weedle says, meaning that she's strayed from her family, and can't find her way home.

"We can help," Leia says.

"Weedle," the Weedle says, perking up a little.

They run ahead, catching up with the group of Beedrill. They look back, and turn their backs on them, since Weedle is with some trainers.

"That's not fair, you shouldn't turn your back on your friend!" Rain says, the Beedrill buzz angrily at her, so she backs down.

"It's sad how Pokemon will turn against another because they chose a different path," Devon says, watching the Beedrill leave.

"Here, would you like to come with us?" Rain asks.

"Weed," Weedle says, nodding. Allowing herself to be brought into a Pokeball.


Elsewhere on the route, three figures are walking, a boy, a girl, and a Meowth, they're wearing Team Rocket uniforms.

"William, if you hadn't gotten this map from that swindler, we wouldn't be in this fix.

"Well I didn't see you offering any ideas, Andrea," William says.

"I swear, you two fight as bad as Jessie and James," the Meowth says.

The three keep arguing until they run right into Rain and her friends.

"Hey, watch where your going, twerp!" Andrea says.

"Where we're going, you ran into us!" Rain shouts back, and then notices the uniforms. "You're from Team Rocket! Your nothing but trouble!"

"Did she just say trouble?" William says.

"I believe she did," Andrea replies.

Andrea: "Prepare for Trouble."

William: "Make it double."

Andrea: "To protect the world from Devastation."

William: "To unite all people's within our nation."

Andrea: "To denounce the evils of truth and love."

William: "To extend our reach to the stars above."

Andrea: "Andrea."

William: "William."

Andrea: "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light."

William: "Surrender now or prepare to fight."

Meowth: "Meowth, that's right!"

"Alright, let's go," Rain says, and the three start off.

"Wait, you can't run, we challenge you!" Andrea says.

"Fine," Rain says with a sigh. "Go Flare!"

"Char!" Flare says, as she appears from the pokeball.

"Go Onix!" Devon says, entering the battle.

The rock snake appears with a roar.

"Go Seviper!" Andrea shouts.

"Go Cacnea!" William shouts.

"Onix, use iron tail!" Devon commands. Onix's tail glows and he strikes the Seviper, throwing it against Andrea, just as a flamethrower sends Cacnea into William, sending them and Meowth flying.

"Why does this always happen?" Meowth asks.

"I don't know," Andrea snaps. "But it's his fault!"

"Well," Rain says. "Let's continue.

The 3 friends move on, the Emerald Jungle up ahead.

Next Chapter: Our heroes enter the Emerald Jungle, and after much struggling to get through, they finally reach the heart, a village of amazons where the first Gym resides. Don't miss, 'Every Roselia has it's thorns.'