Title: I Understand

Pairing: Literati, who else?

Rating: PG13, I have one or two potty words in there

Disclaimer: I don't own, so please do not sue. All you will get is about 10 cds and about 2 dozen books.

Summary: When Jess comes back, Rory finally understands why he left.

A/N: I actually like this story believe it or not. I think it's the first story of mine that I actually like, even though I'm not sure if it really makes sense. This story, actually it's not even 500 words so I don't really think it qualifies as a story, so this piece came out of no where. I was actually writing a story about Jess, which really sucked by the way, and I just started writing this. It started out along the same lines of the other one but that quickly changed. But anyways, this takes place in season 5 I guess. It's two years after Jess left. Forget absolutely everything in season 4 and 5, it never happened. Jess never came back, Rory and Dean never slept together (GAG ME!), but Luke and Lorelai are together. Well I think that's it. So, enjoy. And please R & R, it will be very much appreciated.


I understand it now. It took awhile, but I finally realized why you left. You hated who you were, the way you acted, the way you treated people.

The way you treated me.

You were a selfish bastard, not caring who got hurt as long as it wasn't you. You were a jerk to everybody, they tried to help you and all you did was push them away. You never let anyone in, you put a wall around your heart ten feet tall. Nobody ever saw the real you, and that pissed you off. Yet, it was your doing. You put up a façade, secretly wishing people would see through it so you wouldn't have to hide anymore. But when they couldn't, you hated them more.

You were probably the most emotionally fucked up person I knew. Most wonder how I could have fallen in love with you. But unlike them, I got through the wall, I saw the broken little boy hidden behind the façade. And you know what? He was beautiful. Yes, I just called you beautiful and no, I'm not crazy. At least not certifiably.

When you came back to Stars Hollow you had changed. There was no more wall, no more façade. And instead of that beautiful, broken little boy, there was a man. Still just as beautiful, but not quite as broken. You had grown up, matured; a little more polite, not quite so sarcastic. But still the same Jess I fell in love with when I was sixteen.

They said that I was wasting my time on you, that you were a good-for-nothing hooligan who'd end up breaking my heart. And they were right, you did break my heart. But the moment I saw you step into Luke's it didn't matter, all of the hurt and longing was worth it. For there you were, standing in front of me ready to prove to everyone that you had changed. I think I fell even deeper in love with you than I thought possible in that moment.

It was then that I realized you didn't runaway, you left. You left to find yourself, to become the man you wanted to be. You wanted to be a better person. For me. For you. For Luke. For every single person who ever doubted you and thought that you couldn't do it. You wanted to prove to everyone who said I was wasting my time on you that they were wrong. You wanted to prove to them that you were better than they believed you to be. And you did.

It took two years, but…

I finally understood.


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