Title: Angel of Death

Author: Unspoken Tragedy

Rating: R

Spoilers: All five books, probably the sixth when it comes out also.

Disclaimer: I don't believe I own a thing. Do you?

Summery: When a mission for Voldemort goes awry, Severus finds his entire world has changed. But is it for the worst? What do wizards really know about vampirism anyways?

Series: None, yet...

A/N: This may or may not become AU when the sixth book comes out. I ended this chapter here in hopes that it won't, but who knows.

Yes, I know, I should be working on other stuff, but this was actually an idea I had years ago, that I just now decided to pursue. :Shrug: And I know this idae isn't too origional anymore, but I just had to write it. The bunnies made me.

Angel of Death
Prologue: A Meeting With Death

"I wanted to see something that's different.
Something that you said would change in me.
I wanted to be anything different,
Everything you would change in me.

I'm taking a chance.
This could be different.
This could be all I'm waiting for."

-Phantoms "Different"

They were as dark as the night. Both white skinned, though one seemed to glow in the moonlight. Both dark haired and elegant. One had should length raven hair, the other waist length brunette. One had eyes as dark as the night sky, the other light brown.

The pair simply watched each other for a moment, content to take in all they could of the other before speaking. A wizard and a vampire. Strange company considering the deep seeded fear (and hate) wizards had come to feel for the creatures.

They were here for a reason, one so secretive that they never could have met in public. Suspicions could not be raised; those not involved could not be informed. This was just as well for the pair, as neither truly cared to do their bidding in front of an audience.

They met in an empty London graveyard. The other had requested it and the wizard complied. It would not do to turn away a potential ally with his unease.

"You must be Severus Snape," the vampire spoke smoothly. "I am Ricardus, the leader of the Regillus clan." He held out a hand paler than Severus's own.

He took it, responding politely, "It truly is a pleasure to meet you. I myself have always been rather anxious to meet one of your kind. The Dark Lord, however, has a more practical reason for initiating this meeting." The vampire's skin was as cold as ice.

"Of course. It is a pleasure to meet you as well. Your talent for potions has been well noted across the globe." Ricardus smiled, revealing rows of sparkling white teeth- and the sharp fangs that marked a vampire as what it was. "That is, in fact, why I implored that He send you. Not many of His minions have so good a reputation as yourself."

That was new to Severus. He had not been told that the leader had asked for him specifically. That fact was rather worrisome, really. "You do me too much justice, I'm afraid. I am not so good as that."

The other smiled again, but did not continue along that train of conversation. "So, your lord wishes us to join him."

"He wishes you to fight with him. As allies."

"And do you really believe that he would let any be equal to him?" the vampire challenged him.

He did not answer, not wanting to lie and knowing that Ricardus did not want to hear the truth. "That's what I thought," the brunette stated drolly. "What is it that he offers us?"

"Food. He offers you the chance to feed again on humans, as you once did, in your greater years. Human blood. And all of it that you'd like." He let his voice caress the silence like the finest silk.

"But only those of his choosing." Ricardus looked affronted. Severus supposed that he did not like the idea of being kept on Voldemort's chain.

"Is it not better than what you have now?"

The vampire glared at him. "He offers us not freedom, but a different cage. This one may sparkle all the more, but it's still a cage."

Severus sighed aloud. The vampire leader was right. But he'd been given this task, and he needed to fulfill it. Voldemort did not trust him enough as it were... and if he were to both another of the wizard's plans he feared he'd lose the man's patience.

"You will tell your lord that he'd better offer us something better than his enemies on a platter if he wants an alliance. And you will return to me."

Severus turned away. He knew a dismissal when he heard one. Voldemort would not be happy tonight. At least the vampire had not given him an outright refusal. "No, forget that, Severus," Ricardus purred from behind him. "I'll tell him."

He felt the other's presence only inches from his own body. A thrill of fear surged through him. Would this be his dying day? Ironic how it would be a mission for Voldemort that did him in.

The hands resting on his shoulders were light and cold and Severus knew he could not escape now. Oh, how Voldemort would be happy, losing his Potions Master like this, his mind put in sarcastically. He stiffened as the vampire pulled him against his chest.

"Oh what a fine treat your lord has sent me," Ricardus whispered, wrapping his arms around Severus's waist, as if pulling him into an embrace. "Are you frightened?"

Severus didn't answer, just stood there stiff as a board, waiting for the axe to fall. A sharp stab of pain filled his senses as the fangs slid into his neck. Oh, Merlin... I'm really going to die. His legs gave out on him, but the vampire's arms held him up. Memories flashed through his mind, and into the other's through their connection, and Severus realized why vampires enjoyed the kill of a human far more.

It was more intimate than sex, a meeting of the minds far more powerful than even the strongest leglimency. In those minutes, while he was dying in the arms of a dark creature, he felt a strange familiarity stronger than he'd ever had with another human. It was like meeting a soul mate.

Suddenly Ricardus pulled away. He gently lowered Severus to the ground, in a sitting position against one of the headstones. "I am sorry," he stated. "I thought you were one of his..."

Severus blinked up at him, trying to clear the fuzz from his vision. "I take it that's a no for joining the Dark Lord. Albus will be pleased."

"We are not what you think we are. We do not stalk empty streets waiting for our next meal. We were human once also. Most prefer to only kill men when forced." He knelt before the dying wizard. "I will give you a choice. No magic can save you now, but if you wanted- if you wished, I could change you. I could return the life I have stolen. Or you could die a hero."

Severus regarded him silently, knowing that time was all but up. "I'm not ready to die..." He knew that he probably should have chosen differently, but he was a Slytherin. Slytherins survive while the Gryffindors die heroes. Severus didn't want to die today.

Ricardus smiled and he wondered vaguely if the vampire had been Slytherin also. Or even a wizard at all. Using one long nail, the vampire slashed a wound across his neck. He gathered the wizard in his arms and pressed his head to the wound. Severus tentatively lapped up a bit of the blood. His mind was seized with memories, not those of his own, but Ricardus's.

A little boy getting told off by his mother. His schooling in days hundreds of years before. His first meeting with the vampire that turned him. His first kill (which was a horse, not a man). His initiation into the clan. His taking it over.

The memories were not all pleasant, but the intimacy that came with them was. He felt life filled up his dying veins, a life far more fulfilling than the one he'd had before. Then he felt nothing at all. He was not sure if he was still drinking the blood of his sire, was not sure if he was even conscious anymore.

The world around him was black. He couldn't feel a thing.


A/N: Yes, Ricardus is an OC. He'll probably stay around for a bit, but don't expect him to take a major part.

People who will have a large part in this story are: Severus, of course, Dumbledore, Remus, and Lucius. My favorite characters to write about.

My views on vampires: some of the things I will be writing aboutthem will be familiar to you, some not. I am trying to make my vampires as original as possible. I'm not sure if anyone else has done so before me, but the close connection between the victim and the vampire feeding from them was done on a whim. The meeting of minds happens every time they feed from a human, not just with Occlumens like Severus.

Regillus - a lake in Latium , scene of a victory of the Romans over the Latin, 496 B.C.