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This is part 2 of dear door Betty has a big problem in clued a poem

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noha's point of view

Noah stopped running and started walking. I shouldn't have ran off like that now Betty might be mad at me. A loud crackle of thunder hit and it started to rain agene.

Betty's point of view

Betty heard the thunder and ran up to her room took off her beeper and told her mom she was going to find Noha see ran out in the rain to find Noha see started to walk in the rain and started to think what she was going to say to him. She found him later on walking in the rain he was almost home.

Betty's and Noha's point of view

Noha hade tears in his eyes. He felt a hand grab his hand he turned around and saw betty. Noha wait pleas why so you can lie to me some more he yanked his hand back just go home betty he said. But noha I just want to talk I said go home. Noha walked up to his door. betty tryed agine.Betty ran and grabbed his hand and said pleas talk to me. Noha said no go home and slammed the door. in betty's face with tears in her eyes.

Betty's point of view

Betty fell to her knees and looked at the door tears fell from her eyes and said

dear door I now know how Noha fills and I am sorry. very sorry

dear door I made him very mad at me I should tell him the truth. but that will be hard for me to do.

dear door he might not like the truth but i have to try to tell him.

Betty stands up and starts to run home with tears in her eyes. She bumps in to some one betty falls in the mud and looksto see who she bumped in to. She stood up and held her hand out and helped up the person who she bumped in to. It was Penelope. Penelope said why don't you watch where youre going Betty. Betty grabbed her by the shirt and made a fist to hit her with butshe looked at Noha's house and saw him looking out at her. She dropped her hand and grabbed her with her other hand and throw's her a side and walked away. With more tears in her eyes.

Sorry guys I need to think of some more stuff to Wright the finish will be out soon I hope. This is kind of the same thing as dear door well I hope you guys like it. This was made by Joseph

Disclaimer: I do not own Atomic Betty. i think it would be preaty cool to own the show.