The Greatest Captain

Rocking back and forth slightly on the waves of the calm ocean sat a small pirate ship, known as none other than the Black Pawkeet, anchored next to a quaint island. The captain of the vessel; a handsome young usul by the name of Garin, sat upon its deck, resting against the pole of the crow's nest. His messy blonde hair blew gently in the light breeze that carressed his face and every other part of his body in its path. Garin's blue eyes closed gently.

This was his alone time. His entire crew was taking a relaxing break on the little island, free to do what they pleased for the time being. Garin thought he was without company...but alas, he was not...

Jacques, Garin's best friend and first mate, slowly approached his captain after exiting the lower deck. Garin could sense that it was him--who else would approach him; the captain of the Black Pawkeet, with such calm?

"Hello, Jacques..." Garin said quietly.

Jacques sat down next to Garin and said, "Greetings to you too, my friend."

There was a moment of silence as the two enjoyed their time together on the warm deck of the Black Pawkeet. Then Jacques broke the silence.

"I take it that it is just you and I on the ship for the time being?"

Garin nodded.

"Indeed, it is just us..."

Jacques said, "Garin, it is a most wonderful act of kindness..."

Garin was confused.

"Jacques, what ever are you talking about?"

"I am referring to how you let the crew take time off like this. Many a captain would not do such a thing, but you, my friend, remain loyal to your crew."

Garin smiled a little.

"I try, Jacques, I really do my best. I feel it is my duty to help you and the rest of my crew."

Jacques moved his hand and rested it gently on Garin's. Garin and Jacques turned their heads to look into eachother's eyes.

"Garin, you are the greatest captain to ever sail these seas..." Jacques whispered as he slid his hand up Garin's arm, down his shoulder, and let it stop at the usul's back.

Garin did not protest. He did not even mind, for he brought his right hand up to Jacques face and brushed a lock of red hair from it. Then he carressed his friend's cheek.

The two held their pose for what felt like many minutes, though it was only a few seconds. Then their faces slowly leaned in closer together until they touched lips, locking themselves in a kiss as gentle as the breeze that rippled the sail of the Black Pawkeet.

Jacques removed his hand from Garin's back and took the other hand off of the wood of the deck. He gently held Garin's head as the kissed. Garin moved his body closer to Jacques and wrapped his arms around him, pulling the kyrii closer still.

The minds of the two young men blurred as they shared their individual passions with eachother.

Jacques' tongue brushed Garin's lips. Garin parted them and brought out his own tongue to meet Jacques'. The two friends tongue wrestled for a few minutes.

The warm day seemed to turn boiling hot for Garin and Jacques as the lust in their private zone grew into a passionate inferno... Garin flipped off Jacques' shirt and let his hands rest on the kyrii's shoulders after doing so. Jacques ran his hands down Garin's face, along his neck, down his shoulders and the sides of his chest, and then allowed them to stop at his captain's waist.

The two managed to keep the same position as they both layed down on the deck on their sides, feeling the warmth from the wood and eachother.

The breeze blew stronger and the clouds passed over the sun, cooling down everything that the light had heated up.

Everything, except for the passion that Jacques and Garin shared that day alone...