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It All Comes Out In The Wash

By Lady FoxFire

December 31, 2007

"Master Lucius," a female house elf said as she stood the proper distance from her Master. Her hands nervously twisted the grungy dishtowel that served as her clothing as she waited for Lucius to acknowledge her.

Lucius Malfoy turned the page of his morning newspaper, ignoring the female house elf and all the other house elves who were busily serving the Malfoy family their breakfast.

"Please Master." the house elf begged, her ears drooping as she pressed for her owner to notice her. "Liv has important message for Master."

Lucius let out a sigh as if reluctant to waste this time with this lowly being.

"Yes?" he replied as he folded the newspaper closed and set it down on the breakfast table.

"Liv is here to tell Master that there is wizards and witches in the coming and going room," the house elf stated as she cowered under her master's gaze.

Lucius raised a single eyebrow at Liv's announcement before turning his full attention to the food on the table. Picking up a breakfast roll, Lucius spread jam on it and then took a bite. He then proceeded to eat the rest of the roll and drank a half a cup of his breakfast tea before he spoke. "And who are these people?"

"The witches and wizards say they is from the Ministry, Master," Liv replied her ears perked up slightly since she did not have to try to get Lucius attention again.

Lucius turned and for the first time acknowledge the house elf next to him. "And did they say what they wanted," he demanded, his lips curled back slightly for having to acknowledge such a lowly creature as a house elf.

Her ears drooped immediately at Lucius harsh tone of voice. Tugging on her ear, Live says, "Liv does not know. Liv asked witches and wizards but wizard with grey hair said only he had to talk to Master. Grey hair wizard told Liv that it was very important."

With a sigh Lucius turned his attention to his wife and son, who were the only others in the room of any importance to him. "It appears as if the Ministry needs my help once again," he said with supreme confidence born to all Malfoy.

"Yes my dear husband however it would have been best if they had arrived at a decent hour," Narcissa commented, cutting up her egg. "Or at the very least after breakfast."

"Of course my dear," Lucius replied as he rose from his seat, "however our dear Minister must be completely beside himself without my guidance. The matter must be of some importance if he needs my assistance at such an early hour."

"True," Narcissa replied before taking a sip of tea. "But do you think you could speak to him about having his men arrive at my home at a reasonable hour?"

Lucius inclined his head in acknowledgement of his wife request. "I will my dear but I would not hold out much hope for our dear Minster after all he is from a new Pureblood line."

Narcissa nodded her head but turning his attention to her meal.

"Father?" Draco said from where he had been quietly eating his breakfast.

"Yes, Draco?" Lucius replied.

"Will you be needing my assistance?" Draco glanced carefully but deliberately towards the door that led to the wing holding many of the Dark items belonging to the Malfoy family before turning his attention back at his father.

Lucius paused for a moment before nodding his head. "That would be… wise. After all you are nearly an adult. It is time for you to take on more of the responsibilities all Malfoys must shoulder."

Draco's face broke out into a grin. Rising from the table, Draco bowed slightly to his mother before hurrying away in the opposite direction of his father.

"Gentlemen," Lucius oozed as he stepped into the foyer, "how may I assist the Ministry this fine morning?"

"Mr. Malfoy, I'm Auror Greystone," the grey hair man said with a slight bow of his head. "May I inquire if your wife and son are in the manor?"

Lucius raised an eyebrow as his wand hand twitched ever so slightly. "And may I inquire why you wish to know?" Lucius demanded.

With a smile of discomfort, Greystone slowly reached into his robes and pulled out a letter. "I have been told to present this letter to you only when Mrs. Malfoy and your son are present," Greystone said in an apologetic tone. "While I have no knowledge of this letter's contents but I have been assured that neither you nor any member of your family are under arrest or wanted for questioning."

Lucius' eyes narrowed with a calculating glint as he studied the Aurors present in his foyer. With a sharp nod of his head he called out, "Bramble!"

"Yes, Master Lucius?" a very young male house elf said as he suddenly appeared.

"Inform my wife and son that I require their presence here as soon as possible," Malfoy ordered, his eyes never straying from Aurors before him.

"Thank you Mr. Malfoy," Greystone said with a nod of his head.

The fire in the fireplace behind Greystone suddenly flared up and turned green indicating someone was flooing in, just before a man appeared in it.

"So sorry I'm late," the man said as he brushed soot from his thinning red hair, "but I was tied up at the office. Hope I didn't delay anything."

"No sir," Greystone replied. "We're waiting for Mrs. Malfoy and young Mr. Malfoy to join us."

The man nodded his head in acceptance of Auror Greystone's answer.

"Arthur," Lucius said his disgust for the man barely hidden. "May I inquire what you are doing at my home."

A smile came to Arthur Weasley's face, one that was usually seen on the faces of his twin sons. A smile, which caused people who knew the twins, to start checking their food and drinks to see if they'd just been pranked.

"I'm just here to represent a third party until they can arrive," Arthur said sweetly as he smiled.

"And exactly who is this third party?" Lucius demanded as he brushed past the Aurors until he stood face to face with the man he despised. "What business do they have with this early morning interruption?"

"Now if I told you that Lucius it would spoil all the fun," Arthur said smugly.

Lucius clenched his teeth; his eyes narrowed and his fingers curled up as if around a wand that he wanted to use against this poor excuse for a pure blood.

"My love," Narcissa's sweet voice called out as she walked into the foyer upon her son's arm. "You called for us."

Lucius eyes flashed angrily at Arthur before he turned to his wife and son, his composure once again that of a pureblood of the upper most class.

"Yes, my dear," Lucius said as he took Narcissi's hand and laid it upon his arm. "Good Auror Greystone has a letter for all of us from the Minister."

"Good news, I pray," Narcissa replied, the slight tightening of her hand upon her husband's arm the only indication of her distress.

"Undoubtedly," Lucius replied coolly. "Auror Greystone, if you please."

Greystone licked his up and he opened up the letter. His eyes widened as he quickly read over the letter. Clearing his throat nervously he began. "It is this court's decision that on January first of the year 1982 that Lucius Malfoy did knowingly and willfully stop repayment of loan to the descendents of one John A Potter the second. It is also this court's decision that the agreed upon conditions set down in the loan are now applied. All of the Malfoy estates, bank accounts and companies are to be seized…"

Lucius violently ripped the letter from Greystone's hand and began to read it himself. And then he read it once again.

Storming over the fireplace, Lucius threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace and called out "The Law Firm Of Snitch, Twitch And Smith," before thrusting his head into the fire.

Those gathered in the room waited patiently for Mr. Malfoy to contact the law firm; only the soft whispers of conversation among the Aurors could be heard.

Finally Lucius left the fire conversation. He looked around the room but as anyone could tell the man didn't really see those gathered in the room nor the room itself.

"They're busy," Lucius stated in a tone similar to that of a lost little boy. "They can't help me right now."

"Mother?" Draco said he turned to Narcissa with questions in his eyes.

"Not right now Draco," she replied her own voice betraying how lost in thought she was.

"Does this mean the Malfoy are paupers?" one of the Aurors asked.

The Aurors all looked at each other, none of them daring to say the obvious answer. Meanwhile Arthur Weasley rocked back and forth on his heels; a smile on this face that only paled into comparison to the smile he wore the day Molly agreed to marry him and the one he wore at the birth of his children.

A kind Auror gently pulled a shocked Mr. Malfoy away from the fireplace when the fire flared up to indicate an incoming visitor. Harry Potter soon came stumbling out of the fireplace quickly followed by Remus Lupin and big black dog.

"I take it they've been told the news," Harry said as he brushed the soot from his hair.

"If you mean that the letter has been delivered than yes it has," Auror Greystone replied as he eyed the young man before him.

"Thank you, Auror Greystone," Harry replied before turning his attention to the Malfoy. Harry quickly dismissed the head of the Malfoy family and focused his attention on Lady Malfoy.

Bowing from the waist, Harry held out his hand towards Mrs. Malfoy. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady…" Harry said in a questioning fashion, leaving her to give him her name.

Narcissa stared at Harry for a moment slightly before as she placed her hand into Harry's who kissed the back of it gently. " Narcissa …. Florine," she stated.

Lucius snapped out of his shock as his wife presented herself to those in the room by her maiden name. "Narcissa!" Lucius gasped in outrage.

Narcissa looked over at Lucius and raised a sculptured eyebrow. "Yes, Lucius," she said coldly.

Lucius opened his mouth. Closed it. Opened it. "You're my wife. You're a Malfoy!"

Narcissa cocked her head to the side as she looked at him questioningly. "Lucius is it not fact that all of the Malfoy possessions have been seized by the court for failure of payment?"

Malfoy senior sputtered for a moment before finally saying, "There's been some misunderstanding. I'm sure I can get it straightened out very shortly."

With a weary sigh Narcissa turned to Harry. "Mr. Potter has not the court seized all of the Malfoy holdings and is he not in fact poor?"

Harry nods his head; "You are quite correct Lady Florine."

"Poor!" Draco exclaimed as he stood next to his mother.

"Quiet Draco," Narcissa commanded which made her son's eyes widen and his mouth snap shut.

"Auror Greystone, as the representative of the Ministry," Narcissa said turning her attention to the older man, "I wish to file a decree. Per my marriage contract with the Malfoy household, if for whatever reason Lucius is not able to maintain my current lifestyle I can cancel the contract at my own discretion and take with me any children that were born during the time of our marriage."

Greystone blinked a number of times at Narcissa in confusion. "Umm… madam are you saying you no longer wish to be married to Mr. Malfoy here?"

"Yes. Yes I am," Narcissa replied her head held high.



Narcissa ignored the exclamations from the Malfoy men and turned her attention to Harry. "Mr. Potter while I realize that properties I owned as Mrs. Malfoy have been seized I was hoping you would permit me to collect some clothing."

"Lady Florine, I realized that you're a victim in this marriage just as much as I am a victim of Mr. Malfoy therefore I grant you your clothing, jewelry and personal items as long as they are not dark in nature. Also I will grant you the dowry that your family paid upon your marriage."

Narcissa inhaled sharply. "Thank you," she said softly before gathering her bearing about her. "Thank you Mr. Potter you are too generous."

Harry nodded his head. "You're quiet welcome Lady Florine. Will your son be joining you?"

Narcissa and Harry turned to look at the person in question. "I don't know," she replied. "I believe that he will have to make this decision on his own."

"What decision?" Draco asked in confusion.

With closed eyes Narcissa shook her head sadly. "I blame your father for your poor education," she said to herself before opening her eyes and fixing Draco with her stern glare. "Draco do you know what the standard contract is between a witch or wizard and someone of Veela blood is?"

Draco licked his lips as he glanced over to his father. "To be faithful and loving spouse?"

Narcissa sighed. "The agreement is that for whatever reason a married couple decides to separate that the person with the most Veela blood in them will retain custody of any children born of the union if they so wish. The said children will then take on the surname of that parent while giving up all rights to their other parent's name and properties."

Narcissa placed both hands on Draco's shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. "So Draco you have to decide. You may either remain here with you father as a Malfoy or come with me to France back to our family estate,"

"I wouldn't be a Malfoy any longer," He wanted to make sure he understood as he licked his lips.

"That is correct," Narcissa replied as she watched her son. "You would be Draco Florine."

"My son would never do that! You can't take him! He's my son!" Lucius snapped. He started to push anyone in his way aside so that he could get to his son, only to be stopped when a muscular Auror grabbed him and held him in place. "He's loyal to me, to the Malfoy name and what we believe in!" he shouted as the struggled to escape the Auror's grip.

Neither Draco nor Narcissa spared a glance at Lucius as he continued to rant.

"Veela are a matriarchal society," Draco finally said.

"Yes they are." Narcissa replied. "If you come with me to France you will have to live by our rules, not by the rules your father said a Pureblood should live by. Your position within the Veela society will be less prestigious than you are used to due to the fact you are a male and not a Pureblood Veela."

Narcissa removed her hands from Draco's shoulder and stepped back. "It's your decision, my son," she said as everyone watched the mother and son.

"I will be able to chose my own path, be what I want to be," Draco asked.

"As long as you obey the laws of the land and your place in Veela society until you are an adult, then yes," Narcissa replied.

"If it helps any, you'll get the same deal as your mother," Harry said, "so you won't have to give up flying. I know how much you like Quidditch."

Draco looked at Harry. Then he looked at his father. Finally Draco looked at his mother.

"If you will excuse me mother I need to go pack," Draco said with a bow to his mother before turning to Harry, "Potter." Draco then turned and left the room.

"Draco!" Lucius shouted. "Come back here this instant! If you leave I'll make sure you regret it!"

"Mr. Malfoy," Auror Greystone said, "are you threatening young Mr. Florine?"

Lucius opened his mouth. Closed. Open.

"You know Lucius," Harry said with a smirk, "you should really learn to read the fine print."

The End

Post Bad Author Notes: Yes this is the original ending I had planned for this but Lucius was a bad boy and refuse to do what I asked. The only reason I was able to finish this fic is because Rosalie Cullen clubbed Lucy over the head and I was able to hurriedly finish the story.