Chapter 1-Surprise Vacation

Yusuke was, once again, angry at Koenma. He had just been sent on vacation for a month after the Dark Tournament, but was contacted by Botan after only a week.

"This is stupid! One week after the Dark Tournament and we're already on another mission. That toddler should pay me for this!"

"Yusuke, Botan never said we were going on a mission. She just said he wanted to talk to us."

"We end up going on a mission every time she wants to talk to us, Kurama. Why else would Koenma want to talk to us?"

"That is a good question. Maybe it is about our vacation."

"I hope not. He probably wants to--"

Yusuke stopped short when he saw the ENTIRE Toguro Team standing beside Koenma.

"--take it away from us."

Despite the million questions that were soaring through Yusuke's head, he couldn't get even one to come out of his mouth. Leave it to Kurama to handle that problem for him.

"Koenma, would you mind telling us why they are here?"

Koenma looked as though he had just been beaten by Hiei and Kuwabara, who were both standing in front of his desk with less questioning faces.

"Well, I already told them what's going on, so I might as well tell you. I've decided to give both teams another chance."

"What's that supposed to mean? We didn't do anything, they did!"

"I never said you did anything wrong. I wanted to give both teams another chance with each other. You got off on the wrong foot."

"We got off on the wrong MILE Koenma!"

"Exactly. The Dark Tournament is not a good place to get to know someone, so I'm having you live together and pretty much start all over again."

Yusuke was just about ready to hit his boss, so Kuwabara stepped in.

"It's alright, Urameshi. It's only for thirty days."

"Thirty days? That's my whole vacation!"

"Think about it. Koenma's right. We shouldn't judge them by what we saw at the Dark Tournament."

"Yeah right! You and your honor code. They'll probably try to kill us!"

"I have an idea."

"Well that's new."

"Shut up, Urameshi! If you still don't want to do it after a week, we'll call it off. If you want to, we can stay the whole thirty days. How's that?"

To Yusuke's surprise, every member of the Toguro Team had stayed absolutely silent...besides the fact that they were staring at him. He nodded his head, too angry to trust himself to say anything civilized.

"Alright then, it's settled. We'll be living in Toguro's house, so get your stuff packed. When we're all done, we'll meet back here."

Yusuke turned to leave, still muttering various curses under his breath, when both of the Toguro Brothers began to follow him home.

"Stop it. There's no way you're coming near my place."

Toguro stopped walking, and his brother whispered something in his ear. Yusuke didn't bother trying to hear what they were talking about. 'Why does his stupid brother always sit on his shoulder? I swear I never see them apart...' He went home to pack, and continued to fume about the situation until he got there.


Mazuiko: Sorry that it took so long and it is so short! Chapters will vary in length. I am writing stories again. Natalya and FrostToguro are my inspiration! Thank you both for answering my requests. Time Changes All Things and My Enemy, My Beloved are wonderful stories.