Warning: sasunaru, meaning shonen-ai. Okay people?

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Self Control?

This will be in Sasuke's pov…

-I wish I had an angel

For one moment of love

I wish I had your angel tonight-

Love triangles, quite clichéd in my mind. But, I am also apart of one, so I suppose I shouldn't be a hypocrite.

Two boys and one girl. The first boy, loves the girl, the girl however, loves the second boy. And who the second boy loves? Well, that's for me to know. But, here is a hint; our little love 'triangle' is more or less, a love 'circle'. For each of us, loves another. Oh… and if you suggest that I also like that 'pink cockroach bitch' even once, so help me god… (I call her a cockroach, for no matter how many times I secretly try to kill her, she just won't die!).

Well, I guess I just gave myself away, dident I? Yes, I, the second boy, loves the first boy. But I would rather; get in a car, set said car ablaze, drive off of a bridge into water filled with electric eels, and slit my wrists on the way down, than to tell him… and that's put simply!

But hey, I am, the Avenger! (Said with dramatic music), I don't have any time for any sort of relationship! Ugh! I can't stand that pink thing! Now she's blocking my 'used to be' excellent, view of Naruto!

You wonder how I manage to watch him all the time? You would think it would be hard to pull off, him being a ninja and all… but it's really not that hard. If he looks over at me, all I have to do is glare at him, and call him a 'dobe'. Yes, I do hate calling him stuff like that, but him declaring us as rivals allows me to spend a lot of time with him. And he has recently declared us as friends! That allows me to spend even more time with him! If only he new how happy he made me!

Crap, I hope Sakura dident see that smile, I can't let myself slip like that!

"Sasuke –Kun?" ugh! Her voice, it burns! "OMG! You just smiled! Naruto! Come see this! Sasuke's smiling!" grrrrr… all the jumping, and flailing about!

"What is that you say Sakura –chan?" yaaaay, my sweet angel comes to save me from the evil pink thing!

"Now he's blushing" well… damn… do you think that jumping off of this bridge that I'm leaning against will kill me? DAMNIT! Now he's touching me!

"Are you sick Sasuke?... you seem fine to me." He's so sweet when he cares!

"Get your hand off me dobe! How would you be able to tell anyway? I'm wearing my hetai-ate" thank you for caring my love!

OMG! When I pushed his hand off I touched him! I'm never washing this side of my body ever again!

Why are you looking at me like that? Of course I would push him off, I am an Avenger (dramatic music comes on again), and I have a reputation! Oh… you meant the whole 'washing' thing… aw well.


"Gwaaaaaaaa! Kaka –sensei! Don't 'poof' up behind me like that!" oooooooh, how dare he scare my baby like that! I will make that bastard pay!... after Itachi of course!

"Sorry I'm late; I was trying to think of a way to get Sasuke to send me the most evil glare ever. And I do believe that I chose the right tactic-"

"LIAR!" that stupid smug bastard! Hmmm… maybe I shouldn't have chanted along with the others… they're giving me weird looks… DID KAKASHI JUST WINK AT ME?... maybe he just blinked… -shrug- aw well… time to change the subject I sappose…

"Mission… what… now…" back to 'normal' self? Check! If only they new! (Evil inward maniacal laughter ensues…) cough…

"Sasuke –kun? Maybe Naruto's right, maybe you are sick!"

"I'm fine evil pink thing." Good to get things out…

"What was that Sasuke –kun?"

"I said I'm fine Sakura…" if I told her what I actually said, my sweet angel would hate me!

And the talking ensues from Kakashi, who I still want to kill by the way… I learned to block him out a long time ago… I'd much rather Naruto to tell me anyways!

…after much rambling…

"Oi! Coming bastard?" that snapped me back to reality.

"Coming my angel cake!" if only he knew how much I wished for him every night…!

"What's that asshole?" wished for his golden hair, shining blue eyes, his warm touch…

"I said 'usuratonkatchi', usuratonkatchi." Oh how I want to pounce him right now! The way he's wining to Sakura… a.k.a. Evil Pink Thing.

-Thwack- she hit him (duhhh!)

"You pink bitch! How dare you hurt my naru –chan?"

"Sa-sasuke –kun?" the expression on her face was priceless!

"Come with me, Naru –chan!"

"Oh, yes, Sasu –chan!" he reached out for me. Then we walked back to my house to do x rated things!

-Shake, shake-

"I really should control my daydreams!" the pink one, and my love (with a new bump on his head), turned to me with bewildered looks on their faces. How can she manage to yell so easily at my Naruto –koi? Over and over again? Hmmm, I should go back to my stoic-ly self…

"…hn…" OMG! One. More. Step. To the left! Come one Sakura, one more step and you will have fallen into another one of my perfectly thought out plans! (Evil laughter, inward of course, ensues, yet again…).
Noooooo, Naruto! –Sigh- my cute angel is so clueless!

"Ummm… Sasuke?... you can let me go now…" but I love holding you close… wait, is that a blush I see? "But more importantly… WHERE THE HELL DID THOSE SHURINKEN COME FROM!" god, he's so hot when he's angry! Self control Sasuke, self control Sasuke, self control Sasuke! Come on, you've loved him since you were like ten years old! If you've lasted that long, you can last another ten seconds! Self control Sasuke, self control Sasuke, self cont-

"OI TEME! YOU DIDENT HAVE TO DROP ME SO HARD!" Yup, I'm good! "What's wrong with you!"

"The answer is closer than you may think…"

"What?" he's so dumb it's cute!

"Ohhh, nothing…" May as well through in a smirk…

-I'm in love with my lust

Burning angel wings to dust

I wish I had your angel tonight-


Well how was it?

This will remain a oneshot, unless you disparately want me to continue.

The song at the beginning and end is part of; Wish I had an angel by Nightwish (don't own)

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