Author's Notes: Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to post the third chapter until I got some replies. I'm posting this for two reasons:

I want to start writing the third story in the series (if you could call it that).

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With that said, we begin the final chapter of Flashback.

Chapter 3: Disturbing Concepts

Ron found himself in a strange house with a bowl of foul-smelling liquid in front of him. "Oh, man, what is this stuff?" he asked Rufus, covering his nose with his sleeve. At that moment, his mom came into the room with a plate full of some other nasty-smelling food.

"More meat cakes, honey?" she asked.

"Um, Rufus, do you remember this?" Ron asked. Rufus shook his head.

Drakken appeared inside a jet plane. In front of him was what appeared to be a headless monkey idol, and to either side were his fellow villains, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan. "Um… where are we?" he asked. Both other villains gave him a strange look.

"Have you been sleeping this whole time?" Monkey Fist asked. "We're looking for the head to the Tempus Simia idol!"

"The what who idol?" Drakken asked. Monkey Fist looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

"Honestly, Drakken, your tiny brain confounds me. We're looking for the Tempus Simia idol, which has the ability of time travel, so that we can defeat Kim Possible! Does any of this ring a bell?"

"Strangely, no…" Drakken and Monkey Fist were interrupted by the pilot, who happened to be Shego.

"Um, guys… what're you talking about? And where am I going? I don't remember this at all!"

"Aye! Have ye both lost it?" Duff exclaimed. At that moment, the monkey idol clapped. Drakken and Shego stared at it.

"Is it supposed to do that?" Drakken asked.

"YES! It means we're close to the head!" Monkey Fist yelled. "Shego, head towards that island!" he pointed to an island out the starboard window.

"And why should I listen to you?" she asked. Oh no, Drakken thought. She still thinks she's a good guy!

Drakken didn't have much time to worry about the predicament, however, because by that time Wade had hacked into the Retro-spectrometer. He programmed it to take Kim, Ron, Drakken, and Shego back to the past. Unfortunately, the RS was still messed up from the shock it had received earlier.

"Huh? It's not working!" Wade exclaimed. He kept trying to activate the machine.

Meanwhile, Drakken was trying to do the same. "Come on, get me out of this crazy dream!" he muttered. He kept hitting random buttons on his wrist. Finally, the machine sparked, and Drakken, as well as the other three time travelers, were pulled back to the not-so-distant past.

"Well, at least it did something," Wade muttered. He continued trying to get his friends back.

Kim and Ron found themselves near the top of a staircase. In front of them were some glowing dice, and behind them was Drakken, outfitted with the strangest armor Kim had ever seen. Her eyes grew wide as she remembered where they were.

"Ron! Grab the dice!" she shouted. She jump kicked Drakken while he was still dazed by the sudden change in environment. Ron grabbed the dice, and the Shaolin temple returned to normal.

"You did it!" Omi shouted as he ran towards the two of them.

"What? How did this happen?" Diego asked himself.

At that moment, Wade fixed the RS, and in a flash of light, the four characters reappeared in Drakken's lair. Kim found the Kimmunicator and picked it up.

"Way to go, Wade! But what about all the changes we made to the past?" Kim asked.

"I'm pretty sure they were erased once you guys returned, or else I might remember them. However, if anything happened to Drakken and Shego while you were in the past…"

"Let me guess… they'll stay that way?"

"Yeah, but how did you know?" Kim pointed the Kimmunicator at Drakken, whose skin was much darker.

"Oh man… that's not good," Wade said.

"Seriously not good!" Ron chipped in.

"No… it's actually quite evil!" Diego shouted. The room darkened, and sparks flew from Diego's hands. "Did you think you could get rid of me permanently?"

"I kinda hoped," Ron said meekly.

"The Dice of Dashi generated a random effect… and you fools thought it had gotten rid of me! What you didn't know was that the power of the dice can't get rid of anything! All it did was send me to this point in the future so that I could get my revenge!" Diego prepared to throw lightning at his enemies and destroy them.

"Okay, this is way past not good," Ron amended.

Kim and Ron thought they were toast, but there was still one person that could save them. A huge green plasma bolt threw Diego across the room.

"I don't think so, spirit," Shego said. Her hands were on fire.

"Yeah! Shego's still good!" Ron shouted.

"You guys get out of here. I'll deal with Diego," Shego told them. They didn't have to be told twice. The two of them ran out of the room and searched for the exit. Meanwhile, Shego and Diego threw energy blasts at each other from opposite sides of the room.

Kim and Ron made it outside and found their transport waiting for them. Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator one more time. "Wade, do you think Shego will be able to beat Diego?"

"I seriously doubt it, Kim," Wade said. "Diego is an immortal spirit with lightning powers, and all Shego has to back her up are martial arts skills and her Go Team Glow."

"You're forgetting one thing, Wade."

"What's that?"

"Shego's smart."

Inside the lair, Shego and Diego were firing continuous streams of energy at each other. At the moment, Diego seemed to be overpowering her.

"Give it up! You're no match for my power!" he shouted.

"As if. I may not be as powerful as you are, but I know how to defeat you," Shego replied. With that, she aimed one of her hands at the Retro-spectrometer and fired.

"What are you doing?" Diego asked, sounding mildly worried.

"I'm fixing this mistake!" she shouted. She jumped out of the way of Diego's energy blasts and fired full-force at the center of the RS. The dome filled up with green energy, and sparks flew all over the room.

"You fool! You could destroy the time line!" Diego shouted. The green energy began to build up inside the machine, and the dome began to crack. Then, the machine exploded, enveloping the entire lair in blinding white light. Kim and Ron watched from a safe distance. When the light cleared, the lair was in tact.

"Hmmm… you'd think an explosion like that would destroy a building," Ron mused.

"Let's go see what happened," Kim said. She ran back into the lair, followed by Ron. When they reached the main room, they found everything in ruins. Drakken and Shego were lying on their backs on either side of the room. Kim noticed that Drakken had returned to normal. "Looks like Shego won," she said out loud.

"Yeah… and she blew up the whole room, too," Ron added. Rufus scampered around the room, looking at all the destruction. He found the remains of the Retro-spectrometer still glowing in the middle of the room. Ron followed him. "Uh, Kim… what's up with this?"

"I dunno. I'll have Wade check it out." She pulled out the Kimmunicator and scanned the wreckage.

"Looks to me like everything's back to normal," Wade said.

"Which means that Shego is evil again?" Kim asked expectantly.

"Yes, I'm afraid to say."

"No worries, KP. We can deal with evil Shego," Ron told her.

"Yeah, but it still would've been nice to have her on our side," Kim responded.

Drakken began to stir. "Maybe we should get out of here," Ron suggested.

"Yeah, I guess," Kim agreed. "Wait… we should call the police so they can come and get Drakken."

"Oh, right. Almost forgot about that," Ron said. Kim turned the Kimmunicator on again.

"Wade, can you get the police here?" she asked.

"No problem," Wade said. He closed the communication link.

"Guess there's nothing we can do now except go home," Kim said. She walked towards the door.

"Yep. I dunno about you, but I could use a naco right about now." Ron followed her out of the room with Rufus in his pocket. After they had left, Drakken and Shego woke up.

"Huh? What happened?" Drakken asked.

"Your plan failed… again," Shego answered. She picked herself up off the ground and looked around at the destruction.

"Tempus Simia idol…" Drakken muttered.


"Oh, nothing," Drakken answered. He didn't want to reveal his next plan to Shego just yet. He went to another room in the lair and accessed his computer to do some research.

To be continued…

Author's Notes: Okay, I know it wasn't the greatest of endings, but I'm preparing for the third story. Bear with me. (It's sort of hard to write when you have three different fanfics in mind.)