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Four Friends

Chapter One - A new beginning for the four

Josh turned his car slowly into the parking lot of the looming brick building. Tara was sitting in the passenger seat nervously playing with the belt of her dress. They came today for the first time in a couple of weeks. Tara played sat quietly as Josh parked the car and stepped around to open the door for her. She placed her arm through his as they turned to head for the building. Their eyes traveled over the brick and granite exterior of the ominous structure as they approached the front gate. They noticed the numerous security cameras on the exterior, the barred windows, and the chain link fencing with barbed wire. Tara sniffed and clutched Josh's arm even tighter.

"You ready?" Josh asked.

Tara was only able to nod.

"OK, here we go." Josh whispered.

The two teens approached the main gate. The guard checked their names on the visitors list and they were allowed through the gate. The two teens stared at the sign over the main door.

"Upperton General Sanitarium"

Josh and Tara both knew that is was a nice name for mental hospital. They both took a breath and entered the front door. There were several visitors as well as a number of medical staff in sight. The large open atrium of the entrance appeared warm and inviting but only hid the fact that the patients here were placed here as they were deemed a danger to the public. The people they were visiting were held in the highest security section of the hospital. Those patients were deemed such a menace to society that they were literally kept under lock and key.

They approached the visitor desk to speak to the nurse at her station.

"We are here to see Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable" Josh stated.

"Oh, yes, we were informed that you would be coming. Your visitation papers have been cleared." The nurse mentioned. "They are both in room 115 on the restricted hall waiting for you."

"Jonathan?" The nurse called to a passing orderly. "Will you take these two young people to Room 115? They have been cleared."

She turned to Josh and Tara.

"Jonathan will clear you through and allow you into the room. When you are ready to leave, just use the phone in the room and dial 564 for this desk."

"Thank you, ma'am." Josh said as they followed the departing orderly.

The orderly led them to a heavy steel door; he took a card from his pocket and swiped it across a card reader then entered a code on a key pad. The door buzzed and the orderly waved them through. Josh and Tara stopped on the other side of the door as the orderly closed the door and lead them to another closed door. He opened the door and ushered them into the room then left closing and locking the door behind him.

Tara and Josh stared around the room. There were a number of armchairs and a couple of tables. There were no windows. The two occupants of the room stood when Tara and Josh entered the room. Kim and Ron had been seated in two chairs in the room. They both wore orange jumpsuits on and wore shackles on their ankles. They stood and approached the two teens. Kim headed for Josh and Ron for Tara. There was a moment's hesitation then both couples enveloped each other. Tears, hugs and kisses where in abundance as they held each other for sometime. They then took seats. Kim sat in Josh's lap as Tara sat in Ron's.

"How are you two doing?" Josh asked.

Kim and Ron exchanged glances and shrugged; then Kim spoke.

"I guess as well as we can. We have sessions each day with a number of groups and on a private level. They let us see each other just a little each day."

Ron then spoke. "Have they made repairs to that section of town yet?"

Tara and Josh looked at each other then Josh spoke. "Well for the most part the most heavily damaged buildings are being torn down and are there are plans for most to be replaced. Most of the other buildings have been repaired. The last injured person went home from the hospital a couple of days ago."

Kim and Ron winced when Josh spoke of the injured. Luckily no one was killed in what had become known as the Middleton Days Disaster. Kim and Ron had been on a float in the Middleton Days parade. They had just come off a number of missions and were a little tired. Drakken and Shego had of course escaped this last time again. Chasing them all over the globe had been hard on Kim and Ron. Then in the middle of the parade, it happened. Someone threw a number of M-80s on the float where Kim and Ron were sitting. When the smoke cleared was when the horror began. Kim and Ron went into a full breakdown as they had at the school. Every float was a death machine to them, each bystander a goon. When it was all over there were many floats destroyed, damage to many buildings and several injured. It took two Ranger teams to subdue Kim and Ron.

Now the two of them were in the hospital. They had been sedated for a number of days after the event. Then in a very short court session they were sent to this facility until a decision could be made about their future.

Josh and Tara noticed that the two teen heroes were upset over something.

"Ron?" Tara asked. "There is something that you and Kim are not telling us isn't there."

Kim looked over at Ron and walked over to take his hand.

Ron spoke up. Tears started to pour from Kim's eyes.

"They came in just a few minutes ago. They have reached a decision about us."

Ron paused and bowed his head.

"The two of us are to be committed to this facility for the foreseeable future if not the rest of our natural lives. We have been determined to be too great a threat to the safety of the general public."

Tara's eye widened as she started to scream.




Tara felt a slap across her face and she opened her eyes. Kim's face stared with concern down at her.

"Tara! Are you okay, wake up, you were having a nightmare." Kim said.

Tara sat up and looked around. She and Kim were in a tent. Then she remembered. The camping trip, they were on a camping trip.

"Tara!" she heard Ron yell, and the front of the tent unzipped. Ron's blond head preceded his body as he entered the tent.

"Ron!" blubbered Tara as she put out her arms. Ron reached for her and pulled her to him. Kim slid over to the side of the tent.

She knelt to the side as Josh put his head in the tent.

"What happened?" he mouthed.

She put her fingers to her lips and motioned him to back up so she could get out of the tent. Once outside she fully stood up.

"Tara had a nightmare, a bad one apparently. She was mumbling something about Ron and I, a hospital, a disaster. I couldn't understand it all." She said quietly.

Josh shuddered. He wasn't about to tell Kim of the nightmares he had been having. The worst was he standing in a funeral home. Global Justice Flags hung around the room. There was an open casket in front of him. He took a few steps forward to stare at her lying in a casket. She was beautiful in death as in life, maybe even more. She and Ron had died saving a village. Her red hair perfectly in place, her hands crossed over her heart as she lay wearing her mission clothes. Then he would turn his head to the side and see a closed casket, where Tara knelt sobbing, the casket that he knew to be Ron's. Ron's casket was closed for a reason that he didn't even want to think about.

"Josh, Josh, don't zone out on me now please." Kim said as she wrapped her arms around herself. It was chilly outside of the tent and all she had on was pajamas.

Josh reached in his tent and pulled out a blanket that he wrapped around her shoulders. She smiled at him and opened the blanket as a silent invitation for him to join her. An invitation he instantly accepted. Kim pulled herself close to him, feeling the warmth of his body in the coolness of the night.

Ron sat on the floor holding the shuddering, sobbing Tara. He knew she had had a nightmare, a real bad one by her reaction to it. He held her tight and gently kissed her as he rocked her back and forth. Tara pulled back and looked into his eyes. Even in the darkness of the tent he could tell that she had been terrified by the dream and only holding him and seeing him with her own eyes would calm her.

"Ron" she said sobbing. "It was awful, Kim and you had another episode and people got hurt. They …they committed the two of you to a mental hospital for life."

She wrapped her arms around him and began to cry again. Ron glanced at the entrance of the tent. He could see Kim and Josh kneeling there. They had heard what Tara had said.

"Ron, I think it would be best if you spend the rest of the night with Tara. She needs you right now. I think our parents would understand." Kim whispered.

Ron nodded and pulled Tara closer as he pulled the sleeping bag around the two of them. Tara was slowly and gently going to sleep in Ron's arms. He lay over onto his pillow that Kim had brought him as she got her own. Ron pulled the sleeping Tara over onto him and rearranged the sleeping bag over the both. Tara murmured in her sleep and cuddled closer to him. He smiled and laid his head back. He tried to dismiss his own nightmares.

His own nightmares had haunted him for weeks now. Tara had been kidnapped by Shego. He had gone running to help her but of course it was a trap but not just for him. The laser weapons were set to ignore him and go straight for Kim. He closed his eyes as he heard Kim scream in pain as the numerous laser beams cut into her body. Then the lasers turned on Tara. He later stood in horror listening to the receding laughter of Drakken and Shego as he knelt sobbing on the floor of the lair covered in the blood of the two ladies that meant the most in his life.

Kim and Josh crawled into the other tent and settled down for the rest of the evening. Josh had opened his sleeping bag and Kim snuggled in next to him. Josh pulled the other sleeping bag over the two of them and settled back down to sleep. Kim held him close as his breathing deepened. She smiled. He went to sleep as fast as Ron did. Must be a man thing. She lay quiet in her own thoughts. She remembered the nightmare the other evening that had left her gasping for air and whimpering in terror after she woke up.

The two couples were at a dance. She and Josh, Ron and Tara. It was a wonderful, the two couples dancing and laughing into the evening. Kim would dance with Josh and then Ron. Tara would dance with Ron then Josh. Each couple enjoying the company of the other. Ron always the goof had even pulled Josh into a few dance steps. Kim and Tara nearly split their sides laughing at that one. Then the screams began. Monkey ninjas spilled from the rafters on Monkeyfist appeared from the dark. Kim and Ron stood and prepared for battle when Monkeyfist flicked his wrist. There was a muffled gurgle behind her and she turned to see Josh slipping to the floor with a knife in his chest. She turned back to see Ron attacking Monkey Fist with the Lotus Blade in his hand. The fight was short and Ron slipped slowly, quietly to the floor the blade falling from his lifeless hand. Her last thoughts were of MonkeyFist's leering face. "I am now the true Monkey Master."

Kim snuggled closer to Josh and drifted off to sleep.


Ron was up early and was fixing breakfast as Kim and Josh came out of the other tent. Kim looked around and did not see Tara. Ron held up his hand in quieting motion as Kim and Josh joined him around the fire.

"Tara is still asleep. She didn't sleep well the rest of evening. She isn't able to tell me about the dream, just that it had something to do with Kim and I and a disaster. I am letting her sleep."

"How about you Ice-man? How are you doing? Did you get any sleep?" Josh asked Ron as he put his hand on Ron shoulder.

Ron shook his head. "Not much, she was so restless even when she slept I wasn't able to sleep."

Ron nodded to some covered plates next to the fire. "There is some bacon, and pancakes there. I made some bug juice there so you can have something to drink or there is some hot water for hot chocolate."

Kim headed for the tent where Tara was asleep. "I'll check on Tara real quick."

"Okay, KP. Come on Josh, grab some grub, just be sure to leave enough for the ladies" Ron said.

Kim quietly slipped into the tent to see that Tara was up and brushing her hair.

"Tara? Are you okay this morning?" She asked.

Tara smiled at Kim just a bit and started to tear up. Kim slid over and took her in her arms.

"It's okay Tara. It's okay." Kim whispered.

"Kim, how to you and Ron do it?" Tara asked.

"Do what Tara?" Kim questioned.

"Deal with it." Tara stated lowering her head.

"Oh" Kim said. "I don't know Tara. I guess the two of us are so in sync in that department that we feed off of each other. One supports the other. We deal with it together because we face it together. But it has been getting harder. The incident that happened at the school is a good example. We lost it that time."

Tara nodded. "Is Ron okay?"

Kim smiled. "He a little tired; I don't think he slept a lot last night. But right now he's out there cooking and feeding his face."

Tara giggled. "He's okay then. Come on; let's get out there before those two bottomless pits eat everything."

Kim grinned, her eye sparkling. "If those two don't leave us anything to eat then those two won't be getting anything later if you know what I mean."

"Oh, cruel, I like it." Tara smiled.

The two girls turned and exited the tent. As they approached the fire Ron and Josh arranged for seats for the two girls and handed them two plates filled with a warm breakfast and then handed them each a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

"Ouuuu, service with a smile." Tara said. "A girl could get used to this."

Josh smiled. "Of course, but then you two girls have to do the dishes."

Ron and Josh laughed as the smiles faded from Tara and Kim.

"Oh that is so not funny." Kim growled.

'Ah, ah, ah, KP, remember, what you said when we left. We are to share the camp duties. Besides, while you and Tara are doing the dishes Josh and I will be packing up the tents." Ron mentioned.

The two girls pouted just a bit then began laughing when Josh and Ron stood over them with crossed arms and stern looks. After they finished eating Kim and Tara pumped enough water in their large pot and started to wash and dry the dishes. They packed up the rest of the dishes and took the rest of the food out of the bag that they hung in the trees to keep it away from the bears and packed it into the backpacks.

Josh and Ron had rolled up the sleeping bags and attached them to the backpacks. Then they placed the tents onto the girl's backpacks. Josh and Ron were carrying the remaining food and what water they would be using. They also carried out what trash they had not burned. Everyone cleaned up a little then finished packing.

Ron helped Tara with her backpack while Josh did the same for Kim. Josh and Ron then put on their packs, strapped on their hip belts and the four headed down the trail. The two couples held hands while they could but several times the trail was too narrow. They stopped for a quick but restful lunch beside a stream under a canopy of trees. Ferns, moss and small flowers grew along the side of the stream making it a cool, soft and comfortable place to stop. A little snuggling was in order after a lunch and then back on the trail. The friends arrived at the ranger station where Mr. Possible waited with the family van. He helped them load their equipment into the van and they all piled in for the trip home.

The group soon arrived at the Possible home where the girls headed for Kim's room and bath and the guys headed for the guest room and bath. Everyone took a shower and got cleaned up after all the clothes they had used on the camping trip were sorted and the first load in the wash. It was late afternoon when Ron and Josh knocked on Kim's door. Kim opened the door and let them in.

They had heard the doorbell just a few minutes earlier when they heard Mr. Dr. Possible scream "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU MEAN BY ARREST!"

The four teen ran down stairs to find Officer Hubble and another officer standing in the living room. Mr. Possible's face was very red and Kim could tell that he was very angry.

"Officer Hubble, what are you doing here and what is going on?" Kim asked.

Mr. Possible snarled as he spoke "Kimberly you and Ron go back to your room now!" Mrs. Possible took his arm. "Dear, NO. We can't go against this right now. Let's go through the motions."

"Mom, Dad what up with Ron and I?" Kim asked.

Officer Hubble turned to Kim and Ron.

"Ron, Kim, I hate to tell you this. But warrants for your arrest have been posted. The Rockwaller family is pressing assault charges against both of you. Mr. Stoppable with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to commit bodily harm and Kim they are charging you with conspiracy to commit assault. I am really sorry, but both of you need to come to the station with us."

Kim and Ron looked at Officer Hubble in complete surprise.