Four Friends Chapter 10

By Captainkodak1


The snowcat ground to a halt on the ridge where Kim and Ron had disappeared. The rescue personnel took their equipment off the snow cat and gathered into teams. Moving as quickly as possible, they broke into lines and with snow probes began to search for the two heroes. The chances of survival for the two teens diminished with each passing minute.

Josh stood up on top of the cargo area of the snowcat. He knew that Kim and Ron's suits would protect them from the cold for a period of time. He also knew that there were emergency oxygen generators attached to the utility belts along with containers of a chemical that could clear the air of carbon dioxide. If they were buried in the snow, their suits and survival gear would keep the alive, but only for a short period of time.

Tara stood beside Josh, talking to Wade.

"Wade, are you getting a signal from their suits?"

Wade's hologram appeared in the air over her suit COM link.

"No, Tara. Either the transmitters were damaged when the snow hit them or they're buried so deep that I can't read the signals. The cold may also be affecting the transmitters. If they are really cold, the suits will transfer power to the heating units to keep them warm enough."

Tara glanced up, looked around and then turned back to Wade.

"Wade, I was recording with my goggle cam when the snow hit them. Do you think that by using the video of them and a picture of the area now, that you could figure out where they might be?"

Wade's eyes grew big. He started typing rapidly on two separate keyboards as he glanced back and forth across two different screens.

"Tara, I'm uploading the video from your suit and comparing it with a visual of the area right now. Hold on just a few minutes. I should be able to get you close. Then maybe we'll be able to pick up their transmitters."


Ron opened his eyes to see blackness. He turned his head slightly to look around. Snow dislodged and fell down his neck, causing him to shiver. A whimper in the darkness in front of him caught his attention. He remembered that they had grabbed each other as the snow buried them.


"Ron?" a voice answered from the blackness.

Ron pulled his arm out of the snow and activated the suit-light on his right shoulder. Kim's face leapt out of the darkness. They were face to face, her chest buried into his. She shut her eyes at the bright light before Ron could turn down the power of the light to a dull glow. He examined her face: there was a small cut right above her right eye and a bruise was starting on her right cheek. They appeared to be in a small opening under the snow. Ron was lying on his right side with Kim facing him lying on her left. He could move his left arm, but his right arm was trapped under Kim. Kim's left arm was trapped under him while her right arm appeared free. The snow had them trapped from the waist down. Their legs were tangled and buried.

Kim opened her eyes once again to see Ron's face just inches from hers. He had a black eye and a split lip, but the smile that covered the face was pure Ron. Kim tried to move until she realized her left arm and legs were trapped. She reached over with her right arm and brushed the snow off Ron's hair.

"How ya doin', KP?" Ron asked.

Kim tried to move her legs again. A wave of pain flashed through her left leg. Ron hissed in pain at the same time. Kim stopped moving.

"KP, do you think if you twist to the right I might be able to get my arm out from under you."

Kim hesitated, and then tried to move. Waves of pain shot through both of them as she stopped. "Ron, that's really going to hurt both of us. We need to stay still. The power packs in these suits will keep us warm."

Ron felt around as he started to shiver. "KP, my suit's not heating right. The battery pack must be damaged"

Kim pulled Ron's arm down to look at the screen on the sleeve. She single-handedly pushed a couple of the control switches. The screen blinked once then went out. Ron's suit light went out.

"This is not good." Ron stated.

Kim touched one of the controls at the neck of her suit and activated her suit light. It gave them a minimum of light to see by. She then used her teeth to pull a small plug and line from the inside of her wrist. She flipped her hand and pulled the cord further out. Kim grabbed Ron's collar and inserted the plug into a connection in the suit. Ron felt his suit warm up.

"KP, your suit batteries can't keep both of us warm. They'll run out."

"Ron, we won't be down here for long. They're looking for us. The batteries should hold out. I'm more worried about the air. Can you reach your belt pack and get one of the oxygen generators and an air scrubber?"

Ron nodded as he reached down and pulled two objects from his belt. Kim held the first tube while he opened the container and pulled the tube out. Kim pulled the tab at the bottom of the tube and it began to hiss.

"That'll give us some more oxygen. Later, we can spread carbon dioxide absorbent."

Kim shivered a little as the lights on her suit dimmed and then went out.

"This is so not good."


The sun was starting to set over the mountains as Josh once again used one of the Kimmunicator's to scan for Kim and Ron. Tara was working with the search teams, guiding them to spots that Wade would give her. So far, they had not been able to locate either Kim or Ron. Time was growing short. Even with the equipment that Kim and Ron had they could not survive under the snow for much longer. Now they had the problem that the snow was unstable. Section kept sliding, endangering the search teams.

Tara pulled out her hatchet and started to cut saplings and drive them into the snow. She would position several in a row and Josh would come behind her. Pulling a special ball out of his pack, he would throw it in line with the saplings. The ball opened and a large net would be released, tangling with the saplings. By running a long line of saplings connected by the nets, they were able to stabilize the snow.

Tara activated her suit COM link when it beeped. Wade's face appeared in the air again. "Tara, they're two other places to check. One is located one hundred yards to your left. The other is fifty yards to your right. Split your team in two groups and search those spots. You go with one and Josh the other. Your scanners should be able to pick them up.

Josh yelled for the team leaders. "Mike. David. Take your teams over to Section Five. I'll be with your teams. Maria. Darla. Take your teams over to Section Seven. Start your searches again there. Tara will be with you."

Josh turned to look at Tara. "Ok, this is it. They're running out of time. If we don't find them, well, there will be no more Team Possible. Kim and Ron have always been the ones to step up to the line. Now it's our turn. The thing is, if we don't do this, we're both going to lose the most important things in our lives."

Tara wrapped her arms around Josh and they both stood there for a few moments. Then she pulled back and gave him a long slow kiss. Putting her mouth near his ears she whispered. "Just make believe that was Kim, just like I was thinking Ron. Deal?"

Josh smiled back at her and bent down to give her a kiss. He whispered in her ear. "Deal!"

The two teens split and joined their respective teams. The teams formed lines in their respective areas and started to probe the snow. They all worked as fast as they could. Everyone knew time was running out for the two missing teens. Tara and Josh walked ahead of the groups scanning with their Kimmunicators.


Ron pulled Kim closer to him. Their shared warmth was slowly ebbing away. They were both shivering, their breaths coming in gasps. The carbon dioxide absorbent they had spread earlier was no longer working. The oxygen generators were also gone. Kim accepted the hug from Ron and used her one free arm to pull him to her, bringing them cheek to cheek. She was so sleepy. Kim shook her head to clear it. Sleep would be deadly. She had to stay awake and she had to keep Ron awake.

"Ron? Wake up! Come on Ron! Wake up!"

Ron moaned and opened his eyes.

"Come on, Ron! We have to stay awake!"

"Mmupph", groaned Ron. He smiled slightly and then nodded back off to sleep. Kim bent her head up and gave him a deep kiss. His eyes popped opened, then closed as he deepened the kiss. Kim was surprised at Ron's reaction then gave herself into it. All their past relations, the missions, the trial, each had always been there before. Now, death was staring them in the face again.

The kiss slowly broke. Kim sighed and pulled Ron even closer. Even with the pain it caused, she moved her legs closer, incasing his. Ron hissed at the pain as she moved her legs around his, then he moved his in tandem with hers. He felt her face form a smile. Even in the darkness, he knew the form of her face. He knew that her emerald eyes would be shining at him.

"KP, we have faced this sitch before", Ron said quietly.

Kim nodded. "I know. But if this is the time, I'm happy to be with you. I love you, Ron."

Ron gave Kim a kiss on the forehead. "Back at you, KP."

The two teens kissed again, their eyes closing. Ron pulled back. "KP, you know I love you. I would die for you in a spilt second, but I want to live for Tara. I know you would die for me, but I am asking you to live for Josh."

Kim nodded against Ron's cheek. She had been getting ready to say the same thing.

"KP, there's one thing to try; my Mystical Monkey Power. I can think of Tara and try and reach her."

"But Ron, I don't have your power."

Ron caressed Kim's face in the darkness.

"KP, remember when you got turned into a monkey?"

Kim growled. "How could I forget?"

Ron continued. "Well, Wade was telling me that there was some Mystical Monkey Power in that amulet. Now, I know that you don't have the full monkey power but you can use it. I'm going to use the power and give some to you. Together we might be able to reach Tara and Josh.

Kim laid her head next to his. "Let's do it!"

Ron closed his eyes and called on his Mystical Monkey Power. He put all his strength into it, along with his love for Kim. If only one was to live then he wanted it to be Kim. He shifted all power to Kim and felt it as she shared her life force with him. He thought of Josh and in his mind called out to Josh.

Kim felt the warmth of Ron's power flow into her. She gathered what little remained of her strength and shared it with Ron. If one of them was to live then she wanted it to be Ron. With her last thoughts she called out in her mind to Tara.

In the darkness of the hole, the bodies of the two teens began to glow blue. Even with their eyes closed the blue light of the Mystical Monkey Power shown through their eyelids.


Tara and Josh were meeting on top of the snow. The two teams had found nothing. Kim and Ron had been under the snow for nearly two hours. Even with the survival equipment they could not have survived this long. Not getting a signal from the suits did not help. Josh looked up and down the slope helplessly. They had done everything they could. The two teams were waiting for them to move to the next area. Everyone knew that by now, this had moved from a rescue mission to a recovery mission.

Tara was about to speak when a vision of Kim burned into her mind. Kim was calling for her. She turned to Josh. His eyes were wide open in surprise.

"Did you….?" She started to ask.

"I just heard Ron clearly in my head." He said. Josh closed his eyes and reached for Tara's hands. She closed her eyes and took Josh's hands. Together they stood for a moment then started to walk. They headed for a section that was far off the slope. Then they stopped and looked down. A reporter captured a picture of the two of them standing, heads bowed with the setting sun behind them. He pulled a notepad from his pocket and drew a quick sketch of the scene and adding a line of text. "The Deaths of Team Possible."

The two rescue teams watched as the two other teens of Team Possible stopped to hold hands. The members of the team gave Josh and Tara some space as they faced the loss of their friends and loves. Tara and Josh then turned and walked to the side of the slope an area not considered to be an area where Kim and Ron might be.

Josh looked down at the snow under his feet. With trembling hands he pulled the Kimmunicator out of the pocket of his suit and activated the scanner. He passed it over the snow and it began to beep, the screen flashing red. Josh turned to scream at the rescue team. "OVER HERE! THEY ARE OVER HERE!"

The team dropped the probes and grabbed shovels. Soon the snow was flying as they dug desperately at the snow. A news crew with the rescue team filmed the digging. Josh and Tara were deep in the hole themselves; Josh using the scanner and Tara a shovel. Tara stuck her shovel in the snow and hit something soft. She dropped her shovel and started to dig with her hands. A suit appeared out of the snow then a shoulder and a mop of blonde hair. Hands soon uncovered the two teens lying arm-in-arm, cuddled together. They were locked in what appeared to be tight embrace. Camera flashes fired and tape rolled as the scene was uncovered. The medical technician knelt to check the pulses on the two teens. He checked one, then the other.

"They're alive!"

Kim's head moved and her eyes opened. She turned her head to see people looking down at her. Ron opened his eyes and looked around seeing everyone looking down at them. He saw Kim moving in front of him. Her smile was like a ray of sun to him. Kim saw that lovable goofy smile spread across Ron's face. Kim pressed her lips to Ron's and the pair passed out while kissing. The rescue teams pulled them from the snow. Stokes stretchers were brought up and the two teens were placed in them.


Ron opened his eyes to see a florescent light overhead. He was lying in a somewhat familiar bed. It was a patient bed at Middleton Hospital. He looked around and could see sunlight starting to come in the window. His parents and Mr. and Mrs. Possible were seated at a table along the far wall, apparently eating breakfast. He looked to his right and saw Kim lying in a bed beside him. She opened her eyes to smile at him, waved and blew him a kiss. Ron hit the switch to raise the head of his bed. The burring of the motor caused their parents to look around. Kim raised the head of her bed along with Ron.

"Kimmie! Kimmie cub! Ron! Ronald! You're awake!"

The Possibles and Stoppables rushed to their children's bedsides. Hugs and kisses came quickly. Kim and Ron laid back and looked around.

"Where are Josh and Tara?" Kim asked.

Mrs. Possible bowed her head slightly then nodded her head to her husband. Mr. Possible turned and retrieved a paper sitting on the table.

"Mom? Daddy? Where are Tara and Josh?" Kim asked again. "They survived, didn't…."

Mrs. Possible's hand went out and grabbed Kim by the hand. Kim glanced over at Ron, whose eyes grew wide.

"Yes, yes, yes, they're okay. It's just that something has happened. I think this will tell the story better."

Mr. Possible gave Kim a newspaper. Ron slid out of his bed and sat down on Kim's. Together they looked at the paper as Kim opened it. It was one of the papers that were always so critical of the two of them. The photographers from the paper always hounded the two of them and tried to take the most compromising and embarrassing pictures possible.

When Kim opened the folded paper, the front page was emblazed with a banner headline: "BREAKUP OF TEAM POSSIBLE PAIRS?" "UNFAITHFUL PARTNERS SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS!" On the page below the headlines were two pictures. One showed Tara and Josh kissing and the other showed the same of Kim and Ron.

Kim laid the paper down. "Where are they?"

Mrs. Stoppable put her hand down on Ron's.

"They're outside. But first let me tell you two some things. One, they were embarrassed that they were caught like that. Two, they were a little upset at the display you two put on. The media has been crucifying the two of them. You have to remember, neither one of them is used to this type of publicity. They're upset with themselves, and with the two of you. I think the four of you really need to talk. But first the two of you need to change into some regular pajamas, and then we will go get them."

Minutes later, the four parents left letting the door close behind them. In just a minute the door pushed open and Tara and Josh entered the room. They stood just inside the door as they let the door close behind them. Kim was sitting on her bed with Ron beside her. Tara took a step toward Ron then looked back at Josh. He stepped up beside her, bowing his head, then looking up at Kim.

"I know we have had this conversation before, but Tara and I have talked a bit. We just want you to know that …."

"Joshua Wendell Mankey, don't you dare say one more word!" Kim gibbered as tears came from her eyes. "I told you once before and I still mean it. It's you that I love. Ron and I just shared a special moment, much like I think you and Tara did."

"Ditto!" added Ron. "Tara, I told you that day on the farm how I felt. I trust you. Please trust me."

Kim and Ron stood and took several steps toward Josh and Tara. The two couples collided.


A podium had been set up in the auditorium of the hospital. News crews from the area and around the world were there. The pictures and stories published in the papers had the team breaking up, the couples breaking up, and a myriad of other stories. The parents of the four teens entered the room and stood to the side. Kim, Josh, Ron and Tara walked in hand-in-hand. Kim and Ron were in hospital robes while Tara and Josh were in their Team Possible outfits. All four approached the podium and stood together in a semicircle. Kim began to speak.

"First, we would like to thank all the members of the rescue teams who worked with Tara and Josh to find Ron and me. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not be here today. Second, there have been a number of reports that we have had a break-up of the team. That is far from the truth. We are still a team and will be far into the future. The final point we would like to make is this; there have been many reports that we as couples have broken up. Well, we could talk and explain all day, and some would still not be convinced. This is our answer."

Kim turned and placed her arms around Josh's neck. Ron placed his arms around Tara's waist. The two couples leaned into a kiss. Cameras flashed and tape rolled as Kim and Josh and Ron and Tara enjoyed their moment. Breaking their mutual kiss Kim and Tara laid their heads on the shoulders of their loves. Ron turned to the audience.

"I hope that answers any questions."



Over the next few months, the four teens of Team Possible traveled the world fighting the same villains but also working as rescue and relief workers. When the need came, the team would split with Kim and Josh going one way and Tara and Ron the other. Tara and Josh went through their Global Justice training and joined as full members. Mr. and Mrs. Mankey reconciled with their son. The pictures came down in his office and she resigned from her social clubs as they placed their full support behind their son. The Mankey's and the King's became friends and used their influence in their areas of expertise to further the work of Team Possible. Tara and Ron returned to Tara's hometown for the next Heritage Day celebration. Kim and Josh joined them and the four teens enjoyed just being away from all the rush of missions. Graduation came soon and the four friends attended Upperton University. Kim and Ron were still close and the four would face even more difficult and dangerous missions. But the four friends had found the love of their lives. Together they grew in love and friendship. Together they were the four friends of Team Possible.


I would like to thank everyone who has followed this story when it started as "Aftermath of Wannaweep". This is without a doubt has been my longest running series. The first chapter of "Aftermath of Wannaweep" was posted in January of 2005. Now, twenty-two months later, I bring this series to a close. I have worked hard to show in my view how a non-KR story could work. The idea of this came from the kiss that Tara gave Ron after he took down Gill that first time. I wrote that first chapter as a joke and the story built from there. I have tried to portray the characters as best I could.

This story could have gone on and on, but I felt that I would end up just repeating the same type mission and problems. This has been one of my greatest works and I hope that all of you have enjoyed it. I know it was not a K/R story but I really enjoyed putting it together for you. Will I ever do another like it? I just don't know right now. I have quite a group of stories to do in the future. One or two big surprises will be in store for aThis is the Captain

"Right hand salute"

Over and out.