HI! This story is a rob/star paring. It's my first attempt at this so please be nice. Please read and review!


"Friends!" Yelled Starfire entering the main room of Titans Tower. "Today is the July 4th."

Raven's eyes were still glued to her book. Beast Boy and Cyborg's eyes never left the gamestation.

"And I was wondering…" Continued Starfire. " If we may go see the woks of fire in the sky tonight?" She asked.

"Do you mean fireworks?" Asked Raven her eyes still looking at her book.

"Yes I-." Began Starfire.

"Dude, if I were you I'd go ask Robin…I mean he usually has our whole day planned right?" Asked Beast Boy.

"BOOYA!" Yelled Cyborg. "I just beat your sorry green butt at yet another video game."

"You cheated!" Yelled Beast Boy.

"Did not." Yelled Cyborg.

"Did too." Said Beast Boy.

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Boys." Mumbled Raven from the couch.

"Thank you friend Beast Boy I shall go find Robin now." Said Starfire walking out of the room Beast Boy and Cyborg's arguments still echoing throughout the tower.

Starfire stopped in front of Robin's room and knocked on the door. "Friend Robin…are you there?" She asked.

There was some noise in the room and finally after countless minutes of waiting Robin opened the door. "Hey Starfire. What's up?" He asked.

"Ummm…the ceiling?" She asked.

Robin smiled. He loved how she was so native. "I mean what's going on." He said.

"Oh." Said Starfire blushing. " Well, today is the July 4th and I was wondering if we may go to see the works of fire-I mean fireworks." Said Starfire.

"You mean…just us?" Asked Robin beginning to sweat.

"Well, I had asked the others to come but friend Beast Boy told me to come ask you because he did not know if you had anything scheduled for today." Said Starfire.

"Oh." Said Robin slight disappointment in his voice. "Well I don't see why not…what time?" He asked.

"I believe it is the 9 of PM." Said Starfire.

"OK." Said Robin.

"So…we may go?" Asked Starfire.

"Sure." Said Robin.

Starfire flung her arms around him. "Thank you friend Robin I shall go tell the others." She said Breaking the hug and flying down the hall.

"Yeah." Said Robin blushing. He turned and walked back into his room.

8:45 PM

"You guys ready?" Asked Robin looking at all of the titan's faces.

Raven didn't look to amused. Beast Boy was still glaring at Cyborg for beat-err-cheating in the video game. Cyborg was smirking triumphantly down at Beast Boy and Starfire was smiling at him nodding her head.

"I believe we are all ready friend Robin." Said Starfire.

Robin nodded. "OK lets go." Said Robin.

They arrived at a grassy spot about 10 minutes latter.

"So…when's this thing start again?" Asked Cyborg looking at the digital clock built into his arm.

"Should be about 5 more minute-." Began Robin but he was cut off by a 'bang' going off behind him.

"Looks like they're starting early." Said Raven.

Starfire's eyes gleamed as she watched two colored lights shoot up into the air and burst with light.

"They are marvelous…yes?" She asked.

"Yeah…beautiful." Said Robin keeping his eyes on Starfire.

Cyborg nudged Beast Boy who nudged Raven. All three of them smirked.

Robin looked back at his smirking teammates as he head 3 more bangs go off.

They instantly looked back to the fireworks.

Robin glared at them and turned forward. His mind raced with thoughts of Starfire, he just couldn't get her out of his mind. No matter what he did she was always in his mind. He knew he loved her he had loved her ever sense he had first met her. The thing he wanted to know was…did she feel the same way. He had a feeling he'd find out tonight.

How could I pay 1,000 dollars for some stupid lights to go up in air? He looked over at Starfire. That's why. His mind thought.

"Robin you do not enjoy the works of fire?" Asked Starfire.

Robin pulled himself away from his thoughts. "What? Oh no I was just-." Began Robin.

He was cut off by loud bangs going off in the air.

Robin gulped.

"Hey ya'll it's the finale." Said Cyborg from behind them.

Starfire turned her attention back to the fireworks watching the different colors in awe.

Suddenly they stopped.

"That's it?" Asked Beast Boy.

"I must admit it was most amusing." Said Starfire smiling widely.

"Yeah…whatever if it's over can we go home now I was in the middle of a good book and-."

Raven was cut off by 16 lights shooting up into the air.

"Dude look at that!" Yelled Beast Boy.

Starfire turned around to watch the lights form into letters.

Robin gulped. Please let her feel the same way. He silently prayed.

Starfire gasped watching the words 'I love you Starfire' form in the air for all of jump city to see.

"Please…someone…loves me?" Asked Starfire.

"I think Robin knows this 'someone'. Said Raven watching Robin blush a deep red color.

Starfire looked at each of her teammates. "Robin…do you know who this 'someone' is?" Asked Starfire.

Robin glared at Raven and turned to Starfire. "I am the somebody." Said Robin

Starfire smiled. "Oh I am most pleased to know this…I love you also Robin." Said Starfire blushing.

Robin looked at her confused. "You…do?" He asked.

Starfire nodded.

"Well this was bound to happen someday." Said Beast Boy.

Cyborg and Raven nodded in agreement.

"So…do you want to go now or-." Began Robin.

Starfire smiled and nodded giving him a quick peck on the cheek before getting inside the T car.

Robin stood there dumb struck.

"Come on lover boy." Called Cyborg from the T car. "Before we leave without you."

Robin shook himself out of his daze and climbed inside. They took off down the street towards the tower. So…this day didn't turn out so bad after all. Thought Robin to himself smirking. Robin turned around to look at Starfire who was gazing out her window. No not bad at all.

So…what did you think like I said this was my first attempt at Rob/Star. I know July 4th was yesterday but I couldn't help myself. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll have more one shots up latter when I think of some ideas.