Chapter 19 'Bachelor Auction'

"Titans, I believe you are all wondering why I've called you here today," Robin said to his team as he placed in front of the four titans sprawled across the main room couch.

"If this is about one of your crazy Slade leads can I just say that I'm not going to risk damaging my circuits to go looking for him in the gutter again," Cyborg stated to their masked leader.

Robin glared at his friend from under his mask before speaking up. "This is not about Slade." The whole team seemed to relax at these words which made Robin look even more frustrated. "This is about a letter I received from the mayor yesterday."

"Dude, what's he want?" Beast Boy asked from his laid back position on the couch.

Robin's temple throbbed. "I'm getting to that Beast Boy," he answered, clearly irritated. "The mayor has made it very clear in his letter that he doesn't believe that we are spending enough time mingling with the public. Sure, they trust us but we don't exactly socialize with them on a daily basis."

"And we're supposed to magically fix this…how?" Raven asked looking very bored with the whole conversation.

"Well…you see…that's why I called the meeting. The mayor has decided that in order for us to be more sociable they're holding a bachelor auction for the three of us," Robin responded looking at the other two males on the team.

"Hey wait a minute!" Cyborg interjected. "Why don't Star and Raven have to be auctioned off?"

"Cause Robin doesn't want to see his girlfriend get picked by some ginormous manly man," Beast Boy answered laughing, which caused his mechanical friend to burst into a fit of laughter also.

"Actually," Robin began glaring at the two teens that were in a fit of hysterics on the couch. "The mayor is slightly afraid of Raven, and he assumed she would cause harm to him in some way if she was signed up at a bachelorette auction."

Raven smirked slightly from under her hood. "He's not wrong," she replied which cause the changeling to inch away from her ever so slowly.

"Please, Robin, I am unaware of what a bachelor auction is," Starfire spoke up.

"It's an event in which we," he said this as he pointed to Beast Boy, Cyborg and himself, "will be sold in a type of competitive fashion. The person with the highest bid wins a…date with one of us."

Beast Boy seemed to sit up a little straighter at this comment. "You mean…all of my fan girls will be dying for my attention and I'll actually be picked by one to go out on a date with?"

"Uh, that's kinda what this auction is for Beast Boy," Robin added.

Raven rolled her eyes at Beast Boy's remark as she turned to look at the rest of her teammates. She was feeling a completely awful sadness in Starfire's direction and as her eyes fell on the alien girl she couldn't help but notice how downtrodden her face looked.

"So why did you even call Starfire and I to this meeting Robin?" Raven asked. "If we aren't in this thing, what was the point?"

"We're all invited," Robin answered. "Which means you and Starfire should probably come along for a good image. Maybe speak with some of the civilians and make yourself acquainted?"

"Oh Azar that sounds like so much fun," Raven replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Come on Rae, it won't be that bad!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Just try not to get jealous of all my fan girls. They'll prolly be swooning all night."

"Right…" Raven said raising an eyebrow at the changeling. "Anyway, as much fun as this meeting was I think I'm going to go meditate now."

"Friend Raven!" Starfire interjected quickly. "May I please do the act of meditating with you?"

"Uh…sure Starfire?" Raven said looking slightly confused at her teammate's reaction.

All three of the Titan males watched silently as the girls flew out of the room. It was a good minute afterwards before anyone spoke up.

"I think you just screwed that one up big time Robbie," Cyborg said breaking the silence.

"Me?" Robin asked astonished. "What did I do?"

"Dude!" Beast Boy exclaimed in a tone that clearly was meant for Robin to feel like an idiot. "You know that Star likes you. Why would you agree to this if you know that she likes you?"

Robin let out a long sigh. "Star knows this whole thing is for the public. It's not like the date is going to mean anything."

Cyborg shook his head while giving Robin a disapproving look. "I wouldn't be so sure about her knowing that buddy."

"Sides, why would you even want to go out with another girl?" Beast Boy implored. "We all know you like her too!"

"You're one to talk," Cyborg chuckled.

"What's that sposed to mean?" Beast Boy asked defensively.

"You and your fan girls?" Cyborg questioned. "What were you trying to do man? Make Raven jealous or something?"

Beast Boy's eyes widened as he looked between his two friends. "I was not!"

Robin let out a soft chuckle before raising a masked brow at the green teen. "You like Raven?"

"I never…I mean it's not like…Cyborg, you said you wouldn't say anything!" Beast Boy wailed.

"Man, I didn't say anything! I just asked what you were trying to do. You're the one that just admitted it!" Cyborg yelled back at his friend.

Beast Boy's eyes seemed to widen even more at the realization of this. "Dude, I cannot believe I just did that!"

"So I'm not the only one to blame here then," Robin said looking slightly amused.

"No, but you are more to blame than he is," Cyborg responded. "You know how Star feels…there is no way Raven would admit that she likes him to anyone."

"Thanks Cy," Beast Boy said sarcastically.

Robin let out a groan as he slumped onto the couch with his other two teammates. "Oh man, is that why Star left with Raven?"

Cyborg folded his arms across his broad chest before smirking at the two boys. "Oh yeah, and I'm sure they're both talking about you right now."

"How can Robin be such a…a…Klorbag!" Starfire fumed pacing around the half-demon's room in a fit of rage.

"I'm going to assume that you didn't follow me here to actually mediate," Raven answered opening one eye from her position in the air to stare at her friend.

"I am sorry friend Raven. I merely hoped that perhaps you knew something about Robin as to why he would do this? You do have a connection with him, yes?" Starfire asked.

"That is correct," Raven answered. "But I know nothing about this. However, I don't think Robin's intentions are bad, he's just so wrapped up in being a hero he doesn't realize what to do to not hurt other people's feelings sometimes."

Starfire sighed deeply before plopping herself on the dark girl's oval bed. "Men are confusing are they not?" She asked.

"Very," Raven answered in her monotone.

"It is as if they have no consideration of us when it comes to matters of the heart and heroism. And why would Robin want to do the 'going out' with a civilian! Does he not remember everything that happened with that horrible Kitten!"

Raven looked taken back for a moment watching her friend fume. This was Starfire, the bright, bubbly, happy one. She had never acted in this type of mannerism before.

"He is being inconsiderate," Starfire stated.

"Immature," Raven threw in.

"Yes, and stubborn!" The Tameranian spat as she stood up to begin her pacing again.

"His jokes aren't even funny."

Starfire stopped her walking to stare at her friend in confusion. "But…Robin does not tell jokes."

Raven's eyes widened realizing what she had just said aloud to her friend. "I uh…" was all she could manage to stutter out.

Suddenly as if an on switch went off in the alien's head she lit up like a string of Christmas lights. "You were not speaking of Robin at all! You were speaking of friend Beast Boy! Oh that is wonderful friend, I had not realized you had the feelings for him!"

"What!" Raven exclaimed backing away from her friend in shock. "I never…I didn't mean…I don't like Beast Boy," The half-demon snapped.

Starfire ignored her protests. "Oh how glorious! How long has your infatuation been going on?"

"Starfire, I do not like Beast Boy!" Raven hissed.

"But…you are jealous of him going to this 'auction' also, correct?" Starfire asked curiously.

Raven scoffed. "Please, I could care less who picks him."

"That is not true friend Raven," Starfire stated.

Raven glared at her friend. No one was supposed to ever find out about her crush on the green titan. She vowed it was a secret she was going to take to her grave and now somehow because of one slip of the tongue she was going to be exposed by Starfire of all people.

"Alright," Raven began slowly. "I do care about who picks Beast Boy, but only for the simple fact that I don't want to see him get his heart broken again. Terra damaged it pretty good a long time ago and it took awhile for him to get over," Raven reasoned hoping that her friend would fall for her explanation.

"Then…why do you not bid on him yourself?" Starfire asked innocently.

Raven slapped her palm against her face. She was getting nowhere with the princess. "Because I don't want to go on a date with him!" She yelled.

"But…opposites attract and…"

"Starfire," Raven said interrupting her. "If you feel so strongly about this why don't you take your own advice?"

"But…I do not wish to bid on friend Beast Boy," Starfire answered.

"No, I mean…take your advice and use Robin instead of Beast Boy," Raven clarified. "Who's to say you can't bid on him?"

"That is a marvelous idea friend Raven! But…I was under the impression that you must be a civilian to bid," Starfire said.

"Well then you'll have to just dress like a civilian and surprise him," Raven stated.

Starfire's bubbly spirit quickly flooded back into her as her eyes gleamed at the thought of surprising Robin with her disguise. "Oh, thank you friend Raven!" Starfire exclaimed quickly embracing the dark girl in one of her signature bone crushing hugs.

"No…problem," Raven wheezed trying to gasp for air.

"I must go tell Robin that I will not be attending in order to surprise him!" And with that the Tameranian princess quickly zipped out of the cloaked girl's room.

"Starfire…what do you mean you won't be going along?" Robin asked clearly taken back by the redheaded beauty's choice in words.

"I will not be attending the auction. Friend Raven and I discussed it and we feel it is best if someone stays at the tower to keep the watch," Starfire replied.

"Well, that's only logical," Robin answered letting out a sigh. "But are you sure Raven wouldn't want to stay…she doesn't seem like she wants to go much at all."

"Oh, no it was her specific instructions that I should stay here," Starfire said smiling brightly at the boy wonder.

"Alright Star…if you're sure…" Robin began.

"Oh yes, very!" Starfire exclaimed brightly. "Now if you would excuse me Robin, I must go find Silky, it is his feeding time."

Robin watched the doors sadly as she flew through them wondering why in the world he even agreed to this auction. And it wasn't like he could get out of it now. That was why he had waited till the day of the auction to tell him team about it, so no one could talk themselves out of going. Robin had never expected he would be the one who didn't want to go.

"Why so down Robin?" Cyborg asked coming into the main room with an oil rag slung over his shoulder implying he had been doing some work on the T-car before tonight.

"It's nothing Cy, Star just told me that she's not going tonight," Robin answered doing his best to sound nonchalant about it.

Cyborg shrugged as he walked up to the masked boy to put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Well, what did you expect man. Put yourself in her shoes, if it was her up there being bid on would you seriously be okay with that?"

Robin looked up at his wise friend as it all slowly came to him. Of course he wouldn't be okay of some guy was bidding to take Starfire out on a date! So why was it okay for him to allow a random girl to bid on him?

"You're right!" Robin announced. "I'm such a jerk. Why did I expect her to be okay with this?"

"Hey don't beat yourself up so much, it's not like you were planning this whole thing. I blame the mayor. He's got it out for us," Cyborg joked. "By the way what time does this thing start?"

"In about an hour," Robin replied dully. "Where's Beast Boy? We should probably get ready."

"Green bean went to go get ready more than a half an hour ago," Cyborg answered. "Says he wants to look good for his fan girls."

"You mean Raven?" Robin answered snickering a bit.

"What about me?" Raven's voice broke through the air and caused the two males to turn around slowly as if she was going to throw them from the tower for just mentioning her name.

"Raven! Uh, we didn't hear you come in!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"That happens when you're deep in conversation I guess. I didn't want to disturb you two but then I heard my name…what about me?" She asked again.

"Oh, uh we were just wondering if you…were still going along," Robin responded. "And we wanted to know if you could go…go-."

"Get Beast Boy for us!" Cyborg cut in. "We need to leave soon."

"Whatever," Raven answered in her monotone before turning her backs to them and walking back through the main room doors.

"Alright Beast Boy…you can do this," the changeling told himself as he looked into his floor length mirror. "You're going to go out there and impress those girls tonight. You are in no way going to worry about what she's thinking because she most likely does not, will not, and could not like you!" He was now pushing his index finger against the mirror poking his mirror self in the chest. "Agh, what's the use," he complained. "It doesn't matter what my fan girls think, I just wish for once she'd notice me."

"Beast Boy?" Asked a soft voice followed by a knock on his door.

Beast Boy quickly pulled himself away from his reflection as he let out a loud squeal before tripping over his own two feet and crashing onto his floor.

"Are…you okay in there?" The dark girl's monotone voice rang out from behind his door.

"Raven! Um, yeah, I'm fine, come in," Beast Boy answered.

The door swished open to reveal the pale girl. Her hood was down so he could see her beautiful face laced with the look of concern. "You were talking to yourself," she stated.

Beast Boy out let out a nervous laugh while reaching up to scratch the back of his head. "Heh, you heard that?" He asked.

Raven gave him a small nod. "Just…the last part," she admitted.

"Oh, well…I can explain"

"You have no reason to explain it to me Beast Boy," Raven said watching her teammate boost himself up off the ground so they were at eye level. "Trying to get someone's attention is your own personal business and I'm sure it'll work out for you tonight. Given that she's going to be there."

"Well, yeah, she'll be there but I highly doubt that she's going to notice me. She never does any other time really," Beast Boy explained.

Raven frowned at this comment and tried to will herself to make some small gesture to make him feel better but nothing seemed to come to her. "I wish I could help, really, but I was just sent up here by Robin and Cyborg to tell you it's about time to go."

"Oh, okay! Thanks Rae," he said putting on the fakest smile he had smiled in awhile.

"Beast Boy," Raven began softly noting the fake smile on his face. "She'd be a fool not to bid on you."

Beast Boy's ears quickly perked up at this comment and he let his real smile shine through. "You think so?"

Raven gave him a small nod before pulling her hood up to cover the blush that was forming. "Now let's not keep the others waiting." And with that she was gone, leaving the green boy standing in his room with a gleam in his eye and a flutter in his heart.

"Welcome citizens of Jump City!" The mayor chorused as he adjusted the microphone on stage so he could better speak into it. "Or should I say ladies of Jump City?" He joked seeing all of the female faces in the crowded room. "Now I'm sure you're all excited to begin the bidding. Remember the top bidder wins a date with the Titan of your choice! And all of the proceeds go to funding towards our beautiful city. Now shall we begin?"

There was an earsplitting scream from one of the fan girls and then the rest of them followed suit with screaming and clapping.

"Alright!" The mayor exclaimed "We'll start with the team's tech brainiac. Everyone welcome Cyborg!"

There was a boisterous applause for the half-man half-machine while he smiled and took a bow as the mayor went on about his accomplishments.

Beast Boy and Robin sat in chairs on the side of the stage waiting for their turn to appear. Both seemed to look slightly uncomfortable by the whole situation they were in. Of course Robin knew why he was feeling this way but wasn't Beast Boy's idea to make Raven jealous? Why was he acting so unhappy about the whole thing?

"What's wrong with you?" Robin asked.

"Same as you I guess," Beast Boy mumbled. "We both won't be leaving with the girls we want. I don't know why I thought trying to make Raven jealous was a good idea. This is Raven we're talking about. She probably doesn't even do jealous."

"We will start the bidding at fifty dollars!" The mayor yelled over Beast Boy and Robin's whispers.

"At least she's here," Robin mumbled dejectedly. "Star wouldn't even leave the house tonight. I'm such a jerk."

"We're both jerks dude," Beast Boy added.

"Do I hear two-hundred?" The mayor called out.

"At least Cy was happy with this whole thing…so I guess it wasn't a total bust," Beast Boy said.

"I guess," Robin said continuing to look unamused by the bidding going on. "Do you think Starfire will forgive me for this?" He asked suddenly.

Beast Boy stared at the boy wonder confused. They had never been the best of friends. Sure, they would protect each other in battle but he had never had a close relationship with Robin like he had with Cyborg. "Dude, this is Star we're talking about…she forgives everyone!"

"But to go out on a date with some other girl while I know about her feelings towards me…I feel lower than I ever have before," Robin responded.

"Yeah, but…it's not like you like the other girl. You said it yourself; it's for the betterment of the team! Or…something like that," Beast Boy said looking confused.

"Five hundred going once…twice…sold to the blonde lady in the third row! Tell us what your name is dear!" The mayor yelled holding the microphone down for the petite girl with her hair tied up in a ponytail.

"Um, Sarah." She paused to clear her throat. "Sarah Simms," she responded more confidently.

"Well alright!" Cyborg said jumping down off the stage. "Looks like I'm your date little lady!" He extended his large arm for her to grab onto.

"Thank you sir," she said taking hold of it as Cyborg escorted her over to the table marked for the titans and their bidding winners.

"Next we have Robin, the boy wonder. Now I'm sure all of you want to know more about-."

"Just start the bidding!" Yelled a brunette from the crowd.

"Okay then, we'll get right on that," the mayor chuckled. "Robin, care to come up here?"

Robin gave Beast Boy a nervous glance before standing up and crossing the stage as an eruption of applause started.

"Alright, we'll start at fifty, anyone want to bid fifty dollars?" The mayor questioned.

Every single female's hand went up except for Raven of course who was seated around a table with a bunch of people wearing dark make up and even darker clothes.

"Stupid question," the mayor said. "Alright, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred?" He continued raising the prices as the hands stayed up.

"I bid one thousand dollars," the brunette who had demanded they start the bidding declared smirking up at the masked boy.

Robin's heart sank in his chest, this was it.

"Do I hear one thousand five hundred?" The mayor asked watching the entire rooms of hands drop like flies. Robin couldn't help but notice that one hand stayed up besides the brunette's. He couldn't tell who she was due to her giant floppy hat she had pulled over her eyes but he could see her long red hair cascading over her shoulders and her tiny arms peeking out from under the sleeves of her purple dress and he couldn't help but be reminded of Starfire, all alone at the tower watching out for invisible crime.

"Alright, two thousand?" The mayor asked.

The brunette grunted and stared at the mystery girl in the corner as if hoping she would back down. When she didn't the brunette dropped back to her seat she had previously risen from when announcing her one thousand dollar bid.

"Going once, twice…SOLD! To the…lady with her hat on her head," the mayor began sounding confused. "Uh, Robin, she doesn't look like she wants to make herself known. Why don't you go up to her and talk," the mayor whispered.

Robin nodded at the mayor as he hopped down from the stage. There was no way he could go out with this girl, even if she did have Starfire's hair. He was going to have to tell her that he couldn't go out with her and that was that.

"Excuse me," Robin began. "I'm really happy you picked me and all but…look I don't know how to say this but I don't think I can go out with you tonight. I know you probably think this is a rip off but there's someone on my team I have very strong feelings for and it's unfair for her and for me to be going out with you tonight. I hope you understand."

"No, I do not understand," the girl's voice responded. Robin's masked eyes slowly widened as the voice clicked in his mind, he knew that voice! He knew that voice very well! "You do not wish to go out with me Robin?" Ever so slowly she tilted her head upwards to reveal the smile she was hiding under her giant floppy hat.

"Starfire!" Robin exclaimed bending down and embracing her in a hug before pulling her out of her seat and spinning her around. "How did you…I thought…is this even allowed?"

"I do not see why it should not be," Starfire answered giggling. "I came as a civilian tonight, not a titan." And indeed she was right, she had discarded her entire uniform and if Robin wouldn't have known better he would have mistaken her as a normal human.

"I'm so sorry Star," Robin answered. "I never meant to hurt you with this but I didn't realize what a bad idea it was until it was too late and-."

"Robin," Starfire said cutting him off.

"Yeah Star?" Robin asked.

"Let us not think of the past. Perhaps we should talk of where we will go on our date?" She suggested.

Robin's smile seemed to take up his entire face at that point as he led his top bidder over to their table. "I like that idea," Robin answered before directing his attention back up to the stage where there was only one lone titan left.

"And lastly but certainly not least we have the residential jokester of the group!" The mayor yelled to the crowd. "I give you all Beast Boy!"

The applause thundered around the green skinned boy as he stepped out on stage his eyes landing on the swarm of girls screaming up at him and then darting from group to group until he saw her. Raven was sitting around a table with a bunch of goth kids who were talking to her but it seemed as if she wasn't paying them any attention. Her eyes were fixed on stage watching Beast Boy look around, she assumed it was to look for his mystery girl and make sure she was going to be the top bidder tonight. Then the strangest thing happened, he looked at her his eyes making contact with her purple orbs and then his mouth twisted upwards into a huge grin.

"As a changeling Beast Boy can transform into any animal known to mankind. He's known for his jokes and good sense of humor as well as his vegetarianism…" the mayor's voice seemed to drift off as Beast Boy continued to keeps his eyes in Raven's direction. She was looking at him seeming very confused at this point. He couldn't blame her, she had no idea he was wishing she could bid along with the rest of the girls here. He wondered if she even would have tried to bid if she was allowed to…

"So let's start at fifty dollars!" The mayor exclaimed. "Do we have fifty dollars?"

Hands flew up and the old Beast Boy would have been ecstatic to see thirty hands raised for a date with him but all he could think about right now was that none of these girls were the one he wanted.

"A hundred? Two Hundred? Three hundred? Four hundred?" It continued on until one lone hand was raised stuck at six hundred dollars.

Raven looked around confused. Beast Boy looked miserable on stage and she could sense his gloom from where she was sitting. She assumed he would have found the girl he wanted to bet on him by now but so far the only time he looked slightly happy when on stage was when he looked in her direction. Slowly realization came over her, Beast Boy had stated that the girl he liked would be there but she probably wouldn't notice him and he didn't seem to set on her bidding on him either, which could have meant that she wasn't supposed to be bidding on him in the first place.

Raven's eyes darted back to the stage where her violet eyes met Beast Boy's green ones once again and he gave her a weak smile. Raven could sense some small shift in his emotions. Was he really happier after just…seeing her? Did that mean…could Beast Boy really feel that way about her? Her of all people? Emotionless, cold, creepy Raven.

"Going once, going twice…

"Seven hundred dollars."

There were a collection of gasps from across the room and it seemed like everyone's eyes looked in Raven's direction unbelieving of what they were witnessing.

Beast Boy's ears perked up hearing her signature monotone and his eyes seemed to twinkle along with his smile when he looked back at the half-demon who was standing there looking utterly embarrassed at her outburst.

"Uh…" The mayor began unsure what to say at the demoness bidding on one of her own teammates.

"Eight hundred," snapped the blonde girl in the corner that had been about to win with six hundred.

Raven turned to slowly glare at the girl. "Eight fifty," she responded.

"Nine hundred," the blonde girl spat looking satisfied with herself.

Beast Boy watched the two intently, as did the rest of the room, while his friends sat there watching with their mouths hanging open at the scene displayed before them.

Raven could feel her emotions rising, it wasn't a good sign and she knew that but she wanted to win this and be done with it all. "One thousand dollars," snapped the dark girl before her eyes morphed into four demonic red eyes.

The blonde girl quickly flung herself back into her seat. "You win, take him!" She yelled gripping the sides of her chair tightly in case Raven decided to go crazy and toss her from her seat.

"Well, looks like…we have a winner?" He asked confused. Raven quickly turned to look at him her eyes glowing bright white. "I mean…we have a winner!" The mayor exclaimed.

Beast Boy didn't wait for another word. The changeling quickly jumped down from the stage and flung his arms around the Azerathian. Raven stiffened at first by the hug and the fact that all of these people were watching her in her uncharacteristic moment but ever so slowly she wrapped her arms around him and gave a quick hug back.

Beast Boy suddenly pulled back holding her shoulders at arm's length from him. "Hey Rae guess what?" He asked chuckling.

Raven looked at him with a confused expression written on her face. "What?"

"She noticed me," Beast Boy responded before closing the gap between them and pressing his lips against hers.

The crowed burst into applause at this moment which didn't exactly help Raven's emotions but she managed to hold her powers together with a few minor cracks in the windows and rips in the stage curtain.

"Hey Raven!" Cyborg's voice broke through their moment. "You know you could have had him for free, right?"

I don't know why but after spellbound I always foresee Cyborg interrupting BB and Rae's 'moments'. Haha.

I know it's been forever and a day since I updated any oneshots but I got to thinking the other day and this popped in my mind and it was too cute to pass up. So I worked hard today making it for you all! Hope you enjoy.