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TimeLine: Seventh Year

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The Fey Ones

Part One: Lucius' secret

September 1st came around not a day too soon in Harry's opinion. He managed to throw his trunk into the Dursley's car before breakfast, a little more than eager to make it to Kings Cross by lunch. Harry sat in the hot car for about forty-five minutes as his Uncle Vernon took his sweet time getting out of the house. The station was packed as normal and his Uncle lurked about glaring at those he thought looked suspicious or in other words "freaky".

Vernon murmured something faintly about locking weirdoes up but Harry wasn't going to let his Uncle's prejudices stop him from starting out his seventh year on a high note.

"Well, uh, bye then." Harry said with a nervous smirk since he wasn't sure if he'd ever be going back to the Dursley's.

But going back to the Dursley's wasn't his main worry, nor was any worry really. All matter Dursley was forgotten as quickly as he spotted his best friend Ron and the Weasley family. Mr. Weasley wasn't present but Mrs. Weasley threw her arms around Harry and kissed his head like he wasn't seventeen and five inches taller then her.

"Hi." Harry said bashfully.

Ginny hugged him blushing pink before nervously skittering away. Ron gave him a light shove and pointed at the train. "Come on, 'Mione has already boarded and found us a cabin."

"Right then, good bye, I'll see you at Christmas?"

"Of course, Harry, dear!" She blew the boys kisses as they disappeared onto the train.

"I think my mum's about ready to adopt you, Harry." Ron said swinging open the cabin door at the end of the row.

Hermione gave them a wide smile as the two entered. Neville Longbottom sat across from her clutching his toad Trevor in hand generously smiled at them as well, showing his overly large teeth.

"You ready for our last year?" Ron asked cheerfully to the cabin as they sat down.

"Yes." Neville flushed. "I'll be starting my Greenhouse training at the Oswald Conservatory in July."

Though a very nice person, Neville had never been very good with magic. However, when it came to the Greenhouse he seemed to always have had the magic touch with growing plants. Professor Sprout, the Herbology instructor at Hogwarts, had been more than pleased to give him an excellent recommendation for the Oswald Greenhouse that had accepted him straight way to study when Hogwarts was finished.

"That's wonderful Neville!" Hermione said ever so pleased. "I'll be starting my Healers training in July as well, at the Healers Center in London."

"Granted our N.E.W.T.s are good, Harry and I start Auror boot camp in August leaving us some time to horse around during the summer." Ron grinned as Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Just what you two need: more time to horse around. Hey, is that Malfoy?" Hermione leaned to look out the window. "He looks… a little different doesn't he?"

Harry didn't bother to look but Ron and Neville did. Ron snickered immediately. "Looks like he's lost weight."

"He is a bit skinny; maybe his father is being hard on him." Hermione said causing everyone to look at her

"I'd count on it, looks like he's giving him a good row." Ron said peering out the window looking rather pleased about this notion.

"This could be humorous." Ginny said popping into the cabin and pressing her face against the window.

"Stop it!" Hermione laughed tugging the smallest Weasley onto the seat beside her. The others snickered as they took their seats picking up their chat about the new school year and what they had done over the summer holidays.

Harry couldn't help it when his eyes drifted out the window a moment falling on Draco Malfoy. He was thinner, not sickly but much too slender to be considered physically dangerous by most people. His tongue was deadly though, Harry thought. I'm going to block him out this year. And with a private nod to himself he turned back to the conversation with his friends.

Draco Malfoy tried not to zone out his father when he insisted going through with his routine beginning-of-the-year lecture. Malfoys always get top grades. Malfoys always get top N.E.W.T.S. Malfoys always win House Cup. In Draco's opinion Malfoys did too much, for their own damn good.

"Yes, father." Draco droned with a sigh. He was 6'1 dammit and didn't need his over-baring father lecturing him in front of the other students.

The seventeen-year-old's good looks had only improved and he was looking more like his father everyday. However, no matter how much the idea of his toned lengthy body being thought of as girlish chaffed him, it seemed the best way to describe the subtle but sensual curves of his flat stomach, and waist. His abs were modestly defined in a way that complimented his slender form. His shoulders were tall and proud; defining the Quidditch training he'd done over the summer. Draco indeed did not feel much like listening to his father but ran a hand through his silvery blond hair without so much a sigh and obediently nodded away anyhow.

Why did he have such a problem with authority? Draco always felt like he needed to be the one giving orders, like it was just in his blood or something. Could be, a voice pondered. Malfoy blood and all.

"Do you understand me, Draco? I want monthly updates on your grades." Lucius Malfoy told him giving him very fatherly eyes.

"Yes, father, I'll owl them to you when I get them." Draco said and his voice drifted a bit as he glanced at the train and saw two very green eyes starring at him.

Potter? What does that Scarhead want? Stupid smug Gryffindor, I'll get him in Quidditch this year! The determined voice that sounded annoyingly like his father's swore heatedly. A mental picture of Harry in his tight forming Quidditch robes suddenly encroached upon his vision. Oh no, The-boy-who-lived was no longer a gangly teen. He was turning into a fine looking man according to the wizarding masses. Not that I look. Draco said quickly assured his self. Though he did even try to shake the sight Harry's fit form all flushed and tousled that again chose to assault his senses. Tall and much wider built then he, Harry's skin was tanned while his was pale. Harry's hair was dark and messy while his was light and perfectly combed at all times. Clearly opposites by nature, but that confidant smirk the green-eyed enigma always gave Draco before the match that could rival his own…that was just pure Potter genes….

"Draco, are you listening to me?" His father voice cut into his thoughts.

"Yes sir, but the train's departing soon. I'll owl you with my midterms." He gave a short nod and turned towards the train without another glance at his father.

Lucius Malfoy sighed. That boy just didn't understand, and he knew it was his own fault. Draco simply had no idea just how important he was.

Later that month of September, somewhere in the winding halls of Hogwarts' west wing in a partially padded, mirrored, and stone floored room sat nearly 40 students. Their eyes drooping and mouths slacking, they weakly fought the lull of the cozy stupor created from the warm pools of sunshine that coursed through the rooms many high-narrowed windows. Such inviting warmth so contrary to the dark looming form of their professor in the midst of his lecture was surely too hard to fight.

"…CONTRARY…" Snape's voice snapped everyone in the Defense against the Dark Arts class out of their zombie-like-state. "…Veela are most commonly rumored to be descendants of the Sirens, however this is not true, which incidentally brings us up to the next Lore of today's lessons." Snape rolled his eyes a bit as he leaned against the desk. "The most powerful Lore is that of the Fey."

Many Slytherin heads shot up at those words. Did he say powerful?

"The Fey are commonly known as Fairies," The class snickered as Snape turned a bored look with a derisive sniff on them and waited till they were able to control their smirks, giggles, and snorts of laughter.

"I believe class, that you are picturing a stereo type. I imagine, let me see, five inch, little pixies adorned in leaves that sparkle and skip around leaving everyone with happy thoughts?"

Harry Potter, quite amused by the fact that Snape had just uttered the phrase "skipping around", also suddenly found his self more interested in what was being said.

"You, however, could not be more wrong. Yes, the Fey Ones are beautiful, but it is a deadly beauty that one cannot comprehend until one under their spell. The very essence of their skin," He rubbed his two fingers against his thumb as to show touch, "Breathes a life that no man can control. Women upon seeing a Fey One kill themselves immediately, yes Ms. Morgan?" He asked a Slytherin girl slightly annoyed at the interruption.

"Why do women kill themselves?" asked the seventh year's high-pitched voice.

"It is not clear if the Fey Ones send secret messages into their heads, but a bonded Wizarding pair's fatal encounter with a Fey One taken a century back is at least one eye witness account of such ability. The tragedy recorded in a book of poetry states that the female half of the bonded pair unknowingly wandered into Avalon and came upon a Fey One. Unprepared, the fey spell came upon her quick, filling her with such self-loathing that she ended her life. Her bonded mate, who had the ability to see through his mates eyes--as do all bonded couples, lived the self-loathing turmoil and subsequent suicide of his mate; before he too followed in death.

"It is not believed that the Fey Ones are an evil race they just see themselves to be above any other creature. Their social system is most commonly referred to as a Hive; all adhere to the command of The Queen. The last Queen known to man was Morgan La Fey who unlike the stories did not dwell among the humans but in the forest outside of Camelot."

Snape held back a smirk at the attentive faces of his now captive audience and continued. "Merlin's powers and skill allowed him to master his senses in time to aid him in King Author's rescue from Avalon, but not in time to keep himself from succumbing to the Queen's seduction, leaving her with child."

"Why can a Wizard produce a Prince but muggles produce only female Fairies?" A dark haired Slytherin asked.

"A Wizard has a power similar to the magic of the Fey while Muggles have none, and the Muggles weak genetic make up is masked by the X chromosome found only in a fey female's body. The Queen did not always bare a male heir when mating with a wizard but male heirs are the more common result of such a coupling in the recent centuries." Snape told them while magicking funky illustrations complete with red X's and O's and dotted lines onto the blackboard.

"The Fey are normal size unlike what most people think, only they have wings and a rather ethereal glow to them, as such they have been known to be mistaken for angels. These additions brought on by their powers make it nearly impossible to hide among the Muggle or Wizarding World. This is why they have separated themselves and abide in forests or other realms. They cannot abandon their powers without giving them up completely and few would do that as they see themselves close to perfect anyhow." Glancing at the clock he realized they had gone over time. "A new Essay is due on Friday," The class groaned in unison. "And since you've taken such an interest in the Fey I expect THREE parchments no later then this week. Class dismissed."

As they all walked from the room everyone was chattering excitedly about the class. Malfoy stood up grinning. "Father met a Fairy once."

Pansy turned around quickly at his side eyes widening in wonder. "REALLY Draco? Was she SO beautiful?" She squealed in delight bouncing on the balls of her feet as they made their way to the door.

"He doesn't speak of it often but I was warned against them, so they must be pretty powerful!" Draco said as though it was so terribly important.

"Did he have an affair with one?" Blaise grinned lazily as he walked by.

"No, he's a Wizard, only the Queen can touch a Wizard." Draco scoffed shooting him a look. "But he gets very odd when people talk about it. He's never directly admitted anything."

When the Slytherins disappeared into the hall Harry turned to look at his friends. "I think he's full of it."

"He's full of something," remarked Hermione glaring after the Slytherin and his entourage.

Some days later as a Mr. Lucius Malfoy took a long drink from a fine crystal Firewhiskey goblet held precariously in one hand by long pale-delicate fingers, he sifted through the week's usual parcels and postcards. He made no noise or even sneers while checking the afternoon postand the rarely seen serenity resting behind his light grey orbs and thin lips once again graced the dark silent walls of Malfoy Manner. He was nearly finished when an owl glided into his office, coming to rest on a perch at desk side. It was Draco's owl from school so eager to hear about his son's first weeks back to school, Lucius ceased the business mail and opening the letter at once.

Hello Father,

The test results for my midterms have just arrived. I'm receiving an O in History of Magic, Ancient Runes, Defense against the Dark Arts and Potions. I'm receiving an E in that stupid Care of Magical Creatures class. It must be a mistake I'll have it seen to immediately.

I'm sorry I didn't write earlier to tell you about my midterm grades but Snape has us writing this stupid report about Fairies, err Fey Ones, or whatever they are called. They sound rather odd if you ask me. When you met them what did they look like? Did they seem like angry things? Anyway I'm going to return to my Essay.

D. Malfoy

Those same delicate fingers crushed his son's letter violently and Lucius roared to his feet snatching up his silver snake-head cane. "Stupid, ignorant, foul . . .!" He ranted making his swift way out the large polished door towards Hogwarts.

Dumbledore was just finishing up the last bit of paperwork when his door swung open revealing a storming Lucius Malfoy with Snape hot on his heals.

"I don't see what this is about, Lucius. Draco is receiving an O in my class and…Excuse us, Headmaster. Mr. Malfoy stormed into my office this afternoon demanding I stop all lectures toward the Lore I'm planning on the entire month. It's a very large part of their N.E.W.T.s come this spring. They must be prepared."

"I don't care." snapped Lucius. "I will see the governors' halt all further…"

"Please, calm yourself Lucius." The old man said a kind smile. "Have a seat." Flustered Lucius sat on the edge of the plush chair before Dumbledore's desk.

The wise old Wizard took a guess when he asked, "Is it important for the class, or Draco?"

Lucius only looked at him. Yes, he knew Dumbledore was a powerful wizard but this man knew so little about his past. "I'm afraid I don't want Draco knowing."

"Knowing what?" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled.

"I…had a most unfortunate run in with the…Fey, when I was a young man. I'm afraid I made them rather mad." Lucius said carefully as if choosing his words wisely.

"Really?" Dumbledore leaned back in his chair.

"But I know my son and if he knows enough about them he will surely try to find them…they would recognize him." Lucius said looking directly at Dumbledore intently

"Recognize YOUR son, did you offend them so much?" Dumbledore asked a familiar twinkle lighting his eyes as a grin twitched at his lips.

"I'm afraid so." Lucius replied a bit sourly as several images of shrieking Fey Ones appeared in his mind. He shivered. Oh yes, they loved to shriek when they were pissed off, only when they did it was called a Shrill and was quite deadly.

Dumbledore leaned his elbows on the desk and looked at Lucius over clasped hands as though trying to read him. This was very unlike how he usually pictured the "collected" man that Lucius and all Malfoy's liked to portray. "Hmmm…very interesting. If you fear so much for Draco why don't you simply…"

"He'll want to do it even more if I tell him not to." Lucius interrupted half growling in impatience. "I see too much of myself in him."

Dumbledore nodded, however still curious. "I believe that the teaching of how to find the Fey Ones is to be left out."

"But…" Snape started.

"I'm sorry, Severus, but I would never want endanger any student in our school and I do not believe Mr. Malfoy here would be so troubled if it were not absolutely necessary."

Lucius giving Dumbledore a nod in thanks rose from his seat. "I'm sorry to have broken your lesson plan down, Severus, old friend but Draco's safety is more important." He looked in relief to the headmaster once again with grateful eyes and light smile, surprising the wizened wizard who stood in kind. "Good day Headmaster." He said softly and left as quickly as he had come.

"Good day, Mr. Malfoy", returned Dumbledore, the spacious office falling into a thoughtful silence when the doors shut.

"That was more than suspicious." Snape said matter-of-factly. "You do realize he was lying?"

Dumbledore only let his mouth twitch at the beginning of a smile for the headmaster always seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else. "Parts were lies, yes. I believe we must watch our young Mr. Malfoy, for he is in danger greater than we expected."

The Potion Master huffed, annoyed by the codger knows all twinkle beaming like the North Star. "I always knew there was a reason Draco had five protection charms on him. I just always assumed that it was because Lucius had many enemies."

"It appears he does have very strong enemies, Severus, only not the ones we assumed, and it is eight charms by the way." Dumbledore said nonchalantly, once again reclining comfortably behind his polished desk.

"Eight? Why in the World would anyone need eight?" Snape asked sitting down uncomfortably across from the Headmaster. "For most a simple protection spell would leave them out of harms way. To have eight protection spells would be overdoing it even if Harry Potter were about to face the Dark Lord."

"I don't know if Harry would agree with you on that one Severus, my boy, but what I have determined is that there is one standard protection charm, an essence protection charm, a repellent charm (though this one is of great mystery), one outsider confusion spell, a charm of which I have yet to determine its intent, though I believe has to do with mates, one notice-me-not and two charms I am unsure of."

"A notice-me-not," Snape began confused. "Draco is plenty noticed…"

"Yes, yes, he does call to attention himself worthy of a star, doesn't he, but there are many variations of this spell. It could be a notice-me-not for wizards, muggles or magical beings. It could even be a notice-me-not so if and when the Fey ever saw Draco they would not take offense." Dumbledore replied evenly ignoring the unanswered question that echoed amongst the portraits, 'offense against what?'

The mischievous Fat Fryer voice inside the Headmaster's head perked up at that moment quipping in a rather drunken and raucous way about the most mysterious charm of them all. Laughing it up merrily when the old man pouted in annoyance. The Intent Charm made Dumbledore very curious in deed. Did the Fey Ones place such a curse upon Lucius that it had now been passed down to Draco? A curse, perhaps which caused a person to be unloving towards one's mate. There were many possibilities and the headmaster was afraid only time would tell.

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