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TimeLine: Seventh Year

Discrepancies: Lucius Malfoy is not in Azkaban so imagine that everything in the series from Book 1 to Book 5 happened; only Lucius was not among the Death Eaters at the Ministry in OotP during the battle in Hall of Prophecies. (I really needed him in the story so he couldn't be a runaway!)

Warnings: Contains slash, Harry and Draco pairing, mpreg eventually if you don't like it then don't read it and get mad at me.

The Fey Ones

Part 21: Grayscale

Harry was glowing when he left the headmaster at the door of the manor. He had to leave again and Harry did not ask him where he was going only that he would keep him up to date with the latest information.

Harry had just shut the front door and was walking to the kitchen when the floor in the living room sprung to life and a tall blonde stepped out causing Harry's heart to explode.


It felt like it had been years, no lifetimes since he'd laid eye on his mate. Draco was so still for a moment Harry worried but he saw the blonde was trembling with an effort to remain still.

"Why are you just standing there?" Harry whispered.

"I don't want to hurt you." He said nearly thru his teeth. "I'm at my limit."

"So am I!" Harry whispered and made his way to the Fey Prince placing his freezing hands on Draco's burning neck kissing a line up his throat to his chin. "Draco, please kiss me!"

That was it. The limit, the impossibly thin line in front of him vanished and Harry was not only kissed, he was ravished. Draco wrapped his arms around the smaller boys waist and pulled him tight against him, his hands behind his head so it was crushing their mouths together. Harry was trembling in the blondes arms but wanted this just as much.

Harry began to feel like fire was coursing thru his veins like molten lava. It caused his pulse to brace, heart to pump, his head grew light and his skin burned like it was sizzling on open flame and Merlin it felt fantastic!

Harry struggled to get his heavy robes off as he was burning up. Watching Harry's clothes disappear piece by piece was causing Draco's eyes to roll back in his head.

"You're going to be the death of me, Potter." Draco murmured tenderly sucking on his bottom lip now.

"No," Harry murmured. "Not till you mate with me."

Nothing he could have said would have shocked Draco more. "W-what? Harry, do you know what you're saying?"

"I do." He blushed. "It's a terrible time, I shouldn't get pregnant and I know you can only mate for the first time when your close to your Hive's magic in the Forbidden Forrest. It's dangerous and stupid but," Harry looked forlorn. "I can't help but want it."

Draco himself felt so torn between protecting him and mating with him. With Harry in so much danger how could he be so selfish as to mate with him now? How could he deny him? Draco wondered.

The blonde held Harry's face between his hands and smirked. "Potter, you always have a way of driving me crazy."

A twitch at the corner of his mouth brought back more of the usually feisty Potter that Draco was used to. Draco traced his chin an down his slightly short neck to his collarbone. They were polar opposites in so many ways, it amazed him that they were so meant for one another. Where Draco was long and graceful in every way, Harry was short and clumsy. Maybe that was the true meaning of yin and yang, they just ended up fitting together in perfect harmony.

"Sometimes, I feel like you have to do the direct opposite of what everyone wants you to." Draco sighed.

"Why are you acting like this?" Harry scowled. "And Dumbledore's not against this, he said we should live our lives."

"He would." Draco murmured and stroked his face. "I know about the prophecy." Harry flinched a little and Draco wondered if shame crossed his face for a moment. "I'd hate to think you were agreeing to mate with me so that you'd be excused from having to fight Voldemort."

CRACK! Harry's open palm connected with Draco's face and a distinct green hue seeped and began to spread from the red palm print on his cheek. Draco's jaw twitched as if in annoyance, his mouth a hard line while his eyes slowly went back to Harry who looked more embarrassed now then angry.

Draco tried desperately to get his Fey blonde to calm down but the dominance he felt racing thru his veins was so frustrating at the same time. It screamed at Draco to make Harry submit to him completely, till all the prince could hear was a roaring in his ears.

Harry swallowed and tried to pull back from Draco's arms, only to find that his grip around Harry's waist was iron firm. This made the boy-who-lived feel trapped and his fight or flight instinct took over, especially when he could see the muscles in Draco's jaw twitching, the green hue seeping like flames into his skin and his eyes dancing with the flicker of silver.

He didn't think the Fey would ever harm him but he'd listened to Hermione's research about the Fey's long enough to know Draco was probably suffering from a need to push the mating and dominate him.

Most of all, above those feelings, were the feelings of shame he felt for maybe feeling like Draco would fight for him if he was pregnant. How terrible, how selfish, how wrong, how unlike himself. Maybe it had been the cold, or that the mating cycle made you want to submit and pass the dominance off to your mate but he felt very unlike himself at that moment.

"Let go." Harry choked fighting back his own shame that threatened to spill like waterworks from his eyes. "LET GO, DRACO! YOU'RE HURTING ME!"

Draco's hands flew away from Harry's waist so fast Harry tumbled to the ground as he'd been fighting against the iron grip.

He stumbled to his feet and Draco didn't follow him when he fled up the stairs to his room. The blonde just stood their rigid, his head back and eyes closed, cursing his mates scent that made his knees so weak.

"Well know you've done it." A voice simmered and Draco didn't need to open his eyes to know who it was.

"Go away, Weasley. I'm having a bad day and seeing your face just makes it go from bad to worse." Draco grumbled.

Unfortunately for him Ron didn't go away, in fact he came closer. It made the scent of candy cherries disappear to the much less pleasant smell of grass that the red head smelled like.

"You..." Ron seemed to be looking for the right words.

"Me, very articulate, Weasel. Next word?" Draco simmered snapping his eyes open, they were silver and more than annoyed.

The prince had to give the red head props though. Even though he could Shrill him across the room and split him in half he didn't budge from his stance and he supposed he knew why. If Draco was Harry's number one protector, then Ronald Weasley was his second. That fact alone was the only reason Draco put up with the male being so close to his mate.

"I've put up with you, ya know?" Ron demanded scowling. "I mean, I REALLY hate you. I think you're a stuck up, arrogant, prick who doesn't care about good or evil other than when it suits him."

"Things like good and evil are never just that, you freckled-freak." Draco snipped. "Nothing is ever black and white. While there IS white and black there are an infinite amount of shades in grayscale. You're as childish as ev-."

"For Merlin's sake Malfoy, shut the fuck up." Ron snapped. "I'm not done yet."

Draco was actually so surprised he DID shut up and just starred at the red head.

"I've put up with you because for once in the seven years I've known Harry, he actually seemed happy. I've never ONCE heard him say 'in the future' or 'when I'm older'. Do you know why? Because I believe deep down Harry never believed he'd survive his fight with You-kno-" Ron stopped himself finishing with, "Voldemort."

Draco recoiled and twitched feeling pain in his chest for his mate. Was this true? He wondered.

"So when you, for some unfathomable reason, made him happy I didn't fight against it as hard as I should have. Because it made him look forward to the future and what it could be like. He actually started to fight the feelings inside him that said he was going to die when he faced Voldemort." Ron's face was turning as red as his hair as his anger spewed from his lips.


"IM NOT DONE." He snapped. "I didn't fight it because I enjoyed seeing him smile. He's my best friend, my brother and if him being happy means he's with you then I'll deal with it. However," Ron stressed. "saying he's only doing this..." He wildly gestured to Draco. "Because he doesn't want to die is so ignorant I could scream. The very fact he's fighting to live is FOR you, you arsehole! He didn't have a problem dying any year before this when he was fighting the Death Eaters. He was never scared of his mortality until you."

Draco felt like his whole body was on fire and it was in anger, but not at the Weasley, not at Harry or even at Voldemort, it was at himself.

"He wants a life with you for some unknown reason!" Ron threw up his hands. "He wants a life and kids and..." Ron's voice cracked and he turned away starting to storm out of the room. "You'd better fix this." He hissed. "Or I'll fix you." Ron slammed the door behind him into the kitchen where he'd accidently overheard the couples reunion much to his early dismay.

Draco looked at the back of the man who slammed the kitchen door with such a feeling of respect it startled him. He'd stand against one of, it not the most, powerful creatures in the magical world like it was nothing so he could defend Harry.

The prince grinned. Sure it was foolish as hell but he gave him respect for his stupidity none the less.

Draco turned and stepped back into the fire the flame turned green around him as he vanished using the elements to transport him and not the floo network. He had things to do to prepare for their mating.

Hermione found Harry thrown across his bed once his tears had dried. It was nice to see him without three layers of jumpers and cloaks but not so nice to see him looking so hurt and sad.

She crossed the creaking wooden floor and sat down on the bed next to him and gently stroked his back.

"Alright there, Harry?" She softly asked.

"Yeah," He murmured sitting up wiping his face. "More embarrassed then anything."

Hermione smiled. "You missed Ron giving Malfoy what for." Then she blushed. "I ended up blurting out to Ron that I loved him when he came back into the room." Harry's jaw dropped as she blushed deeper and giggled. "I might have jumped him as well."

Then they both burst into giggles and Harry ended up laughing as Hermione was bright red and pulling her into a deep hug. "I'm so happy for you. Proud might be the word." He joked.

"Yes, yes." She said prissy like but looked so pleased as she straightened her back and looked to the wall a bit pink with happiness. "Relationships and feelings." She mused. "Books always make them seem so easy."

Harry pursed his mouth and nodded and they were silent a moment, just holding hands. "I told Draco I wanted to mate with him." He was blushing and couldn't look at her as she squeezed his hand.

"I know." She admitted. "We didn't mean to but Ron and I were in the kitchen and overheard."

"O," Harry's blush increased.

"Ron was quite the thing to see when he..." Hermione realized she was gushing about her new boyfriend and now she blushed causing Harry to smile once more. "There I go again." She mumbled looking off with that look she gives when she can't believe she's said something embarrassing.

"It's alright, I understand." Harry admitted. "It's easy when you're in love." He mused in an almost sad voice.

"Ron did say something amazing, he really does know you so well." Hermione insisted. "He said that while it may have been a rushed push for you to say yes to completing the mating that the only reason you did is because you wanted to live. Harry it's been hard to see that you didn't think you would survive this fight. Don't argue, we both know it's true. Especially after Sirius." Hermione frowned. "You thought you had no future and I'm happy you want to have your own family. You've always wanted a family and I think you'll be an amazing parent!" She insisted.


"No buts." Hermione insisted sounding almost sad. "I don't want you to think you were giving up or that you wanting to finish the bond now was cowardly, because it's not."

"Kind of feels like it. Even Draco thought so." Harry told her looking upset. "What he must think of me." He looked even worse after saying that.

"But Harry," Hermione sat gripping his hand between her own. "Don't you see, it's because you want to be with him. It's because you don't want to lose your life. That's so important because..." Tears appeared in Hermione's eyes and her jaw trembled a bit. "for a while it wasn't important to you that you live."

Harry was struck by such a powerful feeling of want that it nearly choked him. Yes. Yes, Merlin he wanted to live. He wanted to be with Draco and see what their children looked like, how they were, what they would be given the chance to become without fear from this war. He wanted to give them a world where they could live freely and full of hope.

"Thank you, Hermione." Harry said holding her hand tight.

"Of course." She threw her arms around his neck and held him tight. "Ron and I, we'll always be there for you."

"I know." Harry said cursing the wetness on his cheeks once more.

It was dark when Harry awoke from his nap. He felt a bit sore but he was still warm from the hours before when he'd been with Draco. It didn't course as warm thru his veins as it had before but he was comfortable and that meant a lot.

However, his stomach was empty and not so comfortable as his temperature. So he got out of bed and slipped down the stairs to the kitchen. He passed the dining room and could hear a lot of muttered voices inside in serious tones. Obviously an Order meeting that he hadn't been invited to, which Harry found asinine. He didn't think on it for too long as he found a pot of stew over the fire and made himself a bowl finishing it fast and using the fresh bread to lap up the broth at the bottom of the bowl.

That was when he saw a flash of light and he turned feeling his heart flutter when he saw a crystal blue dragonfly made of pure light. It was like the ones he'd seen during the Intemio when Draco and he had finished the second bonding stage.

Then another came, this one purple, shimmering in the dim light of the old kitchen while a green one circled round Harry's head and a pink dragonfly landed on the top of Harry's finger. The moment it connected with his body he felt Draco's energy and light. It was a calming feeling and he trusted the tiny piece of mystical light as he stood.

They flew around him until they went to the fireplace hovering just before it and the certain color of green flame that sizzled there only when Draco's powers were in effect. One by one the dragonflies disappeared into the fire and Harry felt his pulse quicken. How dangerous of him to just jump into the fireplace and not know why or how.

The last dragonfly landed on his hand once more and he felt Draco's energy pulse once more thru the connection. Without further thought Harry slipped into the fire without a further thought.

It felt differently than flooing or even from a portkey. The flames felt like a hot breeze, not unpleasant but made his skin prickle a bit. Everything was a blur as he stood still in the fireplace. He didn't feel connected to 12 Grimmauld's Place anymore but nor did he feel connected yet with another place.

It was like he was staying still but the world was rushing past him and it made him feel a little nauseas so he closed his eyes as the blur passed. However, when he realized the flames at his feet were standing still and no longer blowing backwards as if by some kind of wing only they could feel, he looked up.

He was in the Forbidden Forest without a doubt. Looking down he still stood in the flames and looking behind his shoulder there seemed to be a hallway that stretched as far as the eye could see. It lead so far down he could hardly see the opening in which he'd slipped from but some part of him knew that tiny spec of light was the kitchen at Grimmauld's Place.

Looking forward the dragonflies danced around the air and waited for him. Harry took a deep breath and stepped forward into the forest causing the flame to immediately close behind him.

Harry felt vulnerable and nervous because while it was defiantly the familiar forest something was different about it. The little sprites of light began to dance and move together down a path and he fallowed feeling as if he'd gone this far he should keep going.

The more he moved into the forest the more it changed. The sparse thin dark tress became fatter, their foliage was thicker and much greener than normal for this time of year. The air felt much to warm and wonderful making him realize with comfort that Draco had to be close. By the time he had to push the thick branches aside he'd made it to a clearing that took his breath away.

It was a somewhat small clearing but every inch of the floor was covered in Laureea flowers that made the forest floor seem like it was covered in red velvet. The trees and brush around the flat clearing was so incredibly thick you couldn't see thru it creating an area that was almost like a private room. Tiny little dragonflies and butterflies of the Fey world glows like lightening bugs all around the clearing, like his own personal starry nights sky. They were the only light besides the half moon and bright stars.

That all was nothing compared to the middle of the clearing. From the earth grew thick, rich, wooden vines that wove together to form what looked like the most stunning circular canopy bed he'd ever seen. To call it a bed seemed wrong as this was a piece of art.

Harry slipped thru the Laureea to the canopy looking down and stroking the white sheet on top of the down plush. It looked and felt like Draco had reached to the sky and peeled a layer of the glowing moon down to form a sheet. The texture was even different then cotton sheets, it felt like rose petals and the scent echoed the sentiment.

"Does it please you?" A soft voice asked.

Harry turned and felt the earth slid from under his feet with the sight that was before him. Draco, nay, the Prince of the Fey stood in all his glory. He hair was lose, his eyes silver, skin glowing, his wings moving like dancing flames behind him free from any shirt or cover that might hinder them. He, was simply breathtaking and Harry standing in his overly large flannel shirt and scuffed jeans felt like a mere mortal in front of a God.

"Does it please you?" Draco repeated looking almost worried.

"No," Harry whispered and for a second Draco almost looked devastated. "Objects and beauty don't, they are fleeting in time. But you Draco...you please me very much."

The Fey seemed to be gliding thru the Laureea till he stood only inches from Harry. He cupped his face into his long pale white hands. "This clearing is only but a representation of the happiness I feel."

"Of course it is beautiful, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Harry admitted blushing a bit unable to stop his soft smile from slipping out and Draco's shoulders seemed to lose their tension. The blonde was so stunning looking in all his Fey glory that it made his stomach hurt and flutter much like the sprites of light around them.

"Harry," He said tenderly holding him flush to him to look deep into his eyes. "I want you to know, with all my heart and soul, that I love you."

Harry felt like he wouldn't be able to stop crying. Growing up without anyone to say those special words to him, without the love of family and friends that cared for him that Draco's words filled his heart up. He hadn't even realized that he'd been waiting for Draco to say it like this.

"Harry?" Draco whispered, worried by his tears as he cried into his chest.

"No, no." Harry said shaking his head as he held him tight. "I'm happy, I'm so happy." Looking up into the silver eyes he whispered. "I love you too."

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