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Summary: Draco Malfoy suddenly shows up on Harry's door step after three years of keeping himself isolated from the rest of the magical world. Draco holds a secret that has been eating at him for a long time now, but he's unsure about whether he should let this secret out.

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Harry Potter sat curled up in a green velvet chair next to a roaring fire place. He stared at the fire's flames licking at the back wall of the fire place. He was always hypnotized by the fires that he built in the old fireplace. It was his godfather's house. He had inherited it from his godfather after his death and now he inhabited the place alone. It had been three years since the destruction of Voldemort and now his life was so quiet. He lived alone in this house and he worked in a restaurant that served magical people exclusively. Now and again people would recognize his scar and wonder why the Boy-Who-Lived was now busing their tables and taking their orders. Anyone who had dared ask would get a mysterious smile from him followed by the usual statement of,

"I'll put your order right in for you." The regulars to the restaurant had grown accustomed to his quiet ways and didn't ask questions anymore. In truth, Harry enjoyed the quietness that had inhabited his life. He lived simply, he worked to keep from being completely bored and working in a magical restaurant let him keep up with the gossip in the magical world. Tonight Harry was reminising about the past. His thoughts tonight centered on those he had lost. Cedric, Sirius, his parents, and the last and worst had been the loss of Ron, his best friend. In the last battles, Ron had been killed. That was the moment when he knew that after the bloody war was over, he wanted to live quietly and simply for the rest of his life. After the war was over, he packed up and planted himself in his godfather's house. Various people offered him jobs in the school and in the magical government, but he had refused all of them. For him there were simply too many memories. He glanced at the clock over the mantle place and saw that it was half past midnight. He sighed quietly and continued to stare at the flames in the fireplace. Suddenly he was shocked out of his reverie by a sharp knock on the door. 'Who would be knocking on my door at this hour?' he thought to himself. Slowly he unfolded himself and walked to the door. He gingerly put his had on the door knob and looked out the peephole. There stood Draco Malfoy. Harry was surprised and a little confused. Last he heard about Draco was that his parents had died following the final fight. Then Draco basically disappeared off everyone's radar. There were rumors that he had been seen wandering the hills and mountains of Italy, but no one was sure. Harry opened the door to the house and looked at Malfoy's emaciated frame with a mixture of concern and confusion.

"Draco? What are you doing here?" said Harry trying to sound at least neutral. While in the end they were fighting on the same side, they never had quite resolved their differences. But something in Draco's eyes told him that right now, more than ever, he needed someone.

"Harry..." Draco said in a listless almost lost sounding voice. "I had heard you were living here in solitude."

"The reports of my hermitage have been greatly exaggerated. I actually do get out just about every day to go to work."

"Work... oh yes, the job as a waiter." Suprisingly, Harry couldn't detect any disdain in Draco's voice when he said this. "Can I come in or shall I freeze to death?" The cold December wind and the snowflakes were blowing into the foyer and causing Harry to shiver in his thin cotton pajamas. Harry stood to the side and held out his arm in a sign of welcome. Draco slowly stepped into the foyer with an air of caution. Harry shut the door and watched Draco wander slowly into the living room where the fire kept away the night's chill. Draco eased down into a chair across from the chair that Harry had just sat in. He leaned back into the chair and stared at the flames. Harry returned to his seat and studied Draco's current appearance. Time had worn hard on Draco it seemed. His eyes were sadder and seemed to concentrate on one thing at a time with a kind of thoughtfullness, almost like he was expecting anything to disappear before him at any moment. His body was thin and seemed even whiter than it had been before. His long fingers spread like spider's legs and touched things gently.

"How have you been Draco?" Harry asked in the silence, attempting to start some kind of conversation with this visitor who came in the night. Still staring at the flames Draco said,

"I have been many things. I have been to many places."

"Last I heard about you, the rumor was that you were in Italy."

"I was there. I wandered the hills of Italy for a few months. From there I went to Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, then I settled in Romania for a while. I helped with the people working with the dragons. I found some solace there, being with other magical people and feeling like I had a place even though all I was doing was cleaning dragon pens. Can you imagine me? Cleaning dragon pens. I could barely believe it, yet I felt... content."

"You? Content? I didn't think you would be content unless you were working at Hogwarts as the Potions teacher or the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and heading up the house of Slytherin."

"Yes, it's odd sometimes the way things go. Don't you agree?" Harry smirked and nodded. Of course he would be the one who could fully understand that statement. "You heard about my parents?" Harry nodded carefully. "After their death I sold the house, everything in it, and washed my hands of all the things I used to own. I just... I didn't want to be..." Finally he just shook his head and continued to stare into the flames of the fire. Harry felt it best to let the young man in front of him sit in silence and didn't push for anymore answers tonight.

"Are you tired? I have a guest room that you can stay in." Draco finally turned his gaze back to Harry and looked him in the eye. Harry felt himself almost get lost in the gray eyes that spoke of such exhaustion and sadness.

"I don't want to impose on you Potter."

"It's not imposing. And you can call me Harry." Draco almost looked surprised. But the sad and tired gaze returned so quickly that Harry thought that it was just the reflection of the fire and shadows in the man's eyes. Harry stood and held out one hand to Draco. "Let me show you the way," he said in a gentle voice. Draco looked at Harry's hand for a moment before letting his hand slip easily into Harry's. Harry led Draco up the stairs to the room across from his own bedroom. He was relieved when he saw that he had indeed put sheets on the bed some time ago when someone had stayed over. Draco walked wearily into the room and set down the bag that he had carried all over Europe next to the bed.

"Not bad Harry," he said surveying the simple room. In truth, it was the quietest and possibly the best room he had been invited to sleep in for months now. "If you don't mind, I'm very tired and I would like to go to bed." He carefully sat down on the soft bed and turned to Harry who still stood in the doorway.

"I don't mind at all. I'm going to work at 11 tomorrow. But I'll make breakfast for us in the morning if you like."

"I would like that." Draco smiled for the first time since he had walked through Harry's door. Harry smiled back and then gently closed the door to the guest bedroom behind him. He smiled secretly to himself for a moment before he went back downstairs. He turned off the lights, stirred the embers of the fire, and then went to bed himself.

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