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Draco walked away from Harry's house with his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his cloak. It was cold and snowing again. The wind tossed his blond hair around his head and he winced at the sting of the wind on his bare neck. His mind was swimming. He had testified. He thought he was ready.

'I practically told the entire magical world that I and the great Golden Child are fucking!' he cursed in his mind. 'I showed everyone those stupid scars. Why did I let those scars stay? Why the hell did I even testify! I could have just kept wandering Europe happy as a clam.' He found himself at a muggle bar called The Gravedigger's after an hour of walking. He knew no one would know him there so he sat himself down at the bar. It was a quiet place that was very dim and smoky.

"A brandy please," he said to the bar man. The bar man nodded and soon placed a high ball glass full to the top with brandy in front of him. Draco sipped the sweet liquor and looked at himself in the mirror behind the bar. His cheeks were slightly flushed from the wind and cold that had been biting at his skin. His gray eyes were dark with anger.

'How can he love me?' he thought to himself for the thousandth time. 'I've revealed our secret. He's going to leave me. I know he is. He can't pretend that this is going to be ok. There's no way that he can live like this. I'm pulling him out of seclusion. I'm drawing attention to him. I know that I am.' He held up his empty glass to the bar man and his glass was once again refilled.

"Love problems kid?" asked the bar man. Draco looked up with confusion. "It's just a guess. People who come in with your expression are either just back from a funeral or trying to figure out to do with your love life."

"I haven't been to a funeral in a few years," replied Draco gruffly.

"Lucky. I've been to five this year alone." Draco felt slightly guilty for how sharply he'd spoken. "Don't worry kid. I've been working behind this bar for thirty years, it's really hard to get under my skin." Draco nodded and swallowed down the rest of his drink. The bar tender then refilled it. Then he walked away to refill his other customers' drinks.

'Will I go back to his house tonight?' he thought to himself. He had things at Harry's house if he wanted to split. Either he would have to leave the stuff or go back and take the chance of seeing Harry to get his stuff and then leave without a word.

'Why am I running from him?' It was to protect Harry. To protect Harry's quiet little world that he had created. He loved him, he wanted to protect him, and therefore he had to leave. Harry would forget him soon. Harry would find someone better than him.

After two hours of pondering these questions and drinking brandy, the bar tender decided to at least attempt to figure out what was going on with this blond kid.

"It's ten o'clock kid, and you've been drinking for two hours. You ready to spill?"

"I doubt you would understand something like this," said Draco with his old disdain.

"Try me kid. I've counseled people through triple love triangles. You can't shock me."

"What if I told you the person I'm in love with is another guy?" The bartender's expression didn't change.

"Wouldn't surprise me in the least."

"All right, this guy is the greatest person I have ever known in my life."

"Ok, I'm with you."

"He has today watched me testify against four people who tortured and raped me. He listened to everything and didn't flinch."

"All right. Thus far I'm not seeing the problem."

"Me! I'm the problem! He's in love with me. I'm the last person he should be involved with."

"Ok... now you're losing me. He knows what has happened to you, he is facing your past up front, thus far he sounds like a great guy."

"He is. But if I'm with him... he's got this quiet little life in which everything is quiet, everything is going well. If I stay in his life then I will mess everything up."

"Kid, everyone thinks that when they are about to be with someone. Let me save you the suspense. You will change his life, and you will mess up a couple things here and there. But if he really loves you, I seriously doubt that he will care what you mess up."

"But... how do I know...?"

"Ask him."

"Excuse me?"

"Walk back, walk up to him, and straight ask him if he wants you in his life, if he thinks he can deal with the changes that will happen because you are in his life, and most of all, ask him if he loves you. He might be unsure about the other answers. But if he's certain that he loves you, that's all that matters." The bartender filled Draco's glass for the fifth time. Draco sipped his brandy and mulled over what the bartender had said to him.

And hour later he finished his last brandy, put the money under the glass, and began to walk back to Harry's house. It was eleven o'clock and the temperature had gone down a few more degrees but the wind wasn't as harsh anymore and the snow fell gently on the ground, on his shoulders, and on his hair. It was a very peaceful night as he walked. He looked up at the sky to the invisible clouds that were letting the snow fall all around.

After an hour of walking he saw Harry's house ahead of him. The lights were out but there was still smoke coming from the chimney. As he got closer he saw that Harry had left a candle in the window in case Draco decided to come back that night. He silently slipped into the house which was still warm from the fire that was smoldering in the fireplace. Draco slipped off his cloak and hung it on the coat rack. Then he took off his wet boots and left them by the door. He quietly made his way up the stairs and crept into Harry's room. Harry was asleep under the covers dressed in only his boxers. Draco walked around to the side of the bed and kneeled down on the floor. Harry looked like an angel in the very dim light. Draco cautiously pushed Harry's hair away from his forehead with his finger tips. Harry twitched in his sleep when he felt the touch of Draco's cold fingers. He rubbed his forehead and then opened his eyes and looked at Draco.

"You came back," he whispered and touched Draco's cold cheek. "You're cold! Didn't you take a scarf?"

"I forgot it," said Draco quietly.

"C'mon, get in this bed before you freeze to death." Harry shifted away from the side of the bed and pulled back the covers. Draco stood up and stripped down to his boxers before climbing into bed next to Harry. Harry pulled the blankets over them and gathered Draco up in his arms.

"Harry?" said Draco hesitantly.

"Hmm?" replied Harry gently stroking Draco's wet hair.

"Do you love me?" Harry's hand moved from Draco's hair to his chin and lifted it so that the two were looking each other in the eyes.

"I love you, Draco Malfoy, with all my heart and soul."


"I don't know why Draco. I just know that I love you. I've given you my heart. Is that what you were so worried about tonight?"

"Yes... that and... I have to ask you something."

"All right."

"I'm afraid that being here, being your lover, is going to throw a gremlin into your quiet life. I'm scared that you're going to hate me for ruining your quiet little life. And I want to know, knowing all that, do you still want me here? Do you still want me to be with you?"

"Of course I do. I love you. I know what I'm getting into. I don't care what other people think about us and I don't care how you mess up my life even if you do mess it up. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I love you, you have my heart."

"I love you," Draco whispered before leaning in and kissing Harry. At first it was just a gentle kiss. Then it became more intense as the two wrapped their arms around each other and entwined each other's legs just trying to get closer to each other. After a few minutes when they both need air, they finally broke off the kiss. Draco buried his head in Harry's shoulder and let out a shuddering sigh.

"It's all right," whispered Harry gently. "I'm here. I won't leave you."

"And I won't leave you, never again," Draco whispered back.

Four months later...

Harry was trudging home in the spring rain from a long day of waiting tables. It was ten o'clock when he got home. After walking through the door and hanging up his rain coat he saw a single white rose on the stair case. Attached to it was a note that read,

Happy Four Month Anniversary Harry, come upstairs and get your present.

Harry grinned a secret grin and then sprinted up the stairs with the rose in his hand. He opened the door to his and Draco's bedroom and peeked in. There was a single candle burning on the bed side table with a vase filled with water next to it. Draco was lying on the bed with the covers up to his waist with a devilish grin on his face.

"Well," said Harry as he put the rose in the vase, "don't you look as pretty as a picture." Draco grinned and looked Harry up and down.

"One of us is wearing too many clothes." Harry chuckled as he toed off his shoes and put his glasses on the table beside the candle. After stripping down to nothing at all he climbed under the covers with Draco. Draco pulled Harry on top of him as they started kissing with growing intensity. Harry nibbled on Draco's neck and grinned when he made Draco gasp with pleasure. He let his hands roam down Draco's body and gently stroked the hard aching need that he found there.

"Oh... gods Harry..." Draco whispered. Harry gave a wicked smile and kissed Draco hard as he continued to stroke him. "Wait... Harry..." Harry stopped and moved his hand back up to Draco's hand and interlaced his fingers with Draco's. Draco pressed his other hand against Harry's cheek and looked his lover in the eyes. This was what he had been preparing himself for all day long. He was determined to do this. He had wanted this so long. Now he felt the time was right.

"I want you inside me Harry. I want you to make love to me." Harry was surprised to say the least.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked wanting to make sure he had heard Draco right.

"I'm sure. I want you Harry. I've wanted you for so long, I've just been so afraid. But I'm ready now. I want you." Harry leaned down and kissed Draco gently before reaching into the drawer of the bedside table for a bottle of lube he had bought. After quickly lubricating himself, he his swollen member in one hand and Draco's hand in the other.

"I love you Draco," he whispered to him. "Just keep your eyes on me." Draco nodded and tried to relax. He stared into Harry's eyes as he felt Harry slowly start to push into him. He gasped harshly and his grip on Harry's hand tightened.

"Breathe love," said Harry as he kissed Draco's hand. Draco let go of the breath he'd been holding and kept his eyes on Harry. Harry slowly pushed himself in a little at a time and carefully watched Draco's reactions. When he was inside him all the way he leaned down and kissed Draco gently.

"Are you ok?" he whispered in Draco's ear.

"Yeah," said Draco with a passionate sigh, "yeah, I'm fine. I'm great." The two stared at each other as Harry started to slowly move inside him. "Harry... oh gods... Harry... I love you..." he gasped out between moans and gasps.

"I love you... I love you Draco..." Harry responded. Harry slowly sped up his rhythm as his need grew stronger and Draco started pushing back in the same rhythm. Gripping each other's hands so tightly that their knuckles were white they kissed each other hard as they came at the same time. Harry slowly slipped out of Draco and both suddenly felt cold at the loss and grabbed each other in a tight embrace. When their breathing returned to normal, Draco kissed Harry on his forehead and said,

"So, what did you think of my four month anniversary present?"

"It's going to be hard to top,"said Harry kissing Draco on the shoulder. Draco laughed gently to himself. "I didn't get you anything either."

"Yes you did." Harry looked up at Draco to see his Cheshire cat grin on his face. "You gave me yourself. And it's the best gift I could have ever gotten." Harry kissed Draco gently before blowing out the candle and the two settled down to sleep in each other's arms.

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