It's not something that people think of everday. No one really thinks about it all that much, I guess they're afraid. Or are they just to.. 'busy'? Thinking of a million other things? I doubt it. They are probably thinking it's not something they really need to think or talk about, apparently, since no one does. But why don't they? Should they? Why not? What are teh reasons, or excuses, for not even thinking of it? Are they just scared? Afraid of what may happen if they do talk to somebody about it? But what if they dont. What happens then? It's a simple question. Why. Thousands of possible answers, but only one true one. Have you figured it out yet? I bet not. Are you thinking, that it will 'come up' eventually? That you dont need to 'rush into talking about it'? Thats not a good reason. Because by the time it, 'comes up' the truth will already have hit you, or worse it will happen. Why can't you think about it now? What is stopping you? What's in the way? Or are some thinking that it 'could never happen to you, it never will. Never.' Well you are wrong too. Sorry to break it to you. Happens to everybody. Don't try to deny it. Denial only makes it worse. Because when it does eventually happen, you wont be able to handle it, and you will never be able to release your guilt, because this whole time, you've been denying it all. Dont think it cures the hurt, because it never will. It's like a disease that the most advanced scientists in the world wil never find the cure for. Are any of you even wondering what I'm ranting about yet? Or have some of you figured it out? Death.

Yes, this whole rant was about dying. Death. 'Losing someone'. Whatever the hell you want to call it. It's all the same. Happens to everyone. In one form or another. See the connection with denial now? It all coming together? Making more sense? Wondering why you couldn't see it before? Now who's in denial. I bet even more of you now are denying the fact that you, or someone you deeply love in the world may die. What would happen to you, if the person who is most important in your life, that you loved with all your heart, was suddenly gone. Never to return? Would you feel like it was all your fault, or just simply wish it had been you, and not them? But would you really rather have them have the same hurt and loss as you are having right now? For me, that would hurt even more.

Think about it. Now, what would happen and change after you had gone? Nothing? No. Think again. The whole world would change without you. Do you realize what would happen to your family and friends? How lost they would be without you? Would they be chanegd for life, feeling guilty about your death, and mad at the world for taking you, all at the same time? Think about it. No, really. Think about it. It could really, truly, happen to any of us. Death isn't that small a threat as most of us think of it as. Don't take anything for granted. Don't do what I did when I almost lost the main person in my life, who I love so much. Want to hear what you shouldn't do? Then just keep reading. Shall we get on wit' it?