Ohmygoodness. I totally forgot about this story.. soo sorry, guys.. so here it is, tiny little puny chapter 7 I guess it is? Enjoy, and 8 will be up soon. Atleast this week since it's no school.

"It's just that.." I started, but stopped when I saw that Luke wasn't looking at me anymore, instead at the door. When I looked over, I couldn't believe who I was seeing through the window at the front desk.


After gathering my thoughts again, I got up and walked out the door, just as confused as Luke probably was at the moment.

"Just tell me where he is! Luke Danes! What room is he in? Just tell me, I'm his nephew!" I heard him yell at the poor receptionist. I started walking towards him, calling out his name. Finally he realized someone was calling out to him.

Sometimes that boy just couldn't listen to other people; but I had to hand it to him.

He really cares about his family.

"Lorelai! Where's Luke! Is he okay?" I smiled at him, taking in how much he had grown up. He looked good. He was starting to take care of himself.

"He's down the hall, you can come see him, just calm down." I said to him, trying to make sure he wouldn't disturb anyone else."Ok," he said, looking down at the ground, probably about his little outbreak that he just had, and in a hospital, too.

So I led him back to the room, and when we walked in, I could hear Jess stop in his tracks behind me as soon as he saw Luke. Of course, most people would do that. I guess I had just gotten so used to how much Luke's appearance had changed. And for his nephew to see him like this? That must've been hard on Luke, especially by seeing the surprised look on his face when we both walked in, probably not believing that was actually who it was.

"Jess.. what are you doing here?" He asked slowly, still in shock that his nephew who he thought hardly even cared about him had shown up.

"I came to see you of course." Jess said smirking, finding it amusing how he had even come to see his uncle. But he did, and that's all that matters. Luke smiled back at the kid who he thought of as his own kid. Seeing this as something Jess probably didn't want me to witness, I waved to Luke from behind Jess and mouthed goodbye to him, and slipped out the door.

Once outside, I took out my cell phone to call Rory.

"Oh my god, you won't guess who's here.."