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Act 1: Homecoming

She stood there on the bridge gazing at the peaceful river below her. A tiny smile crept upon her face "Good memories" the pink-haired girl thought to herself. She looked up and around at the little park that surrounded here, the same park where she used to train 6 years ago.

Now standing at 19 years of age the young ANBU-medic Nin has finally come home. Her pastel pink hair dangles at hip-length from a high pony-tale. She wore all black: a short black skirt that was skin tight, and a black vest that caged her black tube top. Despite her soft physical features, she was not someone who you'd want to anger. Her speed was insanely fast, her strength surpassed her sensei (Tsunande) and her intelligence… oh her intelligence is indescribable. As her ANBU teammates say: the perfect nin.

She closed her eyes reminiscing her childhood memories; she had not been back for 3 years and had missed her home greatly. "I wonder if they've changed…"

Footsteps. Slow, steady, slightly heavy… she could tell it was a male… about 6'2, approximately 152Lbs, by her calculation. She immediately recognized her former sensei.

"Isn't it wonderful how some things never change?" she asked casually.

"It's been a while…Sakura" the slick silver haired nin replied.

"Has it?... I didn't think 3 years was that long." She opened her emerald green eyes and turned towards him with a smile on her face.

"I've been wondering when I could see your hopeful eyes again…. It HAS been a while, for some of us." He grinned under his mask. "What no hug?" he teased.

Sakura couldn't help but smile, she was happy to see Kakashi again. Then they hugged.

"So tell me Kakashi-kun, how is everyone?"

"Kakashi-kun?" he thought silently… "err…okay I guess." He could tell she wasn't happy with his rather blunt answer. Silence fell upon them as sakura gazed back down at the flowing river beneath the bridge. "He thinks about you….you know…"

She looked up at him… before she was able to read Kakashi like a book, but now she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"who?" she asked

"who do you think?"


"well…him too, but he and Hinata are to be wedded soon"

"Really?" she beamed happily. "I'll be sure to pay a visit to Hinta-chan soon" she looked at him carefully. He could feel how intense she was, how easily she was reading him. "You couldn't possibly mean him… I always thought he hated me…"

"It's quite the opposite… you know how he is."

She giggled nervously… "You know, for a second there… I've forgotten…. I guess it has been a while."

Kakashi nodded silently. "He's off on a mission… he isn't due back for another 3 days or so."

Sakura was silent, calculating possible co-ordinates for her teenage faddish.

"How long are you planning on staying?" he asked interrupting her.

"I'm not sure… now that the war is over, my services aren't required for now…"

"Sounds like you don't have a plan… that's unlike you."

"Maybe I'm trying to be spontaneous" she snapped.

"Her temper hasn't quite changed, despite her obvious maturity" Kakashi thought as he examined her. She was indeed beautiful, she bloomed nicely, long legs, tall torso, C-sized breasts thin waist and a nice little butt to go with the package.

"why is he looking at me funny?" Sakura thought to herself. "Kakashi-kun!"

He snapped out of it. And laughed nervously. She cocked and eyebrow looking at him displeased…

"Your appearance might have changed Sakura, but your temper is still intact I see."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She snapped obviously irritated.

"Nothing " he waved it off. "Will you still be around when he gets back?"

"Maybe…" Sakura said her tone shifting as she starred off into the water again.

"Do you still…you know? For him?" he asked, getting ready for another possible temperamental outburst from his former student.

She didn't answer at first. "It's been 5 years since I saw him… when I heard that he was back in Konoha… I… I…" she drifted off.

"I imagine you've met several strong capable men in your travels… even on your team? Hummm?"

"You know too much Kakashi-kun… it might get you killed one day."

"One day… but you didn't answer my question."

Silence again. "I don't know… I didn't think 5 years was long… it didn't feel long… I haven't made up my mind… I've…well I've…been..."

"Avoiding it?"


"Right…" Kakashi sighed and looked up at the sky which was finally being lit up by the rising sun. "The day is here… you have things to do?"

"Of course" She replied not looking at him

"Same… I'm going on a mission today. I'll be gone for a week."


Kakashi looked at her again before turning to leave. "You've grown up so fast…"

She smiled… "Kakashi-kun… you'll be late." She said looking at him.

He smiled… then poof he was gone.

Sakura resumed looking at the flowing water below her….

"I can't help but think of him… but… I'm so lost…"

She sighed, pushing of the rail and headed towards town.

"I'm not going to think of it… Kakashi-kun is right, I am avoiding it…avoiding him… that's why I left in the first place."