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Blind Sight Chapter 5: Adaptation

It was midday, quiet and peaceful, the sun spilled across the wooden floor, giving it an odd glow.

Arf! Arf!


"Hawkeye, can you hear me?" Riza heard a familiar voice. It was soft yet concerned. "Are you alright? Can you hear me?"

"Huh?" she replied sleepily. The smell of cigarette smoke filled her nostrils. "What…?" she could feel the warmth of the sun on her skin as she attempted to sit up.

"I'm sorry to wake you… are you alright? You seemed like you were in pain."

"Lieutenant Havoc?" Riza asked groggily. She felt the comfort of being in her own home. The sounds, the smells, and the blue sheets beneath her. All gave her a relaxed homey feeling most people have when in their house. "…Where am I?"

"In your bed. The chief asked me to take you home upon your request," he replied and pulled up a seat.

"The Colonel did?" she asked, but was cut off by Black Hayate jumping in her bed and licking her senseless.

"He was worried about you, too," Havoc smiled gently as he watched the puppy roll around in the blue sheets, snuggling his master. His cigarette burned slowly, he reached to the nightstand and flicked the ashes into the base of a reddish flowerpot holder.

"I'm alright boy," she smiled weakly and patted his soft head.

"I've fed and watered him for you."

"Thank you," Riza replied as her face once again became sad.

"What's wrong, Lieutenant?" Havoc asked. His blue eyes calmly studying his comrade.

"Please don't take this wrongly, Havoc," she began, "but I'd rather you go back to Central and watch over the Colonel."

"He'll be fine," he replied, "I can't do much anyway. Orders are orders." He puffed again on his addiction and took off his military jacket, slinging in on the back of the chair, revealing a white button up undershirt.

"I see." Her face was still distressed. She felt dependant on others. A feeling she did not like or know.

"You really scared us. What happened to you?"

Her face remained the same but her mind reentered the past, "I don't know."

Give Desire your eyes!

"Well don't worry; I'm sure it'll all come back."


Riza's body became tense and began to shake, though she was not certain of the cause. Was it fear? Pain?

"Hawkeye?" Havoc asked, surprise on his face. He leaned in toward her. "Lieutenant? Are you in pain?"

"No," Riza replied, her eyes grew wide and the shaking continued. She could hear Hayate whining and pawing at her nightshirt.

Do I call Mustang? Havoc wondered as he watched this strange behavior. Why did he pick me for this? I have no medical training! Dammit Mustang! He's probably out right now trying to get a date! With a hot girl in a miniskirt! Tears began flooding his face. He thought to himself, trying to cloud his mind with miniskirts so he would not panic at Riza's current state.

"Havoc," she said a softly a few moments later breaking his concentration. He sat and watched in silence. "I can't see…" her voice full of pain, destroying the strong front her face was putting on.

"Hey, you'll be ok," he tried to reassure her. His hand slowly patting her shoulder.

"Please," she continued, "Go back to Central and keep watch over the Colonel. I have reason to believe my attacker may go after him."

"We both know that isn't true. Even if it were he is in Central, nothing could get at him. Just worry about yourself now."



Is she afraid? This is not like Hawkeye…. Not at all. What could have happened to her?

"Is there any household chores you need done?" he asked, trying to change the subject and rid the tension.

Riza sat in silence. It took Havoc a second to realize what a stupid question he asked.

"I'm sorry," he began to apologize, his cheeks began turning red as guilt welt up in his throat. How do you ask a blind person if they want to clean? You idiot!

"The dishes need done," she replied, "and the floor need swept."

A small smile appeared and his blue eyes became soft. "Let's do that then."

She proceeded to stand, pulling her legs out from under the covers.

"GAH!!!!!" Havoc shot back in utter surprise. The shock of the impact caused the chair to fall backwards onto the floor.

"Arf! Arf!"Hayate yapped at his reaction.

Riza looked toward Havoc in confusion.

"Nothing! Nothing!" Havoc replied, trying not to blow his cover, blood oozing from his nose. Blank panties! And great legs!


"You're still in your nightshirt. You should probably change."

"Oh…" her face became sad once again. Her restrictions had just come back to her mind. If I cannot even pick out a pair of clothes… how can I protect him…?

"Hey, it's alright. You're sight will be back in no time," he said with a reassuring smile.

Riza did not reply, just continued to get up. Havoc tried his best to keep his cool as the nightshirt slid down her body upon standing. "Are you ok to stand?" he asked seeing she seemed a little dizzy.

"I'm fine," she replied, hiding the pain in her head. She steadied herself for a moment then headed in the direction of her dresser. She walked slow, arms out, guiding herself.

"Arf!" Hayate barked at this new display.

Do I help? He wondered. It hurt watching a once strong Riza Hawkeye struggling at something as simple as finding something to wear.

She winched a little as her foot hit the leg of her dresser. She slid her hands across the wooden frame, counting the drawers and searching for the knobs. Finding her way down to the forth drawer, she gently pulled it open revealing a series of pants. Her slender fingers ran over the fabric, studying with her hands, trying to find some way of distinguishing one item from the other.

"That one's nice," Havoc said as she traced a pair of white cotton pants.

"Yes," she replied calmly, hiding all the pain and lose she felt inside. The feeling of seeing nothing, not even being able to tell her own belongings apart, went straight to the core of her entire being.

Her fingers wrapped around the cloth. Turning it around and around in her hands until she found the top, then tracing it with her finger to find with was the front and which was the back. Then she proceeded to put it on underneath her nightshirt, making sure not to give Havoc a free show.

Once on she closed the drawer silently and went up one more self, a rainbow of colors burst from the wood. Red, blue, green, yellow, white, tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, blouses, anything you could imagine she had in that little drawer, all folded neatly as Riza believed firmly in organization. This she had a bit better time with; she quickly found her tops were made of different types of material. From this, she could picture the article of clothing in her mind, giving her a better idea of what she was wearing.

Then it hit her, she did not know what color pants she had chosen. I will not ask for help. She said sternly to herself. She continued as she was, trying to make Havoc believe she knew exactly what she was doing. As it is in war, if the General shows any signs of weakness or uncertainty, then the soldiers will become insecure and there is nothing but failure waiting.

"Lieutenant Havoc?"

"Yes?" he asked from his relaxed sitting position.

"Could you please leave the room a moment?"

"Oh! Yes! How rude of me!" he said quickly, realizing he had been watching her change her clothes. It hit him for just a moment that he rather liked watching her looking for clothes. He felt as if he was in an actual relationship with a real woman.

She waited; counting the number of steps it took for him to get from the bed to the door, then listening to it click shut.


The puppy's ears twitched as he looked up at his master.

"Which one?" she asked holding a black t-shirt in her right hand, and a pink tank top in her left.

"Arf! Arf!" He replied, indication to her the left.

"The bond people make with their pets," she said somewhat astonished.

"How is Hawkeye?" Roy asked.

"She's fine right now, chief," Havoc replied. He was in a phone booth just down the street. Riza's place was very small, only one room, and it didn't have most things a normal apartment had. There was not a kitchen, no living room. Just a room with a bed and a table, dresser, a little bit of cabinet space, probably no storage, a small bathroom with a door that slid into the wall, shower, and sink.

"Has her sight returned? Is she sill in pain?" his voice somewhat agitated for straight fast answers. It was obvious Roy should be the one caring for her.

"Her sight hasn't returned, no. She doesn't appear to be in pain, although…."

"What?" Roy barked.

Havoc pondered a minute if he should bring up Riza's strange shaking behavior.

"What is it, Havoc!"

"I'm sorry, Sir. I have to go. I was only supposed to leave her a minute so she could change her clothes. She's probably wondering where I am. I'll give you a new report when I can," he said staring out the glass window and at some girls walking by. So young… he thought to himself, though he could not get the image if Riza in her underwear out of his mind.

"Arf!" The little puppy barked when he heard knocking at the door. Riza did not approve of his behavior but wasn't in the mood to correct it. This in itself was new.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye! Are you decent?" Havoc yelled from outside.

"Yes," she replied.

The sound of the door and Havoc's boots on the floor filled her ears.

Riza did not show signs but once again became sad. Darkness was all that was in her view. She had never had anyone over, ever, always too busy, now that she had been given the time, she couldn't even enjoy it. "Strange how life works." She bent down to pet Hayete. He came to her floating hands. He whimpered with content as she rubbed under his chin and behind his ears.

Havoc studied her. Feeding off her emotions as to what he needed to do. Right now cleaning didn't really seem the best. "Why don't we take him for a walk?"

Riza's face remained as it always was, calm. "That may be nice."

"Would you like to visit the Colonel?"

She sat still, silent, wondering this a moment. Would he want to see me like this? Dependant on others?

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