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Fork in the Road

Chapter 1: Dreams

Danny sighed, as he lay back down on the couch in the office. "It's weird, Jazz. I keep having these weird dreams, over and over," he said, his blue eyes moving to look at his sister's reaction.

Jazz only rolled her eyes. "Danny, I already told you. I'm a psychologist, not a dream interpreter, okay? Why don't you go on the Internet and find out what your dreams mean?" she asked, shifting in her seat to cross her legs.

"I could do that, but who would, when they have a sister who's a psychologist? Can't you use that big brain of yours and try to make sense of my dreams?" he asked, sitting up on the couch. He scratched his sweater, man, it was itchy. He took it off, and placed it beside him. He was wearing blue jeans, a simple red shirt, and white tennis shoes. His itchy sweater was red, and probably made of wool. Yech.

Jazz was wearing a business suit, a blue skirt (instead of pants), a white shirt, and a blue coat to finish off the business look. "You take me for granted, you know? Well, if you insist, tell me your dreams, Danny."

"If you insist. All my dreams start where I'm running away from something. I'm running extremely fast because I'm scared of whatever's chasing me, except I don't recall ever seeing the thing that's chasing me. Anyways, I'm running too fast and I'm too scared to notice that I'm running off a cliff. However, just when I'm about to fall off, I stop and look down and then look back towards the thing that I'm trying to escape from."

"Okay...go on." Jazz urged him when Danny hesitated to continue.

"I know I should face whatever's chasing me, but I don't think about it, and instead jump off the cliff. I land in the sea, and start drowning because I can't move my legs. I'm drowning and wishing I hadn't jumped off because drowning is much worse."

"And then you wake up?"


"Okay. Good thing you came to see me Danny, I think it's time we had a talk," Jazz said, after studying the notes she had written down during Danny's discourse. She had a worried look, but only for a second. She had gotten good at avoiding emotions from appearing on her face, she was a psychiatrist (not to mention a big sister) and she had to develop basic lying skills.

"Um, alright. But, does this have anything to do with my dream?" he asked, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. Jazz shook her head, but he could tell she was lying. She knew what his dream meant… "Wait, before we have this "talk", are you going to tell me what my dream means?"

There was a pause before she spoke. "I already told you I'm not a dream interpretor."

"But you're a psychologist."

"So? They're not the same thing."

"Eh, it's close enough."

Jazz rolled her eyes ('little brothers...when do they ever grow up?'), but she soon regained a smile. "It'll cost you," she joked.

He looked up, with a smile matching Jazz's, "Will I get a family discount?"

"Don't count on it," she laughed, "well, back to your dream."

He had the urge to laugh along with her, but instead held it in to let her speak.

"The thing you're running away from represents the problem you have or more likely had. Your inability to see this "monster", symbolizes your ignorance, in where you can't see your problem because you don't know what it is. But you know it's there. The cliff represents a way to escape the problem, and the fact that you jumped off and had regrets means that your mind is telling you that you solved your problem, either wrong or much too hastily. Therefore, you might have made a mistake in not staying and facing the problem. You fall in the sea and start drowning…that represents the fact that you escaped your problem, but fell into a bigger, scarier one in doing so."

"But, why am I having these dreams now?"

"Maybe your mind is trying to tell you something Danny. Maybe it wants you to solve that problem you had."

She stopped speaking and gave Danny a chance to soak up everything she had just said.

"Wow...and you said you weren't a dream interpretor!"

She rolled her cerulean eyes. "Anyways Danny, I wanted to talk to you," Jazz said, a small smile gracing her face.

"About?" Danny asked, feeling suspicious towards Jazz's sudden cheery attitude. After all, even after all those years, Danny still hadn't told anyone that he was half-ghost. He was always meaning to, but he always chickened out. She could have found out somehow...

"About your life."

He raised an eyebrow. ('Right')

She sighed, "Danny...don't get me wrong; I'm your sister and I care."

His eyes narrowed, okay, this was really suspicious. "Alright." ('This better not be a trap')

"So Danny, how's it been lately?" she asked, leaning back and making herself comfortable. He had a feeling this was going to be a long afternoon.

"Fine. I'm married, I have a career, I'm only 25...I guess nothing could go wrong. Seriously Jazz, what's up? Is there something specific you want to ask me?" He wanted to know what it was that Jazz wanted. It wasn't like her to beat around the bush like this. Usually, she would come out with it and tell him what she wanted to know.

"Nothing, you're just getting older, Danny. You're already 25, and I keep feeling like Dad knows more about you than I do! I just feel like we're strangers, kid. Is it a crime now, to want to know more about your own brother?" she asked, a deep frown replacing her smile. Her blue eyes were focused on him, as he digested everything she had just said.

('I guess it makes sense if she wants to know more about me. After all, we used to be real close.'

"Are you going to open up to me now?" Jazz asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," Danny replied with a sigh. This was going to be a long afternoon.

"Aw, thanks. So, Danny how's your wife?" she asked, smiling at him like if she was hiding a little secret. He forced a smile.

"She's great. Just as gorgeous as ever, Jazz. Sometimes, I think I can't live without her," Danny answered, a shy smile on his face. He looked so adorable with that stupid smile on his face, but still, Jazz couldn't help but frown inside.

('Oh Danny. You still love her as much as ever, don't you? She's not who you think she is! Why can't you see that, kid?')

"Is something the matter Jazz? You spaced out for a moment…" Danny waved his tanned hand in front of Jazz's baby blue eyes. She blinked several times, and shook her head slowly. His eyes narrowed once more, something was wrong with Jazz. She was hiding something from him, but what?

"No," a fake laugh escaped her lips, "why would it be? I'm just a little tired, that's all." Jazz laughed once more, it sounded forced.

"Jazz, stop it. I know you're hiding something from me, what is it?" he demanded, standing up and facing her. She frowned and shook her head.

"Nothing's the matter, Danny." Jazz's eyes met with his, defying him, daring him to oppose her. Suddenly, a ringing came from Danny's pockets, and broke the stare. Danny answered his cell phone.

"Hello? Oh, hey honey. Yeah, I'm here with Jazz," he said into the bottom piece of his flip phone. A small smile appeared on his face as he spoke with his wife of 5 years.

"You're wife, Danny?" Jazz asked, a cold look in her eyes.

"Yeah. It's Paulina."

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