Learning to See
by hunnybaby


Prologue: Forever Black

THE GOLDEN SNITCH was hovering only a few inches away. His arm was fully outstretched as he reached desperately for the ball that would end the game and give the Gryffindor Quidditch team the victory, but it was almost as if the Snitch was teasing him, allowing him to come just within reaching it, and then fluttering mockingly out of his grasp.

He let out a determined noise and tightened his grip on his broomstick. He surged higher and higher, soared faster and faster, in pursuit of the Snitch. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the Slytherin Seeker chasing after the game ball as well.

It happened in an instant.

He and the Slytherin Seeker were both on the trail of the Snitch, which was now hovering near a tall tree. They were in a head to head race for the Snitch, but suddenly, something happened.

Out of nowhere, a Bludger came flying at the two players.

He wasn't able to move out of the way of the approaching Bludger. The Slytherin Seeker narrowly escaped being hit, dodging out of the way just in time.

The Gryffindor Seeker, however, simply braced himself for the impact of the Bludger. Surely the pain wouldn't be intolerable; he had been hit by too many Bludgers to count since he had started playing Quidditch.

He underestimated the force at which the Bludger was traveling, however. It hit him, and he felt himself losing his grip on his broom.

Horrific thoughts filled his mind.

He wasn't sure what happened next. It was almost like a dream as time seemed to slow down. He felt himself falling through the air. It was almost like he was floating gently from above, like a leaf. Somehow, though, he knew he wasn't floating. He could hear everything going on around him. There were the terrified screams from the crowd gathered around the Quidditch pitch, and he wondered why nobody was doing anything to stop his fall. He heard the sickening thud as his body finally made contact with the ground, but didn't feel it. And he didn't feel anything as his skull hit a sharp rock that was protruding from the grassy pitch, but he could hear the stomach churning crack.

And suddenly, his world went forever black.


Notes: This chapter was really short but very important to the story. If you think about it, I'm sure you'll be able to realize who the "he" was. I hope you all enjoyed this prologue, however short, and will take a few moments to write a review.

Many thanks go to a supremely cool fella, Rich, for the quick proofreading of this chapter. He doesn't even like Harry Potter and he does this for me:)