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Title: Interview with a Malfoy. Author: unlikely2 Challenge: Parent/Teacher Conferences. Words: 100

'Filthy traitor. Scum sucking spawn of a philandering politician. You set me up! And don't think I haven't heard about your 'visits' with my wife. Grrr'

'Lucius do stop salivating and get the shackles off my desk. You're scuffing it. I would remind you that you've been brought here to discuss Draco's academic performance. I would also remind you that your appointment is not for another ten minutes, so perhaps you'd be kind enough to wait outside?.'

'The Dark Lord . . .'

'Is not the parent of any child at this school. Unless there's something you're not telling us?


Title: Cut to the chase. Author: unlikely2 Challenge: Parent/Teacher Conferences. Words: 100

'Unfortunately we don't know quite how he managed to turn himself into a toad, Madam Longbottom, but he is still breathing and this way he's a lot less trouble.' On Snape's desk, the toad licked its eye.

'It's not that I don't see your point, but it's hard to believe that that's my poor little Neville.'

'Well, probably.'


'He had detention at the time and it was half an hour before anyone noticed.'

'And what were the children doing in detention?'

'Preparing ingredients.'

'Disembowelling toads?'


The old woman blew her nose. 'How will this affect his exam performance?'


Title: Staff meeting. Author: unlikely2 Challenge: Parent/Teacher Conferences. Words: 100

'Surely you cannot be serious,' hissed McGonagall.'

'Of course I'm serious,' whispered Snape. Dumbledore droned on.

'But people . . . parents traipsing in and out of the school. It's a ridiculous idea. It may suit muggles to allow people who are not professionals to express opinions concerning things they're not qualified . . .'

'Remember that I did not say that I supported it. Only that it was a splendid idea. Which it is, properly employed.' Snape smuggled her something under the table. 'Patented Daydream Charms. Latest thing from the "Terrors". I've confiscated sixteen already this week. Try one.'