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Pairings: There is a different pair for each drabble so here are as follows:

Drabble 1 (Happy Ending): Daikari
Drabble 2 (Choker): Mimato
Drabble 3 (Chocolate): Michi
Drabble 4 (Shaded Tree): Jyoura
Drabble 5 (Best Friend Know Best): Kenyako
Drabble 6 (Telephone): Takeyako
Drabble 7 (Cover): Hishiro
Drabble 8 (Pranayama): Sorato
Drabble 9 (Vase): Daimi
Drabble 10 (Birthday Song): Takeru x Hikari x Daisuke Friendship

Warnings: Slight AU, Hetero, mild OOC, mild humor, mild angst.

These are just some random Digimon drabbles that I wrote a long time ago when I was trying to cure my writer's block. I found them on my hard disk, and after lots and lots of editing, I decided to upload them.

I had this thing for my writer's block where I'd write somewhat unlikely couples (in my opinion) for a challenge to help get rid of my writer's block faster. I don't mean that I dislike any of these pairings; on the contrary, I support and like most of them, I just mean that writing those were meant for a challenge.

If you want me to write a drabble on a pair of your interest, feel free to ask.


Pasture of Circe

Drabbles 1-10: Opal


Happy Ending: Daikari

She does not believe in fairytales anymore. She does not need to.

When Hikari was young, she read fairytales. She read about the damsels in distress, the knights in shining armor, and the happy endings. She read about glass slippers and godmothers with magic; she read about long hair and being trapped in tall towers, she read about spinning wheels and sleeping forever; she read them all. Her soft white fingers would flit through the fingers and smile at the part where everyone rode into the sunset.

Hikari's starting to understand love better now that she's older. Now, she understands that fairytales don't really exist and that happy endings don't always happen. She knows better know, she's more grown up now. And her fingers aren't so soft or white anymore because she's stopped looking at parts where everyone would ride into the sunset. They're callous but only to the point of wisdom and brown but only to the point of a light tan.

She doesn't believe in fairytales anymore.

But, that just makes it even more special when Daisuke clumsily runs down the street to greet her, stopping immediately in front of her with a smile of pure happiness spelled out on his face.

"Hey Hikari! You want to go eat some ramen with me?"

Hikari just smiles softly and nods a yes, not disturbed at all by Daisuke's enthusiasm of eating noodles for lunch even when she has already chewed down some sashimi.

Because she now understands that this boy is no prince or knight, and that's okay, because she is certainly no princess or damsel in distress. She is just an ordinary girl and he is just an ordinary boy that the ordinary girl has decided to get to know better because she knows that ordinary boys like Daisuke do not pass by you every day.

But maybe, now that she's finally decided to say yes, they can still have that happy ending, but without the ever after (now that she knows it's not as easy as that).

And maybe, they don't even have to ride into the sunset to achieve it.


Notes On Drabble: I admit, when I first wrote this drabble, it was to get rid of my writer's block on my Beyblade story, I Want A Divorce. Sadly, it didn't really help that much and it really was first poorly written. So when I found it on my hard disk, I edited this a lot. Seriously, Hikari was a depressed moron when it was first written, so now I'm just glad I decided to change that.


Jewelry: Mimato

Omoi no subete wo uta ni shite…

He was wearing that choker again.

It was just show for their concert and it certainly made the girls in the crowd go wild, but she was just plain annoyed at him for wearing the thing.

It was shaped like a dog collar, with spikes protruding out and so silver and black it caught the light more than once whenever he turned his head to belt out lyrics to the microphone. It annoyed her. And not just because it was a distraction to the point that a girl on her left had fainted when she screamed enthusiastically at the sight of that around his neck.

Sora had given it to him.

The redhead had given it to the blonde as a joke for his fifteenth birthday present, something that the blonde wasn't all that amused about (she herself made sure to be there for his birthday party; so she also saw him try to discreetly chuck the thing in a corner). His band mates and manager however, had practically crowed in delight when they saw it and insisted that he wear it to the next concert.

And he did. Something that she was not happy about.

It wasn't that she resented Sora for giving it to him as the redhead was her friend, nor did she resent him for wearing it, because truth be told, the blonde looked downright hot in it. It was just too…flashy. Besides, that thing could hurt him if someone tried to rip it out as people would always try to steal jewelry. She most certainly knew that, if living in America had given her any knowledge.

"You shouldn't try to wear that anymore," she told him (sounding as disapproving as possible) as soon as the concert was over and the whole group had gone over backstage to congratulate the band while she dragged the blonde away to give him "some needed fashion advice" she quoted.

The blonde blinked in surprise and raised a hand towards the choker but the pink haired girl simply thrust her palm to him before he could say anything.

"This is better suited for you."

At his next concert, Ishida Yamato wore a long silver chain with a charm of a wolf on it and a secret smile only Tachikawa Mimi saw.


Notes On Drabble: Okay, so even though it is highly unlikely Mimi would ever be jealous about Sora giving jewelry to Yamato, this is still one of my favorite drabbles. I think that was because once I had the scenario in mind, the words weren't hard to write. It actually did help me with my Writer's Block! By the way, the translation for sentence in italics is at the bottom of this entire thing.


Chocolate: Michi

"Nobody knows the truffles I've seen!" – Anonymous

Taichi's hair is surprisingly soft.

True, it sits down on his head like a bird's nest, a big bush, or anything else you want to describe it as, but your favorite activity is to run your hands through that hair of his. You want to feel each individual strand in your fingers, to marvel at the color, and to breathe in the scent of his mane.

His hair smells like chocolate.

Like ordinary, everyday chocolate that shouldn't be special at all, but you can't help but be so utterly fascinated at it. You have never smelt chocolate as strong as his. It practically floats and lingers around him and you wonder how no one else seems to notice. You conclude that they're simply stupid and oblivious. After all, the only one besides you who seems to notice is Yamato, and that is simply because Taichi is his best friend.

Taichi is not your best friend and you have no desire for him to be.

You do want him to be something else though. You want him to be the person who'll take you onto picnics and feed you grapes. You want him to be the person to give you piggyback rides and laugh with you. You want him to be the person who will hug you and give you chaste kisses on the cheek and lips. You want him to be the person who'll lend you a shoulder to lean on, the one you want to hold hands with and don't have to make it look like an accident when you sniff his hair.

You don't want to call him your boyfriend though, because you know that one word is not enough to describe what he is to you.

You are in love with him though and you do want him to love you back.

You cannot remember the day you first fell in love with the boy, but you understand it was not right away. Truth be told, it probably took weeks and weeks before you even started to like the boy. Because that's how you are; ready to rush into a relationship, but only after you've got even a tiniest hint of a crush on the person. Taichi is different though; because you're in love with him and do not just have a crush on him.

You want to be able to pinpoint the exact time and day you fell in love with the boy, but sadly, you can't. All you know is that one day you were perfectly normal, the next you were sucked into a Digiworld with a live plant for a friend and the next you had butterflies in your stomach whenever your leader came near you.

Somehow, you do not even remember when you began this habit of yours. This small little habit in which you'd quietly run your hands through brown strands of hair and feel each particular fiber. It's a secret habit of course, and it's so secret that even he himself doesn't know about it. You do the habit in night of course, choosing to go to him in the middle of the night so that you can at least have a good sleep yourself and you stop just thirty minutes before they all wake up.

You muse, as you run your soft fingers through chocolate hair, that the day you'll tell Taichi how you feel is the day your habit stops.

And you know that old habits die hard.


Notes On Drabble: …well, this sucked. Mimi was portrayed as some sort of depressed yet crazy psycho and this drabble was definitely psychotic. I tried to edit it; really I did, but truth to be told, this one just plain sucked. It's most definitely my least favorite, as the only reason you can tell its Mimi is just by one sentence. Anyways, to anyone who cares this takes place in 01.


Shaded Tree: Jyoura

Rock a by baby, on the treetop, when the wind blows…

I remember the scene like it was yesterday. It happened a month ago.

I was sitting down under the comfortable shade of a tree, polishing my kendo sword. Lots of people think that because a kendo sword is wooden, it doesn't really need to be polished, especially when you can just get another one. But I like to polish it, as it constantly gets tons of scratches from practices. It's just a thing to pass the time, but it's one of my favorite time passers.

Anyway, I was totally absorbed in my activity when I heard someone humming. I was surprised since I had thought I had been alone and I was usually quite aware of these sorts of things (the perks of being a kendo master). Glancing around the small grassland, I become aware of two figures lying down on the grass not to far away, both oblivious to the person watching them under the shade of a tree.

It was Sora who was humming, a sort of tune that seemed carefree enough to suit her. Or perhaps the tune was too carefree to suit me; I still can't remember that part all that well. I do remember however, feeling a huge surprise at the fact that the other person next to Sora was Kido Jyou, the boy who wanted to be a doctor.

I wouldn't have been so surprised if it hadn't been for the fact that I distinctly remember that Jyou was supposed to be avidly studying for those finals of his so that he could get into medical school. He seemed to be completely stressed during the time; going on and on about his studies that even Taichi couldn't get him to come out of his room. I wondered how Sora did it.

With Sora though, the bluenette seemed entirely relaxed. Jyou's eyes were closed behind his glasses, and he seemed to be asleep, one arm folded under his head, and the other stretched out in Sora's direction, almost as if he was trying to reach her even though it wasn't really moving.

I remember something about that scene pulling my interest in. I still don't know what it is though; they weren't even touching and Sora seemed to be pretty much off into her own world with her humming; she wasn't even looking at Jyou. But I could still tell they were both together, sharing the distance with each other as if it wasn't even there. It made me feel…content to see them both that way with each other. I was observing something that seemed highly unlikely, and yet they were both there, savoring an ordinary afternoon with something unseen between them.

Looking back on that, it seemed to be one of those afternoons you see through a mist, fogged up memories that seem to corrupt everything else with a caress of any degree of warmth. I know because I also have those sorts of memories, only I was watching this one happen to someone and it made me wonder if they'd remember it with a laugh or a weep.

It was during that special evening, when I was in the bedroom of my home, that I managed to finally remember the familiar tune that Sora had been humming.

It was a lullaby.

They'd remember it with a smile, and perhaps maybe, a small laugh.


Notes On Drabble: Okay, this I think, wasa drabble I was proud of. When I first wrote it, it had like only 200 words and incredibly bad descriptions. So, I whipped up some Hot Cocoa and prepared to edit my heart out on this, and now I'm pretty happy with it. And this was the first Jyoura I ever wrote, so it was okay. In case you don't know, the thing was in Iori's POV. The line about the tune being childish to him was inspired by the quote that 'Age is just a number' and the fact that I think Iori has been through a lot.


Best Friends Know Best: Kenyako

Of cat and mouse and surrendering to the chase.

Ken's my best friend. Miyako's my friend too, and a pain in the neck – but that's another story. One that, maybe I'll think of sharing.

So that just makes you wonder, what I, Motomiya Daisuke was thinking, when I broke one of the greatest universal laws ever known to man:

A Best Friend must NOT be in favor of other Best Friend hooking up with Best Friend's #1 Enemy.

Well, I guess I didn't really break it that much, as Miyako isn't my enemy, contrary to what other people may think. Really, despite the fact that I argue with her just as much as I do with Takeru, she's still my friend and I'd rush right into the line of danger for her just like I would for any of the others. I wouldn't even think of replacing the girl with someone nicer like Sora – well, I don't think that too often. And we are a lot alike, despite our differences. I guess you can say she's like my sister. Only like, because I can only handle one Jun.

But anyways, back to my ramble (sorry I get distracted real easily).

Don't get me wrong, I know perfectly well that if Ken ever does decide to go out with Inoue Miyako, he'll probably do a lot of shoving his tongue down her throat, and I'm sorry, but that is a sight I most definitely do not need to see. And I won't exactly be able to talk to Ken about girls, cause discussing Miyako's antics just gives me the creeps. But that's okay, since I've never talked to Ken about girls in the first place.

So just why do I support the idea of Ichijouji Ken hooking up with Inoue Miyako?

Well, I think the support started after things quieted down in the Digiworld, with BelialVamdemon defeated and everything. We Chosen had settled into our normal lives and were pretty happy with it. We all still hung out a lot, especially Takeru, Iori, Hikari, Miyako, Ken, and me.

The Old Digidestined arranged another picnic day with us on a sunny afternoon, and it was pretty cool. The food was great; Yamato brought over tons of sweet stuff and even Jun was in a good enough mood to make some sandwiches to bring over. Yummy.

Uh, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Miyako and Ken. Heh.

Anyways, it was during the picnic that I noticed Miyako occasionally glancing at my best friend. It wasn't that noticeable; I probably wouldn't have seen it for the fact that I was sitting between Ken and Miyako. But, I also noticed something in those glances. They just, I don't know, looked different. It was something like how Miyako would glance at Mimi, full of admiration, but there was also a little extra in those glances.

I'm not a very good eye reader, but Miyako's eyes were well, frankly, so blatantly obvious that I figured it out in a millisecond. Okay, not a millisecond, maybe it was ten minutes, but I still managed to figure out that Miyako had fallen in love with Ken.

Really, when I think about it, it seemed a bit obvious that Miyako was going to fall in love with my best friend. I mean, she's been chasing him for like, ever (not that Ken's ever noticed that much. And they call me oblivious?) so I guess the puppy love turned into a dog after some time.

See, that's whether Miyako and I differ. After chasing Hikari for months and months, my infatuation just turned into basically nothing and I was perfectly fine with Hikari being my friend. Miyako though, it seemed like her infatuation had just turned into pure unadulterated (wooh, that's a big word) love. I guess its cause even when I was chasing Hikari, my heart wasn't in it that much and my subconscious knew I'd grow out of it. But Miyako just seemed to give it her all. Her attempts (no matter how lame they were) always seemed to have a lot of effort in them.

So I guess that's why I want Ken to hook up with Miyako. Because she isn't going to give up on him and Ken needs someone like that. I mean, he's got me and I'm most certainly never going to give up on him, but there is just no way I'd let him shove his tongue down my throat even if he was the greatest kisser on the planet.

Besides, I'm sure that if Ken ever does return Miyako's feelings, and they do go out, I won't have to worry about Ken spending all his time with her, because I'm his best friend, and sometimes, the forces of friendship can be just as strong as love. I mean, I'm not the Bearer of Love (that's Miyako) so I don't know that much about how strong it is, but I've got Friendship and that's pretty strong itself.

And hey, who knows, maybe after Miyako gets her guy I can concentrate on getting Iori a girl. Poor guy really does need some action. And don't even get me started on Jyou or Koushiro.

Motomiya Daisuke: Matchmaker Extraordinaire. Oh that sounds good.


Notes On Drabble: Meep, this was way too long for a drabble, but it just kept getting longer and longer the more I edited it! Anyways, forget the Mimato one; this is just my all time fave. Really, I like the idea of Daisuke being a diehard Kenyako fan, because well, it's just SO cute! I hope I managed to capture Daisuke's character in this, as I tried to make him as IC as possible. I didn't want to make him too deep, just point out that he isn't totally clueless about Miyako and Ken. Who knows, maybe I'll grow this out into a longer fic.


Telephone: Takeyako

When you hear a good piece of gossip, what do you do? Spread it.

"Miyako, I don't know why you weren't going to tell me you and Daisuke were together, but you obviously weren't thinking all that clearly. This is going to tear apart our team's bala-"



"What do you mean, me and Daisuke? Look Takeru, if this is to cover up the fact that you kissed Hikari last night-"



"Where on earth did you get the idea that me and Hikari kissed?"

"You mean…it's…not true?"

"Uh, no. Where'd you hear that piece of gossip?"

"Sora told me."

"That's funny; Sora told me that you were dating Daisuke."

"Oh, puh-lease, I wouldn't go out with the guy even if he was the last man on the planet."

"Why, saving yourself for Ken?"

"Um, no, I thought you knew I was over him."

"I do. It's just well – never mind."

"What? Come on Takeru, tell me!"

"It's nothing alright!"

"Sheesh, no need to yell."

"Sorry Miyako. I'm just a bit stressed out. It's not very often that someone thinks I kissed my best friend when that's all we are."

"Same here."

"I see. Uh…Miyako?"

"Would you ever consider going out with Daisuke?"


"Would you ever consider going out with me?"

"Depends. You asking?"

"Well, yes."

"Okay then. But you're paying."


Notes On Drabble: Short, yet sweet I think. Sorry if I can't pull off Takeyako that well, the words just didn't seem to come to me, and my editing didn't really do much. This also didn't seem to help with my Writer's Block either, plus it's pretty OOC.


Cover: Hishiro

Menstrual cycles are nothing compared to this…

Izumi Koushiro was not a happy man. He wasn't even a man yet, but that was so besides the point. And why was he not a happy man/boy/whatever? Well, only one reason to explain his current mood.

Yagami Hikari (well, now it was Izumi Hikari), the Bearer of Light.

Koushiro felt the girl was a devil in disguise.

Flashback Begins

"Come on Koushiro, we're going to go to those Lamaze classes if it's the last thing we do!" The brunette stomped her foot, trying to drag her husband towards the building.

The redhead however, would not budge, no matter how pushy his wife was becoming. "Look Hikari I love you, really I do, but no matter how much you beg me to do," The man gulped and gestured towards the building. "This, I can't."

Mistake #1: Thou shall not try to disobey your pregnant and hormonal wife.

Hikari's eyes narrowed and darkened into a light crimson color.

"Oh really? You mean youaren't going to go to Lamaze classes with me so we can be prepared for our baby?" The brunette growled out, looming over her terrified husband despite the fact that she was three whole inches shorter than him.

"It's not that I don't want to Hikari, I just-"

Mistake #2: Thou shall not even think about continuing to piss off said wife.

"Then you are going to come along dear?" Hikari's sudden anger dissolved into a sweet smile (but still carrying the underlying threat of things worse than death).

"But I don't know Hikari; it's not a very good idea. I mean…" Koushiro continued to babble on excuses and excuses, while the brunette just rolled her eyes and tried not to yawn.

She glanced around the street corner, wondering if there was anything around there to shut her husband up. Her eyes lit up as she spotted a small newspaper stand in the corner. Glancing back at Koushiro, she saw he was too busy listing down random reasons to notice her. Sneaking away from the redhead, she went to the stand and paid for the latest edition of a Japanese newspaper.

"Oh Koushiro darling!"

The said redhead turned around to face his wife - when suddenly he felt something wraparound his mouth.

Mistake #3: Thou shall run far away if dangerous wife calls you. It helps you in the long run.


It seemed that Izumi Hikari had actually ripped off a piece of the newspaper, and wrapped it around her husband's mouth like a blindfold (except on his lips, not eyes).

"I'm sorry sweetie pie, what was that?" Hikari asked in fake concern, bending her head to look like she was trying to hear what her husband had to say.


"Oh, you actually do want to go to the Lamaze classes? Great, well then let's go!" Hikari dragged her husband along, ignoring all his protests as if she couldn't hear them.

This was probably the case since Koushiro's words came out muffled.

Flashback Ends

And now here he was, straddling his wife's stomach, covered with newspaper, with the instructor woman breathing on him every five seconds and not entirely enjoying himself.

It would be a long nine months.


Notes On Drabble: OOC, Hishiro, and Lamaze classes. The perfect combo. Tee hee. Sorry if any of you guys thought Hikari was a bit too OOC, but well, aren't all pregnant women? Anyways, the reason I used newspaper instead of tape because you can't exactly find tape on a street corner and I was rubbish at thinking of a substitute.


Pranayama: Sorato

Inhalation, retention, and exhalation.

Sora's hair smelled like rosemary.

She was sitting in between his knees, her legs crossed, eyes closed and he couldn't help but notice the stray piece of a red lock across her face, almost in her eye. Yamato restrained the urge to brush it away and instead tried to concentrate on their current activity.

When Sora had first heard that he occasionally practiced breathing and meditation activities for his singing, she had practically gotten down on her knees and begged for him to teach her some techniques so that she'd have better endurance on her breathing during her tennis matches, which took a lot of energy out of the girl. He agreed, and now they were in his room, just her and him and breathing.

The redhead looked quite focused, her concentration remaining only on her lungs and the air that came and left in them. That is to say, until the blonde bent forward slightly and stretched around to lay a hand flat across her collarbone with her back pressed tightly against his chest.

He felt her eyes snap open, turning her head to look at him in surprise. "Y-Yamato?" The redhead choked out and he found himself surprised at how shaky it sounded.

"Relax Sora," He told her trying to sound as soothing as possible. "Just inhale and exhale. Align your breathing with mine."

The girl nodded and turned her head back to their original position, her concentration coming back. With his hand guiding her, she started to breathe with him, finding a balance. She was so concentrated on breathing with him, she almost didn't notice when she started to breathe herself into him, finding a unity. As the air left and came into her lungs, the feel of his hand on her sternum only magnified, the weight of his chest at her back becoming her only anchor.

Without him realizing it, she leaned into his body, fitting her curves into his own body. They seemed to fit each other so well, so perfect, and it was just so relaxing that she found her own concentration slipping away from her…

Yamato opened a blue eye, realizing that his red haired friend had fallen asleep. Slightly amused, he closed his eye again and dropped his hand down to curl around Sora's waist…

And started to breathe her in, finding his own balance within her.

Sora's hair smelled like rosemary.


Notes On Drabble: Just so you know, pranayama is actually Sanskrit for controlling the breathe through inhalation, exhalation, and retention, so it IS a word. Okay, so that was my very first Sorato. When I first wrote this on a whim, the term just kind of flew into my head and the words came out. Sorry if you didn't really understand how they were positioned.


Vase: Daimi

The language of love talks through its objects; namely the plants.

On the first day she caught a cold, he had given her an azalea.

"Here Mimi, these are for you!" He greeted her cheerfully, his arms full of a bouquet of the flowers. "I hope you like them." The boy said almost shyly.

The girl coughed lightly, but accepted them graciously. "Thank you so much!" She responded merrily and thought about how this boy before her reminded her of a crocus.

The rest of her friends also presented her with their own balloons and get well cards, but after everyone had gone and left, her mind still remained on the azalea and the boy who had presented it to her.

On the second day she had a cold, he had given her a forsythia.

"I'll be waiting for you to get better Mimi." He said sincerely, giving her a bouquet and a gentle smile. "Colds don't last very long, at least that's what Jyou told me. I'm positive you'll be able to get out of bed soon." He tried to reassure her, sensing her sad mood.

The girl gave him a genuine smile, feeling the real certainty in the boy's words. She had been feeling slightly down since she wasn't able to go about because her cold was still there, but his visit had definitely lifted up her spirits.

"Thank you Daisuke."

It was even more special, because no one else had the time to visit her (though they had sent a few quick emails her way) so it was just her and this boy who reminded her of a gladioli.

On the third day she had a cold, he had given her an arbutus.

"I think you're a great person Mimi. So don't worry, I'm sure one day some god up there will look down on you and think that you're so pretty you deserve to be cured!" The boy nodded persuasively, just as his words registered. "Uh, I mean, not that you're pretty, but – wait! I mean you are pretty, it's just-"

"It's alright Daisuke." The girl reassured her, giving him a small smile. She simply took the flower out of his hand and placed it in her vase, along with all the other flowers he had given her. "I think you're pretty cute yourself." She winked at him, delighted at the blush he sported.

And even though it was still just him and her, she'd rather have it that way than not him at all. After all, he reminded her of a white camellia.

On the fourth day when she got rid of the cold, she paid him a small visit.

And gave him an ambrosia.


Notes On Drabble: Yes I know, all of you are probably going "HUH?" because you don't understand a thing. The flower terms are at the bottom, so you can just scroll down to read them. Anyway, this drabble wasn't first about flowers. It was a really angsty piece about Mimi grieving that Daisuke didn't love her cause he was chasing Hikari, but I deleted it LIKE THAT, because it was really sad and everything, but it was like totally 2D angst. No substance at all. So, I hope this one's slightly better. This is AU since Mimi doesn't live in America for this one.


Birthday Song: Takeru x Hikari x Daisuke Friendship

Blackmail goes a long way…a very long way.

"No way. You are kidding me. Really." Takeru stated deadpanned, unable to believe his friend's sanity; or lack thereof.

The burgundy haired boy beside him protested much more vocally. "Please Hikari; I'll do anything but that! Anything but this!" The brown eyed boy looked ready to cry down waterfalls and waterfalls.

He had good reason to.

The reason for their anxiety shook her head, looking as apologetic as she could. "I'm sorry guys, but Taichi just looked so disappointed when he found out that I didn't have a birthday present for his best friend. Please, just do it for me?" She clasped her hands together and tried to do her best puppy dog look.

Takeru and Daisuke looked at each other for a minute, a silent message passing between the two boys, before they turned back to the brunette and uttered one single word.


Hikari's face fell before she gave a melancholy sigh.

"Guys, I really wish it didn't have to come to this, but if you guys don't do this with me, then I'll tell both Yamato and Taichi what happened at the last Christmas party." Her satisfaction was met when she saw the boy's reactions. Daisuke was crying down those waterfalls while Takeru's eyes bulged out of their sockets.

She wasn't sure who jumped forward to ring the doorbell first, but a second later Ishida Yamato had answered the door, his band mates appearing behind him with curious expressions.

"Takeru? Hikari? Daisuke?" The blonde questioned bewilderedly. He would have asked another question, but no one would ever know what it was, because at that moment, the trio had started to belt out a very off key birthday song.

"Happy Birthday to you
You live in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too!"

Well. That was Daisuke's version of the song, who was the loudest out of the three. His version overlapped the other two's, who sang the normal birthday song.

Taichi would be so proud (coughrightcough).


Notes On Drabble: Ah, nothing like some good old Takarisuke humor to start your day. In case you still don't get it, I'll sum it up for you: Hikari forgot to get Yamato a birthday present, so she blackmailed Takeru and Daisuke into singing the guy a birthday song with her snicker.

This actually wasn't a drabble I wrote for my writer's block, I just wrote it for you guys, since I thought you guys deserved it! So remember, if you ever want me to do a drabble on a couple of your choice, just tell me in a review.


Omoi no subete wo uta ni shite…

Translation: I'd put all my thoughts into song.

Flower Meanings

Azalea – Take Care of Yourself for Me, Fragile Passion
Crocus – Cheerfulness
Forsythia – Anticipation
Gladioli – I'm Really Sincere, Give Me a Break
Arbutus – I Love You Only
White Camellia – You're Adorable
Ambrosia – Your Love Is Reciprocated

Okay, so that's basically all of it.

Now, if you want me to write a drabble (a really long drabble since my shortest is 380 words) on any pair you want, feel free to request. You can ask for a het, a shounen ai, or shoujo ai pair. You can ask for a pair that I've already written (like another Mimato or something). All I ask that it isn't a crossbreed or a Digimon x Digimon pair. It's not because I'm disrespectful towards the stuff, but I'm just better at writing Chosen pairs. So you can ask anything from a Junchi to a Daishiro to a Himi. I'll also accept sharing, threesomes, and anything else that pops into your head.

If you want a Friendship drabble, tell me the characters and the likes. If you already have a theme in mind you want me to write, don't be afraid to ask (this goes for the romance pairs too). Of course if you don't want a drabble at all and just want to review, I'm more than happy with that :winks:.

Review please!