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1. On My Heart: Junzumi: Dark Qiviut
2. Lipstick: Michi: A Hopeless Romantic
3. Bonjour: Cathesuke: Dark Qiviut
4. Grandiose: Koumi: KoumiLocc
5. Calligraphy: Taiorato Triangle: Aino Yuy
6. Library Book: Yamachisuke Friendship: Mia Kamiya
7. Goggles: Takumi: Dark Qiviut
8. Fox Trot: Hiruki Friendship: Dark Qiviut
9. Accent: Yuyako: Dark Qiviut
10. Mistletoe: Izuchi: Nightshadegirl

Warnings: OOC, AU, hetero, slight angst, lots of humor

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Pasture of Circe

Drabbles 21 – 30: Garnet

On My Heart: Junzumi

For: Dark Qiviut




He's got her name on his heart.

It's fixed there, written ever so deeply within his very core, but it's so deep a thing that it's still distinguishable on the surface. And he carries it. He carries a life filled with happiness and delight, of vanity and smiles, with purple caps and ocean eyes. The whole life is written on the surface on his heart, but the whole name is seal inside his soul.

It's not his name, nor is it his life. It's hers.

But he can't envision carrying anyone else's. Even when she's not there, he carries it for her, lives it for her, walks, cries, smiles, dreams, sleeps, and breathes it in for her. It is, after all, a part of him and her together, and that's just fine with him. Strangely though, the dependence of her has only made him brighter and stronger, like how a blacksmith sharpens a knife, only he is no knife and she is no blacksmith.

Sometimes, Kouichi frowns kindly and says to him he shouldn't have to carry the whole thing alone or at all, and he just can't bring himself to tell the boy it's never been a burden, nor has he ever thought of it as one. But he also doesn't have the heart to be mad at Kouichi, because he just doesn't understand. He's never been in such a situation like his, where you become so deeply in love that the name is buried so deeply within you that you can't even breathe.

But still, that's not quite his situation. Because while he may love Izumi more than anyone else does, it's not to the point of sightlessness. If anything, having her name on his heart helps him see with his eyes all the more better. That's how she is after all, helping in the smallest of ways.

And he likes to think he's helping her too, because he also knows that she needs him as well. Perhaps not as much as he needs her, but he likes to think that maybe she's carrying a little something of his too. He knows that even though you can hardly see it, his letters are being lightly etched onto her heart. You can't see it on the surface yet, but it's there in her core. He can see it though, because she is becoming a part of him, and someday it will be vice versa.

Junpei can and will always wait for that day. The day when he'll smile (not grin) and Izumi will smile back (not smirk). The day when he can close his eyes and still see her and say; Now we're equal. He'll wait forever for that day, even though he knows it won't take that long.

He'll wait, as long as it means waiting for her.


Notes: Ah, there's nothing like some old fashioned Junzumi romance to get you going in the morning. As for the Kouichi part, I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bashing him or anything, because I'm not. I just thought that Takuya, Tomoki, nor Kouji wouldn't fit the part. And yes, Junpei does sound OOC, but oh well. This can also fit with Daikari too I think. Anyways, hope you like it Dark Qiviut!


Lipstick: Michi

For: A Hopeless Romantic

Who says makeup is only for girls?

"Will you just hold still Yagami?" screamed an exasperated Mimi, who was ready to pull her hair out if not for the fact that she knew that it would not look pretty.

Taichi sighed, laying back into his chair. "But Mimi, I told you, I am not, and I repeat NOT, going to put on m-makeup." The boy had only come to the girl for help on his study session with Sora, not to get bombarded by fashion tips and fashion clothes and fashion makeup from some silly (but cute) pink haired girl.

"Oh Taichi, there's nothing to worry about. Tons of guys wear makeup! And Sora will never notice on the date anyway," reassured Mimi.

"Then what's the point of using it in the first place!" shrilled out the old(er) Yagami. "Besides, I thought I told you that it's not really a date. Sora just needed someone to help her study for her big History test, and since Yamato had band practice and Jyou and Koushiro couldn't help, she asked me. It's a friend thing." And really, that was all it was. Taichi didn't have any more-than-platonic feelings for Sora, and he was quite sure she didn't either. Of course, he couldn't really say the same about a certain pink haired girl…

Mimi sniffed, flipping her hair back and took out her makeup bag. "Of course it is. Everyone can see that Sora likes you and that you most definitely return such feelings. Sora's so the only person you'd study History for Taichi." For some reason, Mimi's voice turned slightly cold by the end of the sentence, even though Taichi had no idea why.

"Is something the matter Mimi?" he asked with concern.

"No. Nothing's the matter. Now shut up and pucker your lips." Taichi momentarily took the time to blink clueless and full of shock at the bright red tube approaching his lips. The brunet leaned farther and farther and farther away from the tube, hoping against hope that-that thing wouldn't even think about-

"Ah, there done."

Taichi stared into the mirror. His once wonderful and plain colored (though he was just FINE with that) had been painted into a vivacious red.



…Well, it wasn't so bad. Sure, his lips were now certainly more…brighter than they had been a few seconds ago, but the color did seem to just make his lips shimmer slightly, not to mention make them look a bit more moist. Who knew makeup could actually work so well? It was just too bad that Taichi had never gotten the name of the color. What was it again, something like Fruit Red? Passion Red?


The brunet turned slightly to face the person who had called his name, which was Mimi, who was staring at him with the strangest look in her eyes. Well, she wasn't really staring at him, more like his lips…

"So Mimi, what is this lipstick called again? I keep forgetting the name. Was it something like Passion Red? Cause I seriously have no cl-"

Whatever Taichi was about to say, we will never know. Since Mimi just kind of – took the words right out of his mouth.

After she had finished kissing the air out of the stunned brunet boy, Mimi leaned her forehead against Taichi's and whispered out in a shaky breath, "It's called Passion Pink Taichi. Passion Pink."

"Oh. Right."

Needless to say, Taichi never did make it the Study Session.

Notes: Yes, I stole the theme from an LJ Challenge, but the concept was just too good not to use. This was (once again) a bit too long, and just seemed to ramble a bit, but I hope you still liked it A Hopeless Romantic!


Bonjour: Cathesuke

For: Dark Qiviut

This is how the more…affectionate Frenchians greet their friends. Or so they're called.

There were many things Daisuke liked about the French people. He liked their cool buildings, that almost big Eiffel Tower, and most of all, their bread and cheese. Mmm.

"Daisuke? Daisuke! DAISUKE!"

The burgundy haired boy jolted out of his daydream, turning sideways to glare at the amused blond standing next to him in the airport. "I couldn't very well have you falling asleep now, could I?"

"And why couldn't you?"

"Because we have to greet Catherine when she arrives! It's her first time in Odaiba and we have to greet her with the utmost respect!" Takeru ranted and raved, attracting weird looks from the other people in the airport and embarrassed looks from the other Chosen (which consisted of only Miyako, Ken, Hikari, and Iori anyway).

Daisuke rolled his eyes. "Look Takeru, just because you have a crush on this French girl doesn't mean we all do."

Hearing this, the said blonde immediately flushed red. "I DO NOT have a crush on Catherine and-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, save it for someone who actually believes you." Daisuke rolled his eyes in boredom, surveying the huge crowd at the airport. He spotted a glint of very bright yellow bobbing through the people. As most people at the airport (including the non-Japanese ones) had dark hair, he assumed this was the girl they were all on their feet for.

"Hey Takeru I-"




"Your girlfriend's here."

"SHE'S NOT MY – oh. Hi Catherine."

The blonde girl beamed at the blonde boy (Daisuke thought they looked like one big happy yellow family) with a big smile on her face. "Monsieur Takeru! How glad it zees to see you!" With that, she cupped his face near his and planted two small chaste kisses on each of his cheeks.

After she was done giving Takeru (who by now resembled a tomato quite accurately) she repeated the process Iori and Ken who had uncomfortable looks on their faces, as well Hikari and Miyako who just smiled rather clumsily back.

Daisuke found that his palms had started sweating when Catherine started to walk towards him. He racked his head for possible excuses as to why he just simply wasn't used to girls kissing him on cheeks and that they could just head back-

"You are monsieur Daiskez rightz?"

Darn. She was there already.

"Um. Actually it's Daisuke, but its okay you can pronounce whatever way you want and-"

Sparing him any further ramble, Catherine cupped his face and-

Gave him a French kiss.

Notes: Uh…Actually, I have nothing to say about this one. Yep.


Grandiose: Koumi

For: KoumiLocc

Definition: adj. Characterized by feigned or affected grandeur; pompous.

Few people think of you as a simple girl. You know that when they look at you, they see you as a loving and caring and kindhearted individual, and that's nice to see because it makes you feel modest (really, you don't feel it that often).

But there's also something inside you that curls inside, makes you feel slightly nauseous, because you know that they see you as a challenge (or someone easy), a trophy to show around and flaunt. They see you as the antonym of simplicity. You don't really blame them, as it's not like you don't really portray a simple image, what with your pink clothes and your pink hair and your girly jewelry that really just makes you feel a little dirty.

It's still okay with you though, because at the end of the day, you can come home to a boy who looks at you like you're something like glass, except nowhere near fragile. He sees you as someone clear, not empty, and that you don't need be grand, you don't need grand things to show who you are.

He sees that.

It's one of the reasons you love him. He's always been the smart one of the group.

And you like that he's smart. That he understand you. That he knows that you're really like anyone else, and that's all you want to be. Not some grand little thing that people think needs to be flaunted around. He never flaunts you around (but that's because he's just not the type. Computer genius and all that).

"You know what pink signifies?" He asks you this, and you take on a confused expression, because you honestly have no idea what he's talking about. He gives you a small smile though, and leans across the table to tuck a strand of your pink hair behind your ears, and then he whispers the answer.

"Purity and passion." It really was the most romantic thing you've ever heard (and sweet too). You'd be stupid not have kissed him after he said it.

Romance has always been very simple for you.

Notes: Great. I have officially lost all grasp on Mimi's character. I just don't know what it is about her that makes me so unable to write her in IC. Gah. I'll figure it out eventually. Until then, I hope you're at least okay with it KoumiLocc.


Calligraphy: Taiorato Triangle
For: Aino Yuy

The word "papyrus" came from paper. Oh wait. It's the other way around.

The air smells of aged paper, wood and words, and the melting of candle wax on her table. Thin streamer of smoke rises and fills the air with foggy wishes, but she doesn't notice, used to feeling time stop. She drops her barriers and weapons, lavishing the feel that everything in this room is in her heart. She wants to hold the moment a little longer.

Holding up the brush with an arm made coordinated thanks to tennis; she poises it right above the aging paper with the grace of a dancer, a ballerina about to take her first step. Then she is ready, and then she pervades over her material and paints an intricate web of words and phrases and thoughts that don't really mean anything.

The only sounds she hears is the sound of her brush against parchment, the air crackling against the smoke (she isn't breathing), and them breathing sleep.

When she sees them on her couch one late night (they huddle together for warmth) the first thing she notices is that they sleep differently from how they live. Yamato, though he might never admit it, snores. He snores quite lightly, through his nose and makes small drawn out noises, like he's pulling them out. Yamato sleeps with a smile on his face and it makes him look ages younger. Occasionally, he moves in his sleep, but only to curl closer to Taichi for warmth.

Taichi on the other hand, sleeps like he is dead. His head always lies on top of the pillow, and he lays perfectly align, never on his side. Straight. She's a little surprised to found out that he hardly –ever– snores. Instead, he breathes through his mouth every few seconds in a regular pattern. His expression is a solemn one when he sleeps, and he ends up looking like a wise man beyond his years.

She realizes that it's not that Yamato looks innocent when he sleeps, nor does Taichi jaded. It's that they both look content, like all their dreams are pleasant and never ending. That's all she's ever wanted to give them, happiness, but it's a fleeting thing that always disappears when she thinks its there to stay.

She turns back to her paper, and writes both their names on her parchment, because they're hers. And when they all lie next to each other, she likes to think she's the gray between the white and the black. The medium for them.

Sora breathes them in, and the smoke clears up.

Notes: Sorry if it seems either more like a friendship or a threesome instead of a triangle, but I wanted to get something down in Sora's POV. I was just basically identifying the lines of their relationships with each other. Hope it did some justice Aino Yuy.


Library Book: Yamachisuke Friendship

For: Mia Kamiya

Daisuke doesn't do libraries. Ever.

"I'M NOT GOING INTO THAT PLACE! NEVER!" Daisuke shouted as he held onto the street pole.

Yamato grunted, trying to pull the redhead off the pole. Darn, but that boy had a strong grip. "Daisuke," he said through clenched teeth, "just get off the pole so we can visit the libr-"


"Right. Sorry."

"C'mon Daisuke," Taichi said soothingly as he worked on removing Daisuke's hands from the pole. "It won't be that bad. Yamato and I will be right beside you all the way."

Daisuke sniffled. "Promise?"

"Absolutely," promised both boys (though Taichi's grin seemed a little too large and Yamato's a little too small).

"O-O-Okay." Daisuke released him grip on the pole, then with both of his mentors, he walked hesitantly into the big building. Once he was pushed through the doors, his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head as the smell of books made his head feel fizzy. He had to be the only person to get high off a library.

Gulping, Daisuke shuffled to the front desk of the library, making sure to keep his head down. He could hear Taichi and Yamato right behind him, which gave him a little relief.

"Uh-uh-uh-uh Miss?"

The librarian inspected him through her coke bottled glasses. Daisuke resisted the urge to flee.

"Yes?" she barked (that really was the only way to describe it).

"Um…um…um…I was wondering…if I could return a book?"

Her gaze warmed. Slightly. "Of course you can sir."

"Great." Daisuke dug around his backpack until he found the book and produced it with a flourish to the librarian. She took the book from his hands, and as she inspected the title, Daisuke could have sworn he saw a hint of a smile on her face.

"Ah yes. This is certainly one of the more popular books we've had."

And written in bold letters, was the title: How to Become Exactly Like Your Role Models.

No wonder Yamato looked as hesitant to split with the book as Daisuke had.

Note: Now don't you just miss the days when Daisuke was an adorably stupid/clueless boy and his mentors would get him back on his feet? Heh. Hope you like it Mia Kamiya!


Goggles: Takumi

For: Dark Qiviut

There is no such thing as time.

Takuya's goggles were said to have been his most precious possession. Truth be told, a statement like that wasn't too far off actually.

Though he may not have seemed like it, Takuya was actually a pretty lonely kid when he was younger. True, he might not have been quite a loner like Kouji or too shy to have made friends like Kouichi, and he did have a few elementary school buddies, but that was as far as it went. He had no close friend, something who he had instantly clicked with.

His family was as far as it got. And even they did not have the right kind of closeness he craved. Thus, his goggles were brought into the picture. Some people might have looked for their solace through their dolls and toys. Some might have found a hobby, a passion, a living. Takuya found himself in his goggles.

Really, those goggles symbolized something to him as well. He had always put them on top of his head, and sometimes even slept with them on. Through his adventures in the Digital World and his home world, his goggles would always remain perched on top of his brown hair.

It was a sign that things would never change for him.

A year later though, he loses himself in something else. Something real and would always be there for him. She maybe, no wait, did understand him.

"That's one of the reasons I like buying accessories really. I can throw them away after I'm done, but I know which things to always keep and which never goes out of style. It's vintage," she says softly, then gives a ditzy laugh and kissed him on the mouth, fire beading down inside his skin.

He changes.

"Why are you not wearing your goggles Takuya?"

She changes.

"They look better on you."

They both pause to hold the moment, and then change again.

Notes: Uh…not quite sure what to say about this. I intended to make it funny and lighthearted; it turned out serious and dreamy. At least it isn't downright mush anymore.


Fox Trot: Hiruki Friendship

For: Dark Qiviut

Dancing is a way to show your love through movement. Or your hate.

It wasn't his fault really. If anyone was to blame, it should have been Takato. That guy was such a-a-a-a – well, there really was no word to describe him. After all, he was the only (not even Lee or Kenta would stoop to such levels) to sign up the whole group for-


Dancing lessons.

At first, he actually thought the experience might have been cool. Lee and Kenta both thought it might be a good cultural experience, Ryo thought it would be a "ghetto bang wang" time (he was going through a rather weird…phase) and even Ruki had agreed to come along once Takato had turned his Puppy Dog Eyes on her. He himself had given a nonchalant shrug, though inside he was quite excited.

Of course, it wasn't like things had –ever– worked out for him before. Dancing lessons were no different.

First he had found out that the dancing teacher was a guy (what was up with that?) who was a little too fixated on ballerina shoes. Something that Kazu had worked hard to erase from his mind.

The teacher had told everyone to get a dance partner for the first dance, in which he was going to teach the Fox Trot. Since the teacher wanted boy/girl pairs, Kazu just relaxed and waited for his usual fangirls to beg him to be his partner.

It didn't work that way.

Kazu had to blink a few times to make sure he wasn't seeing things at first. Most of the girls were actually gushing and fawning over Takato (who took it like a real man with lots of blushing and shy looks) and his "cuteness." Lee had found himself a partner in no time, as well as Ryo. Even Kenta had gotten someone. By the time Kazu had decided to approach someone, everyone was already paired up. Except for one person that is.



It wasn't his fault the fox trot was a complicated steps made up of intricate feet positions. A lot of the other boys were stepping on their dance partner's feet too, but did the girls yell at them? Oh no of course not, it was only him, the lucky guy.


On second thought, perhaps he wasn't that lucky.


"-stepping on your feet. Yadda yadda yadda. Yep. Got it."

Giving Kazu a very dangerous smile, Ruki raised her foot and then slammed it up his to gorge a whole in his foot.

Yelling at the excruciating pain, Kazu decided to kill Takato the next time he even mentioned dancing. As long as Takato didn't use his Eyes that is.

Notes: Sorry if this might have seemed like implied Hiruki love instead of friendship, or Hiruki hate instead of friendship, but I was having too much fun with the idea to change it. I was deciding between calling Kazu Hirokazu instead of Kazu since I usually follow the sub, but since Kazu is his nickname in both parts, I decided to use that one instead. Hope it meets your expectations Dark Qiviut.


Accent: Yuyako

For: Dark Qiviut

Miyako likes 'em gruff and coarse. Rawr.

It would be a lie to say that Miyako enjoyed a preference towards wimpy men. Even when she was growing up, she was headstrong, stubborn, and not a wimp. The sort of guys she preferred was supposed to be just like that. Perhaps that was the reason her crush on Ken had disappeared after he reverted back to being good (not that she preferred the Kaiser. Ew).

Nonetheless, she did occasionally take a look at the soft hearted guys. But those never worked out for her, as she often took the reins in the relationship and ended up breaking up because they couldn't really "tame" her fire. That was one of the many reasons she actually enjoyed fighting with Daisuke. It gave her something to do.

If Miyako was to pick a certain type of boy to date, she'd date someone Russian. There was just something so alluring and attractive about their husky voices, their gruff accents that just made her shiver.

What she liked most about Yuri when she first saw him was his young, boyish, rough tone of adolescence. He had blushed and she had flirted.

"Oh he was definitely looking at you," Sora reassured her later on after they were done with Russia. Miyako had beamed.

When she comes back to Russia, she hears his accent again. But this time she hears a perfect husky voice with gruff underlining that makes her shiver to her toes. She flirts again, and he still blushes. But then he flirts back, and she smiles.

Yuri isn't a very rough boy in personality (but he was certainly not weak) and Miyako would have had to be stupid to give that voice up.

She likes it most when he whispers sweet nothings in her ear.

Notes: Sorry. Can't say anything right now because the fluff is choking me.


Mistletoe: Izuchi

For: Nightshadegirl

And here we are with the clichés.

"Give him some mistletoe," suggests Junpei, because that is what he does. Makes stupid and cliché ideas. That almost never works.

Izumi just rolls her eyes and 'tut, tuts' him, then mentally prepares herself to give him yet another lesson girls (and guys. This guy doesn't even get his own species).

"Give him your lipstick," Takuya suggests, because he is seriously just that weird. "It'll make him realize how special you think he is because you're giving him one of your most favorite makeup stuff. Plus his lips are in dire need of it."

Izumi pauses to actually consider it, but then shakes her head and asks all the other boys she knows if they would mind going on a date with the goggle boy.

"Give him cookies and milk. Santa Claus likes it when I do that. Though I'm not so sure he'd kiss me if I did that," Tomoki crinkles his nose in a horribly adorable way before shaking his own head and disregards his own advice.

Izumi giggles, but inwardly wants to tear her hair out.

"Give him some mistletoe," suggests Kouji, because his ideas always make sense even though they're not supposed to. "He's a sucker for romance."

So Izumi gives Kouichi some mistletoe, watches him blush himself red before giving her a peck on the lips, and she wonders why Junpei can never have good ideas like Kouji can. She supposes it's a guy thing.

Notes: Aargh. The shortness of it all. Sorry Nightshadegirl, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else to write. Besides, drabbles are technically only supposed to be 100 words so yeah.


I'm going to end this on a positive note and wish you all Happy Holidays and a nice New Years!

PS. If you're wondering why this chapter is significantly shorter than the others, its because I was in a rush since I'm going to leave for vacation tomorrow and just wanted to give you guys an update before I go so I kind of rushed and made them shorter than usual.

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