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The rain pelted down like bullets. The poor fox was cornered. This snake was going to have it's way with her. The vibrations of the rain, as it pounded the earth, and the flood it had caused in this creature's den, were only serving to anger it further. In this muddy pit, there was nowhere for her to run, and as if things weren't bad enough with one demon serpent, there were 7 more behind him who had also been flooded out of their home.

'I can't die like this! I'm a celebrity! There has to be someone around here to help me! I'm Koto! The greatest emcee who ever lived! Where are all my fans? There's always at least one person around, hounding me for an autograph! Where the hell are they when I need them?'

She had been trying to protect her new blouse. She had bought the most expensive one in the entire store. She couldn't wait to show it off, so, she had decided to wear it home. On her way, there had been a sudden downpour of rain. She didn't have time to flag down a ride, she just had to run! If she didn't get out of the rain soon, her investment would be ruined!

Koto looked down at the new shirt. Mud covered the sleeves and she could feel it up her back. Not only had her shirt been destroyed anyway, but it had landed her in a snake pit, as well. Ever have one of those days...?

The snake hissed, showing fangs at least 2 inches long. It had raised the top portion of it's long body off the ground, the lower half in a loose coil. Koto knew what this pose meant. He was ready to strike.

The snake pulled it's head back slightly, then, the time was right. It lunged at her with all it's amazing speed.

"AAAAH!" Koto screamed and shut her eyes tight. She knew that this was the end, she just didn't want to see it.


The near certain feeling of pain, as the snake's fangs penetrated her skin and injected their lethal venom, was delayed for some reason. Why hadn't she felt it? She had heard a sound. Did that have something to do with it? To Koto, an old pro in the subject of brutality, it had sounded like a stabbing sound. Something was wrong with this picture. Dare she open her eyes to find out what?

She opened one eye slightly to see... a silver wing sticking out of the snake's head? She opened both eyes fully to see just what was going on. The snake fell to the ground and started writhing. The other snakes lunged at her, mouth's open, fangs bared. A small shriek escaped her. Then, something silvery shot through the air, going straight through the snake nearest to her's head. The object then vanished in a blink of red light. Koto noticed the other one had vanished out of the first snake's skull, too. Two more of the silver objects flew through the air, split snake heads, then vanished. Twice more this happened, leaving Koto surrounded by writhing, mortally wounded snakes.

One of the demon's tails trashed violently. It came slicing through the air, straight for the fox's head. This snake's large body, along with it's speed and strength, could easily break her neck if it hit, but it never did. Once more the silvery objects came sailing down through the air, stabbing the snake's thrashing body and pinning it to the ground, where it continued to jitter.

Koto stood in awe, still unable to comprehend the events that had taken place. She looked at the silvery object sticking through the snake. She hadn't saw a wing earlier, it was part of a hilt. A decorated handle for a short sword was what stuck out of the serpent. A black hand grip, the end of which had a silver dragon's head. The other end, at the base of the blade, had a large silver wing sticking out of one side, and a small dragon's claw on the other. Who did these belong to? Who had saved her? The sound of footsteps alerted her to the fact that she was about to find out...

A dark figure appeared above her, in the blurred curtain the rain had created. It drew closer and closer to the edge of the pit she had slipped and fallen into. Koto knew this person had saved her, but she still found herself praying that they were friendly.

"Having a rough day?" the figure asked her, in a rather sarcastic tone. This voice wasn't scary at all! A girl's voice! That was a big relief to Koto. That killed the fear that it may be some pervert who had just saved her from one crisis, only to pull her into another.

"Who are you?"

"Take my hand. We'll make small-talk after you're outta there."

"How do I know I can trust you?" They were both pretty much shouting over the sound of the rain.

"Well, if you wanna stay down there till Scaly's in-laws show up, be my guest."

"On second thought, you seem pretty honest!" Koto said in a panicky voice. She reached up to the girl who had saved her, and was pulled out of the muddy pit.

"Now, who are you?"

"My name's Kairi," she replied. Koto could now see her. She seemed pretty tall, about 5'11 Koto guessed. She could make out long, blue hair and blue eyes. She was wearing some kind of long, black, raincoat.

"That tells me a lot!" Koto snapped, in the same sarcastic tone that "Kairi" had given her a few moments ago.

"Look," she said, starting to walk away, "we can chat over cookies and hot chocolate later. Right now, I just wanna get out of here before the family reunion starts in that hell-hole..." She turned to look back at the pit. "Oh! Almost forgot those."

Koto watched as the small swords disappeared once more, only this time, a red light formed in her rescuer's hands. The light took form. A pair of daggers, not swords, appeared in Kairi's hands, then, just as they had done before, the daggers vanished yet again.

"What the-? How did you do that?"

"They're much easier to store in pseudo space. My purse is a little full..." This girl had the sarcasm thing down.

"Say what?"

"Like I said. Later." With that, Kairi turned her back and started walking. Koto was still wondering just what exactly she had meant about storing her weapons, when she heard something behind her. She turned to see a large pair of glowing eyes at the small hole in the far side of the pit.

"Hey! Wait up!" she cried, running fast to catch up to Kairi.

"Didn't think it'd take you long," Kairi giggled.

In the corner booth at a nearby restaraunt...

"So, how'd you find me? What were you doing out there?"

"Looking for you," Kairi answered, before taking a sip of her fat-free, french vanilla, cappucino.

"What? Did one of my fans send you? Wait, you're not a reporter are you?"

"Nope. I was looking for my own purposes. There was something I needed to ask you about."

"Huh? Look, if you think I can get you a job in telev-" Koto was cut short by Kairi's giggling.

"Not even close, sista. I needed to find out something about one of the contestants at last year's tournament."

"Like what? And... who?"

"Touya Juhyoo. I need to find out where he is now."

"Touya? Master of Ice, Touya?"

"Just how many Touyas did you have competing?"

"Good point," Koto muttered. "I don't know anything about him."

"You guys do background checks on every contestant. It's a requirement."

"The guys in the office do background checks. I'm just an announcer. I don't know anything they don't think is important enough to put on the notes they give me before each match. And even if I did, why would I just give out information on someone? What? Are you a stalker or something?"

"Try a relative."

"No way! I'm not that dumb! He's an ice apparition. I don't sense one drop of ice energy coming from you."

"That's because I don't have one drop of ice app blood." Kairi looked at Koto's confused expression. "We're half-siblings. I'm mostly water apparition."

"How can you even be half-siblings if you don't have any ice apparition blood?"

"Let me guess, you think Toy's 100 percent ice apparition, don't you?"

"Of Course he is! ...Isn't he?"

"Nope. 99.9, maybe. He took after his dad, for the most part. His father was Taka, the former Master of Ice. Our mother, Akira, was a water apparition. Siren, to be exact."

"SAY WHAT?" Heads turned to the sound of Koto's surprised reaction. "You mean to tell me that the greatest ice-user in the world is only half ice demon?"

"Pretty much."

"I never would've guessed tha- hey! Wait a minute! How do I know you're not making this up?"

"You don't. Belive it or not. I don't care. Either way, you're going to help me find him."

"First off, I don't have to help you. Second, I don't know where he is anyway, and third, if you are his sister, then why do you need help finding him to begin with?"

"We were separated when we were kids. A bunch of pricks came to our village, killed everyone, then burned what was left to the ground. I thought I was the sole survivor, until I saw him fighting in the tournament."

"Well, that answers one question, but it still doesn't mean I trust you."

"Look, I don't care if you do or not. As far as proof, sorry, but when I was fleeing for mylife, I forgot to grab the family photo album. Next, you owe me. If I hadn't saved your ass a little while ago, you'd be dead, swelling, and leaking bodily fluids right now due to a couple dozen snake bites."

"Well, even if I do owe you, I can't tell you anything I don't know."

"You don't know where he went, but your friends at the lounge do. Get some info out of them. I'll take it from there."

Koto was getting a mental image of what would have happened to her had Kairi not shown up. She knew that she owed her. Besides that, she thought that she might actually trust what she was hearing. Kairi's eyes were a different color than Touya's, darker blue, and instead of being pupiless, they looked normal, but the shape was identical. Her hair was the same shade of blue as Touya's, although she didn't have any aqua in it. Some of their facial features seemed to show some resemblence. Kairi was taller than Touya. She wasn't 5'11, as Koto had thought at first. She had noticed that Kairi was wearing stilettos when they had entered the building. She didn't know how tall they were, but she figured they were probably about 4 inches. 5'7 maybe. Taller than Touya, but not that much.

"Oh, fine. I'll see what I can do."


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