Chapter one

Little Fighter's poem of how the gang (Freeze, Firen, and Henry, well, only a trio) defeated Julian:

The trio went to the forest,

Came across a forceful river,

And started to rest.

They got up and one of them had a fever.

"Oh no! Henry has a fever!" Firen shouted,

"Go without me,"

"No can do," Freeze said as he farted.

"You just hafta pay us a fee!"

After a day, the trio started to continue.

After a while, they set foot on a mountain.

They felt a strong power, but what did they feel?

Something suddenly grabbed Firen's lag firmly.

"Oh no! Help!" he shouted.

"Why not just burn it?" someone burst out.

"What's so funny?" He asked, not knowing who it was.

"Ha-ha," the voice and Freeze fought to say, but the voice said first.

End of chapter 1 of my Poem-Story of Little fighter! R&R!