Sam stretched, refusing to open her eyes until it was absolutely necessary.

"You are so sexy when you do that."

She opened her eyes, taking in Jack's bedroom, and – most importantly – an extremely tousle-haired Jack O'Neill.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi." She reached for him and her hands encountered unwelcome material. She sat up, glaring at him. Jack was wearing his dress uniform.

"Its Monday, huh?" Sam said, her tone slightly harder than it should have been.

"Yeah. Two weeks later than it shoulda been, but its eight AM Monday morning." Jack said softly.

"Eight AM?" Sam asked, staring around at the clock, "You've missed your flight! And I'm late for work!" She jumped out of bed hurriedly and stared around the room frantically, looking for some form of clothing.

"You're not working this week. You're on downtime." Jack said mildly.

"What?" Sam said distractedly.

"You. Are. On. Downtime."

"Oh." Sam said, nonplussed. "Nobody told me."

"I'm tellin' you," Jack said.

"Why do I have a week off?"

"'Cause I missed my flight."

"Huh?" Sam said, sitting back down on the bed.

"You are so hot," Jack said, staring at Sam's still naked form.

"Jack?" Sam prodded.

"I'm taking the scenic route to DC."

Sam looked questioningly at him.

"302," Jack said, smirking, "Wanna come?"

Sam smiled dazzlingly, "Later."


"Yeah," Sam said, "c'mere."

"Got a thing for a man in uniform have ya?" Jack said, smirking and pulling her to him.

"Not all men," she said, kissing him, "not all uniforms," more kissing, "This one however… this one just does things to me."

Jack grinned and kissed her deeply.