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This is set in the new timeline that Chris managed to change successfully!

Chris walked confidently into the manor. He was thirteen and the son of a Charmed One. His powers were growing by the day, since his father had been an elder when he was conceived and his Mother, Piper was the eldest charmed one. Sure, he still wasn't as powerful as Wyatt in some ways, but even Wyatt hadn't inherited the Elder's lightning powers, and Chris was way better at telekinesis. Besides, Wyatt was the best big brother anyone could ask for. Wyatt was always there for him.

He caught his Aunts and his Mum on the stairway.

"Where's everyone else?" Chris asked, wiping a lock of brown hair out of his face.

"Your Father and Uncles are out shopping with your cousins honey." Phoebe said.

"I think you know where Wyatt is." Piper smiled at him.

Chris smiled back. He could always sense his brother. And the fact that Wyatt was in his room listening to loud rock music and singing rather badly made it a lot easier to see where he was.

Piper squeezed Chris on the shoulder affectionately. "We're just going up into the attic. We think that we might have forgotten something important, and we suspect that the cleaners might have something to do with it."

"Okay Mum." He replied. "I'll just read a book in the lounge then. Good luck."

"Thanks peanut." Piper said affectionately.

"Muuum. Do you have to call me that?" He whined, secretly pleased.

Piper smiled, knowing full well that her son liked it.

Chris went downstairs, pulling the book out of his rucksack and settled down on the sofa, immersing himself in his book.

In the attic…

Piper, Phoebe and Paige, the Power of Three, began to read the spell that they had needed years ago when the cleaners erased their memory of Wyatt. With the confidence brought by many years of spell reading, they chanted:

Moments lost make witches wonder,

Warlock's plot or demon's plunder?

If this is not a prank,

Help us fill in the blanks.

The sisters waited for a while to see if anything would happen.

Piper tucked her long brown hair behind her ear. "That didn't work, did it?"

Phoebe nodded. "Nope."

Paige put her hands on her hips. "Peachy. Just peachy."

And that was when they heard Chris give out a blood-curdling scream.

In the lounge…

Chris smiled when he heard his Mum and his Aunts reading the spell all the way from the attic. He had been told about Wyatt and the cleaners many times.

Then it hit him in flashes. He couldn't breathe they came so fast.

Leo, not his Dad, ignoring him…

Wyatt using magic for personal gain…

His family… dying…

Holding his dying Mother in his arms… Not being able to heal her…

Leo not answering his pleas for help…

His Grandfather taking him in…

Wyatt turning evil…

Tears ran down Chris' cheeks as he took all this in.

Proposing to Bianca…

Coming to the past… To save Wyatt…

Leo being suspicious of him…

Bianca betraying him… then dying to save him from his own brother…

Back again…

His OWN family, kicking him out of the manor

His Aunt Phoebe guessing who he was…

Almost not being conceived… fading…

Stepping in front of an athame meant for his older brother, still only two years old…


Being reborn… Suppressed memories…


Chris was jolted out of his memories, sobbing. Annoyed. Angry. In pain. He found himself with two sets of memories, one set going on much further than his thirteen years. He shook his head, not wanting to believe that his brother Wyatt had done all that. That his father had abandoned him in his other life. He knew deep inside that it was real. But nothing prepared him for it. He shut his eyes, trying desperately to block out the bad memories, unable to cope.

A darklighter dark orbed in front of him. Silently. Stealthily. He pulled the trigger and the arrow went whooshing towards the young teenager sobbing in front of him unaware of his surroundings.

Chris screamed in pain as the arrow pierced him in the shoulder. He clasped the arrow, hissing in pain as the poison seeped into his hand. He couldn't get it out. The poison was being pumped around his body by his own heart, betraying him. He was in excruciating pain. And there was no escape.

Burning…Hot white poison.

Darkness started to engulf him, and he fought it. Both versions of him were fighters. Vaguely, he remembered being in this position many times before. This pain was nothing new. Nothing compared to the pain of losing his Mother and his brother turning evil.

He tried to telekinetically throw the Darklighter across the room. But all it served was to bring him more pain.

He felt the Darklighter grab him under the arms and dark orb him out of the manor.

Chris cursed, knowing from his other life's experience of Darklighters that he was running out of time. He hoped his family could find him in time.

Wyatt was the first down. The loud music emanating from his room stopped abruptly and he orbed down to help his little brother.

He didn't like what he saw. A darklighter was holding Chris under the arms. Chris was painfully pale and his face was twisted in agony at the arrow embedded in his shoulder.

The Darklighter dark orbed out with his little brother.

"NO!" Wyatt cried, summoning Excalibur to him with all his might. He sensed his family in town and orbed them to him as his Mum and Aunts orbed in with Paige's help.

Leo walked towards his twice blessed son, puzzled. "What's wrong?"

Wyatt turned to him grimly, blue eyes intense with worry. "Chris has been shot by a Darklighter and kidnapped. It must be someone powerful, as they are blocking my sensing power. And they kidnapped him under my nose." He kicked the sofa in frustration, his heart twisting at his brother's blood marking it. "How could I let this happen?"

His Aunt Phoebe squeezed his arm gently. "Blaming yourself won't bring back Chris."

Wyatt nodded, suddenly determined. "You're right. I summoned you here so you can help me sense for Chris. I might not be able to sense for Chris by myself, but with your help, even Jason, I might be able to gather enough energy to sense for him."

His cousins, Aunts, Uncles and his parents nodded resolutely.

Wyatt gathered his energy, and added it to his family's. The power was formidable, including the Charmed Ones' power and their children's. Even though his cousins weren't any older than ten years old, their power was still great.

Wyatt smiled, finally able to sense his brother. He orbed the whole family there.

Chris lay in a dark cave, cold wet water steadily dripping on his face. The Darklighter had left him there and dark orbed out. The water did nothing to stop the burning of the poison inside. Slowly, his life began to ebb with the steady dripping, his energy fading in waves of pain, until it became a dull throb. He was faintly aware that he was in trouble. He closed his eyes to rest. For just a little while. His limbs relaxed as his body began to shut down.

Wyatt orbed into a dark cave, gasping when he saw the state of his little brother. He was so pale he was almost white, and his lips were turning blue. He ran to his side, not daring to breathe, as the rest of his family held back in shock.

Wyatt squeezed Chris' hand gently. It was slack, cold as ice, and his brother was not moving. His Aunt Phoebe came to Chris' other side and pulled the arrow out of her nephew. He didn't even murmur. His small frame seemed deflated. Shrunk. Wyatt tried healing him, but no golden glow emitted from his hands. Desperate, he started mortal methods, trying to find a pulse. He couldn't find one. Piper and Leo held each other, tears falling down their cheeks.